Interesting Comments from around the Web, 2: “Eurasian Males are at the epicenter of the crisis of American Sexuality.”


I’d go so far as to say that Eurasian males are indeed on the forefront of the new world – the leading edge of the charge into the mixed race utopia. And it’s such a shame that we’re all so crazy and will wind up being failures. (I admit that the following might be construed as offensive to white people – but I will try to approach this as objectively as I can.)

I would go so far as to say, in and of itself, the idea of being mixed race is a boon. Being mixed race is to be born (in many cases) with an objectivism that is probably completely lacking in mono-racials, if only because mono-racials are incapable or unwilling to detach themselves from their egos long enough to see things with the shoe on the other foot. I myself, in the time that I wanted badly to identify as white, embraced everything whiteness entailed; which of course, was white supremacy. After all, as I looked (mostly) white, as it appeared that white neighborhoods were the safest, and white “culture” the best (I’m talking about Beethoven and Da Vinci, not Beiber), so naturally I fell in line with the “white is right” mentality. Of course being plied by my white father (a paleoconservative and de facto white supremacist with an Asiaphilial bent) didn’t help; and this was coming off of nearly two decades being raised around exclusively non-whites. In my search for self-esteem, of course, I took the “white is right” mentality, to feed my ego.

This, of course, was a solipsism that came with appearing white; I have a theory that white people “halo effect” themselves into believing in both a superiority, as well as the non-existence of the problems faced by other races. I know this because my father’s religiosity (being very, very devout) was probably the result of him being 6’2″ or 6’3″, tall, and white – which made him believe that the world itself is just because, to be honest, for whatever reasons, being tall and white is beneficial (I will attest to this), if only because other races will also “halo-effect” you.

Everyone knows that modern women, today, are sexually liberated, and spend years exploring their freedom (I pass no judgment on this other than saying that their selectivism can be coarse and hurtful), and white males take this as evidence that white women are not worthy of being married, if only because they do not fulfill the roles that . However, because of their ego, they are unable to rationalize that an Asian male, too, would feel entitled to getting married (as most men do). As a male, myself, I do feel that it should be within the fundamental rights of every man to be able to have a family, but in the mind of the racist, this right is negligible. After all, whether we like it or not, we are driven primarily by our desires to eat and have sex, and since we are able to eat with ease, we no longer have the need to undermine others for the sake of food, but for the sake of sex, it is a given.

In a way, Eurasian males have to eventually confront the fact that one race was subjugated to another; even if the father and mother are not racist, there are the conscientious (or even subconscious) acknowledgements made that Asian men, by and by, are less attractive in an evolutionary sense. So, even though our mothers and fathers did love each other (in some cases) or were not racist, the fact that white women rarely marry Asian men testifies to the fact that they are less attractive (particularly if considering the hypergamy of white women with regards to things like height, looks; the same things white males are fleeing from).

All of us attempt to rationalize it in several ways. However, since we recognize that white males would view us either as an upgrade or as evidence of the undesirability of Asian males, we either grow to resent them or grow to resent Asian males who remind us otherwise of who we could have been. The healthiest among us become truly objective and try to respect the desires of both white males and Asian males, but at the end of the day, our births really are the issue of four separate parties: The Asian woman, the White male, the Asian male, and the White female, all of which are on different trajectories and represent the clash of so many different cultural tsunamis, such as feminism, MGTOW, evolutionary psychology, racism, media portrayals, money, power, status, sexual preference under duress, etc.

None of these are a good thing. None of them.

So in a way this objectivism is very, very painful. It’s like being born nihilistic, with your soul sucked out of you, and in a way only Eurasians can understand. The clash itself is enough to drive many Eurasians crazy, but ultimately, we are objective, and perhaps the worst pain, is recognizing that the two sides that you hold dearly to yourself, can never really even get along, even within ourselves.

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