On Racial Preferences and White Privilege

Not that anyone reads long posts, but, it’s worth noting that I disagree with racial “preferences” and I think that anyone who exhibits them as some psychological trauma or otherwise mental illness – which makes for terrible upbringing for the children.

When I was young, and to this date, I still feel a pang of guilt when the only two girls who asked me to my prom, when I was 17, were both black, from the inner city (Harlem and the Bronx, respectively). I turned them down, one, because I was quite shy even though she was very beautiful, and the other because I did not find her attractive.

It’s also worth noting at that time I was completely colorblind. Most white people claim to be colorblind – but growing up in New York City from childbirth, one is so inundated with “diversity” that differences in race account to nothing more than superficial differences in appearance; my father being one of the only five or six Wasp type people I ever really encountered until I entered college. This is something only a native New Yorker can really ever understand – in some places, like my neighborhood, you could have gone days without seeing a white person.

One of these young girls, and her mother, would drive me from my high school to my uncle’s very wealthy residence about 15 blocks away, almost every day, for two years. I would be extremely embarrassed when they dropped me off, in their really beat up Toyota Camry, and set me in front of what is equivalent to a mansion in Manhattan.

Years later, after entering college, I entered a “white nationalist” phase, coincidentally after being around a heavy population of white people for the first time. It was then that I became keenly aware of my race, of the heavy racism and sexual dynamics found around the rest of the country, and when I found out that a girl I liked preferred black men over Asian men (her words), I became very distraught on realizing that the world worked in this way; from there the dominos in my psyche fell. It didn’t help that my father was a life long racist (as was my mother) who had, when I was a kid, instilled me with racism against blacks which I ignored for a very long time but lingered in my unconsciousness.

You are an absolute fool, if in 2015, you do not realize that race plays a huge part of every day interactions – if anything, it plays a massive, massive role in how we conduct our relationships with other human beings – particularly romantically.  As I got older I realized that yes, my father and mother probably got together out of fear of black people; a duo forged against the patent liberalism of the late 70’s in America. My dislike of black people was almost instrinsically forced on me by my parents and my desire to be considered sexually desirable made me want to throw away my Asian side and my defined as White. It is only in America that we are defined so heavily by our race and it took me a very long time to get away from this mentality, one forced on me by white America and its lackeys (self-hating people of color) – my very own parents.

As a Eurasian I would suggest, above all things, that anyone in an interracial relationship really examine their motives for what they do before more and more tragedies unfold. The ultimate purpose of this website is to expose and help end racism. And as a Eurasian who looks predominantly white I am the very first person to admit that I am extremely privileged over all men of color (in life, in dating, and in work), and while I could very well take pride in it – I no longer want to.

4 thoughts on “On Racial Preferences and White Privilege

  1. Interesting article. Race has an effect on people globally though, not just in America. It seems that it is indeed worse in America though.


    • Race like everything else is something no one has control over, and is either a negative or a positive depending on the race / gender, and which people use to their advantage,
      like anything else. Humanity is garbage and it always will be. I do think that the new few decades will decide on the eventual fate of humanity. Racism simply cannot persist in a global world for practical reasons… As much as people just love to be racist. And they love it. It’s human nature. But unless it’s dissolved it’s game over for humanity. Just look at the past month in the U.S. Typing “nigger” from behind their computers isn’t going to fucking solve anything at all. Actually legitimately trying to empathize might.

      But for people in privilege like women and white men, that’s never gonna fucking happen. Ever.


  2. I object that you are privileged due to colour. It is an absurd view on so many grounds. Africa is ruled by Africans for example and there are loads of obscenely wealthy folks there. Same for Gulf Arabs and M.E. Do you think these folks would consider you better than them and or luckier? They have money to burn, you probably haven’t.

    Back to US, isn’t it obvious to your mum that without the Civil Rights movement fought for by.yes, you guessed it, black folks, she would have been consigned to the back of the bus or worse.

    I think your overstate white privilege as it is meaningless mostly. It carries weight in Manila, Bangkok and wherever mail order bribes are ordered due to the simple reasons that most of these bribes are rural and/or illiterate


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