If you can’t understand why our mothers’ “white only” preference was offensive, then you obviously aren’t a Eurasian

None of this – none of this – is about my dating life, my love life, my sex life, or any other angst I have.

It’s all about the crippling pain of knowing that even my very own mother – the womb that actually gave birth to me – believed that a white male had more value than an Asian male, whereby warranting that I was only to allowed to be born by virtue of having a white father. That would mean that I am perpetually less according to the uterus out of which I shot.

This is from another post I found on Reddit, not by me. Hopefully this will help others to understand the agony of having this kind of parent (and father, who was well aware of her racism and still decided to humor her with his cock). Meaning, essentially, that both were racists.

By empirical evidence I can determine that my mother’s preference is anything but unbiased given the commonness of the pairing which indicates that my mother was practicing a form of hypergamy (both physical and social). In her defense the idea was probably to give me a better life but the trauma of the pairing actually did the opposite; even though I would probably choose my own race over a fully Asian males I still am entirely crippled by my parents’ racism and unable to function properly as opposed to most fully Asian males; so maybe in retrospect I would definitely trade in my race for sound state of mind and maybe three inches of height. I think this confusion and mental anguish is typical of having a mother who I cannot really view outside of the framework of her “preference.”


19 thoughts on “If you can’t understand why our mothers’ “white only” preference was offensive, then you obviously aren’t a Eurasian

  1. I’ve seen plenty of asian-hating asian women said that “If I have a daughter, I’ll let her marry white, and if I have a son, I’ll let him marry asian”.
    which I can clearly see the hatred there.
    and if other girls (asian or non-asian) say that she has a preference for asian guys, those asian hating girls would tell them not to at all cost, even if an asian girl likes asian guys, they would say how brainwashed she is for having a preference for asian guys.
    I’ve experienced this , is so digusting, and clearly their kids are going to be fucked up for sure.


    • What’s worse is that there are white men that would be involved with them meaning these white guys are racist too.

      That’s the point. That’s what causes such fucked up kids. White guys are in a position to check these women. But they don’t.


      • What benefit would they get to check these women when they are getting easy pussy, easy money, validation (keeping in mind that many of these guys are losers that finally get the “praise that they deserve” from Asian women)?

        People are always going to do what benefits them, or what they believe will benefit them.


      • Yeah. That’s funny, I was just going to write about the source of racism being the male ego.

        As much as I bash women the men are to blame as well. Men, for the most part, are just as vicious if not more, when it comes to jealousy, competition and racism.

        Looking back at my past I do realize my antagonism of black males (for a brief period of time) was out of sexual jealousy.

        Freud was right all along.


  2. BTW,take a look at this video, a white guy with a Chinese wife, drunken badly in China. Which you can clearly see that his wife married him only because of one quality: Being White.
    Seriously, what kind of white american girl would ever date or marry him? so he could only go for a white-worshipping asian girl. that his kids are very likely to be fucked up.


    • lol what a stupid racist. You guys are nothing but racist trolls. Seriously, no body takes you guys seriously, and no body cares. White men are much more liberal and have more freedom so they can act without restraint unlike those racist asian men who are so slavish in their behavior, so kudos to that white man for beating up that patriarchal asian male for oppressing women! Woohoo! And oh yeah, all you racist trolls–I think most of you are probably racist asian guys who get butt-hurt seeing asian girls having the freedom to choose–well, you can go to hell.

      And fyi, if you guys like Elliot Rodger so much, why don’t you guys learn a little from him. At least he had the balls. LOL! You guys are all silly coward racists. If af-wm relationships are as bad as you say, how come there is only one Elliot Rodger, shouldn’t there be more?


      • so kudos to that white man for beating up that patriarchal asian male for oppressing women! ——————————
        So please keep it up with your hating asian men theory, so that WMAF will become aughing stocks because of you.


      • It’s a man, baby. It’s pretty obvious it’s fan fiction by some middle aged racist white guy whose daughter is probably dating a black guy.


