Reddit Comments Part 4

I find when white men online say hateful things, their apologists like to brush it off, as oh thats just a troll. Even IRL they can say, oh hes just one guy. But those excuses don’t work.

The last election results 64% of white males voted for the Republican Party. Its not just that they are conservative but that they have become the party of White Nationalism. I don’t mean Heil Hitler rallies, but they represent the interests of the disgruntled white male who feels he has lost his country. And remember that 64% is the total US white male population, including all the supposed hip, liberal, open-minded blue states.

Just look at the 2012 election results for white males

The white male rage is real, and their new frontier across the Pacific is the solution for many of them. The hypocrisy is that much of their anger is driven by white women dating Black and Muslim men. But imagine if 40% of white women were only dating Black men and excluding whites. How batshit insane would the white man go under those circumstances? We Hapas have to live with it, and be born of it, and yet the same angry white men have the nerve to just laugh off our problems and call us racist.

Similarly when I first came to China I had internalized white supremacist ideals as a way to compensate for my poor self-esteem; white women with black males was a particular trigger for me.

I would say that not all white males are racist but a lot are. I myself have had to combat negative impressions I had about Asians for a long time; (I respected them as people but was not able to come to terms with my Asian appearance, judging myself much harder than even other people judged me). It’s easy for white men to internalize their “marginalization” in society and take it out on people they see as easy targets – Asians.

Even if these sentiments are casual and subconscious, they still exist, and then their own children internalize them, one way or another, and if they’re not properly dealt with, then you have outbursts like ER.

Similarly if a child is raised to be both white enough to benefit from white privilege, yet not white enough to deal with the sexual / psychological / social marginalization that comes from casual and overt white racism, the child is at a unique risk for self-implosion and self-hatred.

My definition of white privilege is as follows: being white means that you are objectively viewed as “neutral” (a positive) rather than being instantly associated as a negative, unless you are exceptional, after which you are viewed as “exceptional.”

[–]TranceFan955 points12 hours ago

wm/af = (almost) always complete beta faggot of a white guy + ugly-ass Asian woman

am/wf = across the whole spectrum, though one thing is clear: the wf cares a LOT more about her Asian kids than the af does. Afterall, if the Asian woman had her way, the kids would come out as pale as a piece of paper!

So yes, both relationships do attract different people, BUT it is the attitude that gets them into these relationship that is more fucked up…and I don’t think we need to explain the motives behind these ‘relationships’ here lol

I do suspect that my mother treated me different based on my “whiter” appearance. As I grew older my appearance became more Asian and ultimately I suspect that when I am 50 I will look completely Chinese; growing up being raised to value my White side more, left me ill equipped to understand my role in the world as a Eurasian man living in a white-dominated culture.

As I got older, I started to look more Asian (I guess by the time I’m 50 I’ll look completely Chinese) which became less compatible with what I was taught, especially since my dad is / was a white nationalist type.

I guess the point is regardless if there are good normal Hapa boys out there, the confusion alone combined with elevated risk for mental heath / inherited psychological flaws puts them at special risk. And if the parents are racist (which they probably will be in some cases, not all) the child has little recourse to deal with it especially if he looks completely Asian.

Part of the whole “not being white” thing is survivable only because one has parents that teach one to cope in a very hostile environment.

44 thoughts on “Reddit Comments Part 4

  1. My thoughts is that if WMAF to AMWF quantity is at a ratio of 10:1, then the quality will be 1:10.
    It’s the law of karma. When you take advantage of the imbalance of power, you will always have to pay the price.
    and I think BMWF is also somewhat problematic, because the ratio of BMWF to WMBF is about 3:1, which is again not balanced. However, the difference is that only about 5-10% or less white women date black or non-white men, whereas over 40% of Asian women (raised in western countries) dating white men or non-asian men, white men are only losing a little compare with Asian men. Asian men on the other hand, are being slaughtered, and they’ll be called racist if they refuse to be slaughtered


    • Yeah but there are also still 800 million Chinese women in China. That’s two times as many women in a single country as there are white men on the planet earth, roughly. On top of that, as you said, the quality is crap and white privilege will probably be meaningless within 20 years.

      The Hapas that are getting born currently are going to get screwed since they’ll be born into the Asian century knowing that their mothers chose a future in the dying west rather than with the rising East. At the end of the day we all really have to choose our loyalties, in order to survive.


