Eurasian Mental Illness Avoided: Example #2, Amy Tan

Why didn’t Amy Tan ever have children?

Amy Tan is one of the most renowned Asian American writers in the world – and lo and behold, she’s married to a white guy and has been for 30 years.

She is also one of the most outspoken critics of “Asian patriarchal Confucian culture” – the same Asian patriarchy that has my wife’s father cooking the entire family dinner every night, doing the dishes, while we all sit around watching TV.

I have found a pattern of very ugly Asian women being the most outspoken feminists – from her, to Louise Hung, to Esther Ku – all of whom are able to leverage their vagina and society’s blatantly pedophilic yellow fever to it’s advantage to secure a partner, and to secure attention from the white male power structure.

The upside of this is that the uglier the Asian woman, the higher the chance she harbors extreme bias against her own culture, while harboring positive stereotypes of whatever culture gets a hard-on for her, in this case, weird white men. As a result, feminism and extremism because an outlet for their frustrations at a culture that they place unfair generalizations on, simply because of their (due) anger at the world at being born looking pretty goddamned ugly.

The downside of this is that the uglier the Asian woman, the more hatred she internalizes, the more mentally-unsound fetishization she does of the white majority, hence the more mentally unstable she is; on top of this, the uglier the Asian woman – the more Asian her child will look – giving the kid the double blow of death of being both an Asian male born from a white father, and being mentally ill with severe self hatred pre-installed.

7 thoughts on “Eurasian Mental Illness Avoided: Example #2, Amy Tan

  1. Amy Tan isn’t a good auther at all.
    the only reason she could be famous is because she married white and she bash asian men.
    In the US there’s a hidden rule: if an asian woman wants to be famous and/or “successful”, she must marry or date white guy (or at least, date only non-asians). So that the American propaganda can reinforce the negative stereotypes of Asians.
    There are a lot of decent Asian people (men and women) that are better than Amy Tan, but can’t become famous because they do not reinforce the negative stereotypes.
    Think about why William Hung can be famous but normal Asian men can’t.

    I remember there’s one guy on youtube said that his father worked his entire life for the US government to convince China that white is prettier. If they could do that to the Chinese in China, then why can’t they do the same thing to the Asian Americans?


    • Not all Asian people are bad. Many are quite good, upstanding people, as good as any.

      The point is that a number of us get absolutely FUCKED by who our parents are. And it’s not really only the Asian woman’s fault.

      It’s the men who stoop so low as to marry them.


      • Which is what he’s saying. Yet, rather than someone like Harry Shum or Leehom Wang being famouos, instead we have that guy from Hangover and William Hung! Lol, talk about positive represenation..

        Still, I know you are living in China mate, but trust me, things are changing RAPIDLY!! I think it just proves how ‘fickle’ our attraction is…now that you’re having girls in the west being exposed to k-pop and k-dramas, you’ve now got some that are ACTIVELY seeking out Asian guys – the same girls that, 5 years ago, would have proudly procaliimed “Asian men are ugly” lol. To me that just proves how fickle our ‘preference’ is…

        So yeah, it’s good to see things changing. And actually, I believe racism stems from our pride and our own ego…what’s the best way to boost our pride? By feeling superior to others. However, since women are less driven by pride and ego, they are also less racist – hence would be willing to date Asian guys, assuming he is in shape, confident, with a good personality and what ever other qualities they are looking for in a guy.

        Lol, just look at this video…this guy is only average looking imo, but every other top comment is girls drooling over him:

        And by the way, when did you last visit the west…recently?


      • Great message.

        But the truth is, when I do see a white man and an Asian woman, I feely mildly uncomfortable. I often ask myself, why so many times over, Asian men are not good enough. That means that half of myself, in a way, is not worth taking pride in.


      • The men might have a hard time finding a white girl willing to be at his beck and call. Then you have to understand that some of these guys are ugly. I was at a function where a moderately good looking Japanese girl gushed to this dude, wow, you are so handsome. I was taken aback so had to turn round to see what the fuss what about.

        I could only see the ugliest dude ever being told by this Japanese woman he is sooooooo handsome. I shot her an evil look and could only reasonably conclude she was looking for visa. That or she is insane and blind;probably both actually 🙂

        The pervasive view that a white chap only turn up in Asia to get all the prettiest Asian girls are being fuelled by poor Asian girls pouring into the West in search of the Western dreams. They bring along their alienation and disaffection with their homeland and alongside a serious sense of injustice. The injustice is only going to be righted if they bag a white chap and end up living in Hamptons or Knightsbridge. This dream is as fanciful as the ugly chap they deem handsome.

        I have to say you are on point with some of the issues raised. I can count on a hand the number of times I’ve seen a beautiful Asian girl with a white boy and boy I see them by the binderful now.

        The men aren’t stooping low, they won’ see any action elsewhere so can actually be saluted for knowing something that is too bad to be true 🙂

        Is US government really devoting tie and resources on colonialising Asian minds? I doubt it. Hollywood films and lack of self worth by some of these folks in Asia are to blame.


  2. Josh, Have you seen the girls in the West that are attracted to K pop? As a matter of fact, I’ve you seen the people in the West that are drawn to Kpop and Harajuku style fashion?


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