      • You’re confirmed a man, idiot. Shut the fuck up or get banned.

        It’s so funny seeing these white guys getting so angry at black males fucking white women that they have to create fake websites to pretend that Asian women worship white men.


      • Why’d you delete the Asian woman black male porn I posted? You know Japanese women are famous for dating black males, mister. How does that make you feel?


    • Yeah, well in any case I can probably guess what she looks like.

      The way I view it, if a white male struggles in attracting white females (who probably have the highest standards for behavior and / or appearance) then he will struggle in attracting a valuable female unless she is a fetishist or monetary hypergamist.

      The bottom line is that unless and only unless a relationship is perfectly happy and non-racist the child will internalize the thousands of micro aggressions of his parents growing up. Do I agree these couples exist? Yes. But do I think that fucked up Hapas outnumber them? Yes, by a multitude of five.


      • haha. ihateasianmen is a desperate man. all his blog was about the stereotypes of asian woman in the media which he wishes so badly to be true. and there’s one article in his blog said that “her” white prince was fucking other asian girls and “saving” more asian women from asian men. which is obviously fantasy because even the most self-hating asian women will not let her “white knight” to fuck other women (after all, a white knight/prince is supposed to be loyal and treat the asian woman like a princess).
        but on the other side, ihateasianmen is making WMAF look bad, which isn’t really a bad thing


    • Lol, if that was a black guy in America, the police would have shot him. At least this time the police in China would be been justified…


  3. I agree that people shouldn’t have a race preference or a race fetish but there are plenty of interracial couples out there that aren’t together because of race, it’s because they for whatever reason have a relationship that works. I told my asian girlfriend today that if we have a son, we need to make sure he is proud of both his asian side and his white side because apparently there are families that glorify the white side too much and it hurts the child’s self-esteem. My girlfriend thought I was crazy for thinking it was even going to be an issue at all 🙂


  4. I’ve met a few sons and daughters of WMAF over the years and for the most part they seem like nice and relatively well adjusted people. Some of the half-Japanese and half-Chinese sons are more conscious of their biracial heritage and may say things like they won’t ever date a Japanese or Chinese because they are reacting to comments from Asian women saying they are too White or not White enough. One half-Chinese guy even had a pretty Chinese girlfriend but commented that he wished he had a White girlfriend. Yes, it is stupid but they are adjusting to how race is perceived in the US. You want to be on the winning team and the winning team is White and not Chinese or Japanese. More recently, a young half-Korean son told his mother to “go back to Korea” because she said he couldn’t go on a trip he wanted to go to. I laughed when my wife told me this story about her friend. I guess her 12-year old son has learned that there is a benefit to being White in America which is everybody else is a foreigner. Perhaps his son has also been taunted for being not quite White by his classmates and he knew it was a hurtful comment that he could just send back to his Korean mother. His Korean mother told my wife that her son is racist against her and acknowledged that she is sometimes falling into a depression due to her son. How sons of WMAF adjust to their biracial identities varies a lot and I think most of the ones I know turned out OK. However, you would have to be in complete denial or simply don’t know many Eurasians in America or Canada to think that it is always smooth sailing for the sons and daughters that result from wmaf relationships.


  5. this blog is extremely racist and also sexist and WordPress should have taken this blog down long time ago.

    to the blog administrator:
    Chinese women with white men are the best couples in the world and they produce healthy loving mixed offspring and they are loved by people the world over because they have western name with Chinese blood and they are in demand in the fashion industry and the media in China and across Asia,

    Chinese men with white women? What a joke. they product loser kids with low IQ. Besides, they would be so ashamed of their fathers of being so white-worshiping and ashamed of marrying Asian women. These white-worshiping Chines men are pathetic losers!


    • ^^either a loser english teacher or a British-worshipping Hong Kong cuckold
      I’ll laugh when PLA tanks crush your spineless bodies at your next “peaceful” protest


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