      • lol what a silly little asian guy. You must have grown up in america all your life haven’t you? Why don’t you ask some asian guy who works at a factory earning 7 dollars a day shoeshining for a white guy whether he thinks white privilege will be meaningless within 20 years. What a dumb joke. That’s why no one takes you asian losers seriously. You are the lowest suckiest race of men ever born and yet you think you will someday rule the world. LOL dream on! loser! Why don’t you go back to your mommy’s basement and play starcraft! Let the white guys show you how to dominate the world.


    • Also white women simply aren’t having kids. And a lot of them experiment with non-white males when they’re young and then move onto white males for marriage. I expect the white replacement rate to decrease yearly by a sizable amount.

      The only people that are actually playing on team white are Asian women.


  2. Whenever i go on reddit i see loads of hapa men obsessing over white women, as if they are better partners, and make better mothers. Why? I can think of many negative traits associated with white women and white mothers.

    1. Due to the higher rate of psychopathy in white societies(1) -1 in 100 westerners has full blown anti-social personality disorder- there are high numbers of white women with narcissistic tendencies. Which is one of the traits listed on Hares psychopathy checklist.

    2. Whites tend to carry the long version of the serotonin transporter gene. The short version is associated with social organisation and supportiveness and higher empathy. White women tend to be less compassionate, which in turn is at the core of narcissism and psychopathy. (2)

    3.Statistically speaking, there are more white single mothers than there are asian single mothers(3). The evolutionary reason for this could be because whites are more r selected(4). r-selection is associated with low-investment parenting and lower intelligence. White women tend to chase after these alpha male types, and are even willing to cheat on their partners or husbands in order to have sex with them. White women are less trustworthy, and are more likely to cheat.

    4. White women are more promiscuous. Statistically speaking whites have more STDs per capita than asians do(5). This ties together with the r selected reproductive strategy.

    5. Whites tend to have lower IQs than asians do – something like 5 points on average(6). However if you take into account the IQ gap between men and women- some researchers say it’s about 3-4 points(7) – then it makes you wonder if eurasian/asian men are all that compatible with white women.

    6.White women age pretty badly. Sure, prime white women are possibly the most attractive group, but once they hit the wall and their eggs dry up, they tend to look pretty fugly. Yet they still feel entitled due to their narcissistic tendencies.

    7.The body odour of white women tends to smell worse, due to higher number apocrine sweat glands(8)

    8.I have no proof of this, but i think white women are much more paranoid than asian women are, Or at least they are more likely to talk and gossip about things they find suspicious, and quickly draw conclusions without any evidence. This might be because they tend to be more extroverted than asians, and talk about their feelings more. They also seem much less emotionally stable too, which i think has something to do with their highly extroverted personality types.



    • and yet, despite all those foibles, white men have the most number of geniuses, created the entirety of modern civilization, invented calculus, nukes, lasers, string theory, and dominate the world. What have asians produced? Besides toilet paper. lol


      • @Roxas: What a stupid racist! I have a daughter and not a son, but just in case if I have a half-asian son, from what I have seen on your stupid racist blog, aren’t you claiming you are a half asian male and you are married to an asian female? So what’s the big deal? Half asian sons can marry asian women. You guys are all a bunch of jokers and clowns. No one takes you guys seriously. Love is going to triumph.


      • Modern western civilisation is only about 500 years old. Before that asians were ahead of whites in terms of innovation for much longer time than 500 years, despite having far fewer natural resources(1).

        According to projections east asia will regain its power, and take over the west once again in scientific, economic and millitary strength (2).

        Over the last decade Japan seems to be winning nobel prizes at the same sort of rate -or maybe even higher rate- as western nations(3). It’ s patent count per capita is far higher than any western country.(4)

        “white men have the most number of geniuses”

        There are more asians on gifted programs in america than whites – you need an IQ of about 125-130 to get in – so there are not more white geniuses than there are asian ones(5). The average Asian american IQ is about equal to Korea, so i’m are not talking about selective immigration or elites.

        “For 1997, according to the Office of Civil rights (1999), 5.64% of the total enrollment was enrolled in gifted programs- 9.41% of Asians, 6.79% of Whites, 4.43% of American Indians, 3.38% of Hispanics and 2.43% of Blacks. ”

        5.U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. 1999. 1997 Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Compliance Report. National and State Projections. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education.


