The Eurasian Check-list: How many do you tick?

The “well-adjusted” Hapa is merely someone too delusional to think that within the 30 or so years before he was born that his parents did not have virtually all of the negative and poisonous qualities of Asian women / white male pairings that can be seen every day, in 2015, walking down the street.

1) Father was a racist Neo-Nazi / paleoconservative / Asperger’s nerd who found a haven in Asia and Asian culture; the “alternative” to a now-degenerate western culture and white-female feminism? Check.

2) Father was rejected by white females because of severe emotional deficiency / lack of height or physical attributes (not height in my case, but maybe some other deficiency) / extremist beliefs that could only be tolerated by a female with a strong tendency towards hypergamy and willing to excuse any negative behavior as long as her partner was white? Check.

3) Mother was largely unattractive and hated her own appearance? Check.

4) Mother despised her own alienation from the predominantly white community around her, became very hostile to others of her race, and was quite happy that her child looked “whiter” if not white – making her essentially a glorified whore? Check.

5) Mother was promiscuous with white men, and white men only, and probably to this day unwilling to admit that Asian men do nothing for her? I don’t know and don’t want to think about it; but probably, check.

6) Mother used her position as an Asian woman in a relationship with a white man to elevate herself above her community – the same community that her own child will be excluded from despite bearing strikingly similar physical characteristics with? Check.

7) Mother thought that Asian men were not worth her time – yet her own son is still considered Asian by the outside world? Both mother and father were completely unable to instill any self-esteem in their children since their entire relationship was based around race and neither had the experience or moral wherewithal too consider what it would be like for a Eurasian / Asian son to exist in the world? Check.

5 thoughts on “The Eurasian Check-list: How many do you tick?

  1. I wonder if you would be willing to communicate with me by email. My email address is I have only started to read your blog. My goal is to help or at least understand
    The life of my infant daughter and soon to be born son, Chances are that I will be alive for only a few years of their lives, so if I can make anything better or at least not worse, I would like to do so. Thank you


    • Hey, not every one of these couplings is bad.

      The fact that you went so far as to write such a thoughtful message means that your son will be fine. If there’s love in your and your wife’s heart, and there is little hatred harbored at all, then the kid should be okay.


      • you fucking hypocrite, so now you have realized you are just another wmaf in the eyes of asians, you are just another white man with an asian wife and your life as a white man has been so much easier than everyone else in Asia. Well now you are starting to say not all wmaf is bad, only yours is unique bad. You turned from a eurasian “rebel” into another wmaf apologist. You fucking piece of shit. I hope someone in China kill you with an axe.


      • People don’t even look at me when I wear glasses lol, they just think I’m another Chinese guy.


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