      • You are one sick self hating human being. The white ‘men’ you are with are in all likelihood closet homosexuals anyway you freak. By the way, only a white man and a white woman can produce a white child and hence ensure the existence of European civilization. I really feel sorry for Asian men with disgusting women like this. Women from my own racial heritage don’t say things like this about their men. To all the asian or half asian men reading – I pray you find a good woman who loves you for who you are. Better to stick to ‘your own kind’ – as the Bible says.


    • @ Ken, we totally need to have sex (jk)

      I really really ❤ what you said and how you backed it all up.

      A lot of mixed Race cvnts worship White woman, even though they can never get them, then they project their insecurities onto us Asian women.



  3. Please educate yourself you racist-bigots. Stop blaming white men for your problems.

    According to the trendy nonsense of our time, the history of Europe and Western Civilization is a legacy of shame. The West bears the mark of Cain for its sins of aggression, colonialism, slavery, and racism. It does not matter that the West gave birth to the ideals of liberty and human dignity—and practiced those ideals by eliminating the slave trade and colonial rule. Or that our political systems have promoted freedom around the world, and our science has improved the lives of people everywhere.

    For a sense of balance, let us consider the history of non-Western aggression against the West. The fact that so many of us are unaware of these aggressions is proof of the bias of our media and educational systems.

    A good place to start is the invasion of Europe by Central-Asian Huns in the fourth and fifth centuries. This fierce warrior people launched a series of aggressive attacks against Germanic tribes living in what is now Russia and Eastern Europe. Fleeing pillage and slavery, many Germans sought sanctuary in the Roman Empire, but the Huns kept advancing into Roman territory. Finally, in 451, a combined Roman and Germanic army drove Attila’s armies back at the Battle of Châlons (near Châlons-en-Champagne in modern-day France).

    Alas, that victory did not save Rome. The movement of the Germanic tribes into the Western Empire destabilized and overwhelmed it. What followed was a Dark Age during which Europeans languished for centuries. Part of the blame rests with the Huns.

    Scarcely had Europe emerged from the Dark Age when it faced another Asiatic invasion. This was the onslaught of the Mongols who turned west in the 13th century after conquering large parts of Asia. They pillaged Russia and Eastern Europe, leaving behind devastation and slavery. This is an account written by Giovanni de Plano Carpini, the Pope’s envoy to the Mongol Great Khan, who traveled through Kiev in February 1246:

    They [the Mongols] attacked Rus [Russia], where they made great havoc, destroying cities and fortresses and slaughtering men, and they lay siege to Kiev, the capital of Rus; after they had besieged the city for a long time, they took it and put the inhabitants to death. When we were journeying through the land we came across countless skulls and bones of dead men lying on the ground. Kiev had been a very large and thickly populated town, but now it has been reduced almost to nothing, for there are at the present time scarce two hundred houses there, and the inhabitants are kept in complete slavery.1

    The Mongols wanted all of Europe, and might have gotten it if the death of the great Ogedei Khan in 1242 had not sent Batu Khan, the leader who was ravaging Europe, back to the Mongolian capital to ensure his succession. Batu Khan left Eastern Europe depopulated and in ruins, but his return to Ulan Bator saved Western Europe. Still, Mongols remained in southern and central Russia for centuries in the Crimean, Kazan, and Astrakhan Khanates, which became hubs for slave raiding and trading. Some historians estimate that they enslaved more than three million Ukranians, Russians, and Poles.2 The word “slave” is etymologically close to the word “Slav” because of the number of Slavs who were enslaved over the centuries.

    Although the heart of Europe was spared, the Mongols may have inflicted an even more horrible toll. In 1347, as bubonic plague raged from central Asia to the edges of their empire, Mongol forces besieged a Genoese outpost in the Crimea. They catapulted infected corpses into the city, thereby infecting Genoese traders who later traveled to southern Europe. The plague broke out in those areas and spread across the continent. Between 1348 and 1350, bubonic plague—the Black Death—wiped out a third or more of Europe’s population.3


    • The lengthy diatribe and attempt to justify your personal decisions – based on an analysis of world civilizations – leads one to believe that you are are a hurt person looking for some resolution. Did you really consider all of that in choosing a mate? Or was it love, as you said in an earlier response? Or was it comfort away from something inside? I’m not trying to mock you… I really think your running about screaming and shouting , this attention seeking behavior… There are people you can talk to.


    • Ihateasianmen: You seem well educated but I am not sure that the Huns were asian? In regard to your general narrative, I would say that the West has behaved appallingly and often practiced enslavement, plundering, expropriation and genocide. But so has virtually every race and society. Where they have not done so,it’s mainly been from lack of opportunity to so behave.


  4. The Huns were only 20-25 percent asian, according to scholar, Bona Istvan. They may have originated in Sibera; Mongoloids from serbia are hunter gather arctic people, not making them North East Asian, like the Han Chinese, Koreans and Japanese people. Arctic mongoloids are a totally different sub race to east asians.


  5. After thinking about this, i’ve realised reddit is a forum for geeks and nerds. So the opinions you see on there are not the typical mindset of your average eurasian male born to AFWM parents. If you remember the days of the and forums, about 10-15 years ago, you never saw these depressive AFWM types complaining about how their lives turned out very often – if at all. You saw fairly normal behaviour from the male posters across the board.


    • My advice is to stay the hell away from places like the hapa reddit forums for the sake of your sanity, they are pretty toxic.


    • Nope. You wish it was that simple. I didn’t have a problem with WMAF for a long time until I started seeing how hateful they are toward me, and for a long time I didn’t even care, that was until I turned 28 and reading stuffseurasianslike was the turning point.

      If you look at what longingfordeath and stuffseurasianslike write, well if you ever read Malcolm X or Ralph Ellison, let me tell you they bear very striking similarities. It is not just that they are nerd geeks basement dwellers or whatever excuses you want to throw at them, there is a very real under current of racial tension within those guys. I do not doubt that anyone who thinks deeply about those issues will be certain that those thoughts are very very real.

      The matter I see is that the asian females and white males are creating the new slave race of the 21 century in the same way black females and white males created the last slave race–the African Americans, and in the 21 century, the new slave race will be asian looking people with white last names and they will have a lot of issues those african Americans had and still are having. Let me tell you, the Asian Americans of the future will be the new niggers.

      Think it this way, this guy, the author behind longingfordeath, he is not breeding with a white girl, and he admits now that he can’t pass as white sometime, and some other time he can pass as white, and now he is married to a Chinese wife. What does that mean. The next generation of him and his wife will be 100% asian-looking, but their grand father is a white guy. This is exactly how African Americans are. Most of them had white great grand fathers, but all their maternal sides are African. Do you think black people have problems. The same problems will be had for those Eurasians.

      Think about it, your ancestor is a white guy, but you look asian, you are basically the product of female sex slaves of inferior races who bred with the white conquerors. You are gonna have a people with a lot of issues, just like those African Americans.


      • Slave race? Inferior race? That’s laughable.
        Asians are at the top of the racial hierarchy from an evolutionary point of view. Have you heard of neoteny? One of the key features of human evolution. On paper East Asians dominate whites in every way imaginable : Intelligence, social behavior, longevity, sexual restraint, marital stability, number of out of wedlock births, law abidingness, dymorphism and gracileness of bones(reduced suborbital ridge and maxilla)(2) and muscular mass.



      • WMAF is similar to the interbreeding between the primitive male neanderthals and cromagnon/proto-european females that took place thousands of years ago.


  6. if I am so superior, then why is no white females or asian females want to mate with me? Since females do the sexual selection, they select those who are the fittest to survive, so they all select white guys or black guys. And not only that, but for every race of women out there, they all prefer their own men, but it is only asian women who, according to the newest poll, 60% of all asian american women under age 30 marry out of their own race.

    So according to you, I am the most fit to succeed, the most evolutionarily fit, then, why is it that I am 30 years old, working as an actuary in an insurance company, makes nearly 100k, and yet I have never gotten laid once in my life. You quote Rushton’s r-k selection theory, and you makes asians seem so superior, then, why is it that females of every race reject me, solely because I am asian? You like being asian so much? Why don’t you go be the eunuch of American society. You think I am uniquely bad? I have a high school Chinese friend who went to MIT, works as a chemical engineer, and is still a virgin like me. I have three other friends who studied physics at WUST and none of them has girlfriends. Every other asian I met, most of them have never had a girlfriend, a few of them has girlfriends but it took so much effort on their part just to score a plain looking asian girl, and white girls never pay any attention to me.

    “the perfect sage without knowing elevates his enemy to the status of a god and only then does he fight him.” Nietzsche. What you are doing is you are basically making asians to be the perfect enemy. They are super smart, super fit to survive, and super succesful, so now we must fight them, because they are freaks of nature, they are not humans, they are super humans who will eliminate all other humans, and that is why they must be defeated, by the human very human whites. White people are humans, asians are super human calculators, and blacks are savages, so we must fight those nonhumans.

    You like asian guys, you go be an asian guy, you fucking nitwit.


    • Ihateasianmen: You seem well educated but I am not sure that the Huns were asian? In regard to your general narrative, I would say that the West has behaved appallingly and often practiced enslavement, plundering, expropriation and genocide. But so has virtually every race and society. Where they have not done so,it’s mainly been from lack of opportunity to so behave.


    • It’s all in your head. If the Nazis had won the WWII, brown eyed Germans might be all feeling inferior and wondering about any blue eyed genes their kids might (hopefully) get. Other brown eyed Germans might have thought lot a load of hogwash Nazi racial theories were.

      I don’t doubt that some eurasians have problems of identify and some (few) face real discrimination. It’s mainly caused by eurasians being a still rare miniority in the West. An Eurasian may not genetically be the same as a central asian, but they will certainly fit in there and male eurasians will have no promblem in finding partners.


  7. I will tell you the story of when I went to a Russian nuru massage. When she opened the door and she saw I was asian, she just sighed, like the mere sight of me made her sick, and even when I took off my clothes, I felt so insecure over the size of my penis and I hid it behind a towel she without seeing it already made a smirk. Talk about being degrading to a prostitute. I felt degraded being there. She wouldn’t let me kiss her, and I tried the best I could to be a gentleman, just maybe she can show me alittle bit of love, BUT NOOO!!! I am an unlovable freak, the mere sight of me is repellent to women, I have seen the way especially asian women that when they see me, they turn their heads away as if in disgust. White women never notice me, but asian women physically are repelled by my sight. I have seen the purest hatred from the eyes of those asian women.

    I wish I wasn’t born as a sick joke, an asian male! A human born with a useless sexual organ that will never be used for reproduction. Every night I cry myself to sleep hoping that I wasn’t born like this. If I was deformed or extremely ugly or something I would have an excuse, but I don’t even have an excuse. No one will even show sympathy to me. If I was an cancer patient people would care more. But NOOO! You are so good at math. So you have to make 150 points more on the SAT to get in the same school as whites. No perfect SAT math, no admission! you are so smart you have to be twice as smart as a white guy to get into the same college, and what’s that, you want a job, you have twice as good as a white guy to get the same job, but oh, you can’t be promoted to management, you don’t have leadership. Only white guys have, and the asian girls who suck on their white cocks. Do you know how many asian women sleep with their white boss? Do you know how many of my boss are married to asian women? It’s like a double cuckold of being beta both financially and sexually, and physically and yes! even mentally. Asian guys are smart, but do you have the mental toughness to be in a position of leadership.

    I didn’t want to be born to be the least sexually attractive males on this planet. I wish I was anything other than asian. Sometimes I see really gorgeous asian girls and I wish I was white, so I can go pick up on her, but I already know all the asian girls only date white guys. Just ask my three cousins, who are all married to white guys. If there is a joke in the universe, being an asian guy is a sick joke, it’s like being born a human with a tail. Why would god play such a sick joke like this.

    I wish I was black so I have the balls to go out and beat the shit out of those asian girls, but noooo, I am an asian guy. There is no place for me in this society. I am the biological eunuch of this world. I hate myself and I wish I was anything other than this, and no one can understand me. My parents think I am doing great and all they can see are the money. Having money is sooo good, except in the modern world it just can’t buy you the only that’s most important to you, the right to reproduce with a live female.

    You like being asian guys, being an unlovable freak, a born cuckold, a freak of nature who “is sooo good at math, except there’s a FOB who’s a math olympiad and he is even better than you and he is willing to get paid less than you!”, you go be fucking asian. You try living in my flesh, you fucking piece of shit. I pray black people will fuck up your country up.


    • women place a premium on resources, especially women in their 30s. these women are stocked up on cat food and freaking out about their eggs drying up, so they want to marry up before hitting ‘the wall’, so to speak. I promise you things will get better for you my friend, more options will open up. You are in the 98 percentile in terms of income, so women will show interest in you over the next 10 years, they are biologically programmed to do so. You will probably hit your prime in your 30s. This will be your decade.

      By the sounds of it you don’t have hyper dimorphic features, so don’t worry about trying to attracting top tier white females. you are not compatible with them. most of them go for tattooed idiots with double digit IQs. You should find a partner within a minimum of 5 IQ points of your own. The size of your reproductive organ seems like its made to fit an asian female. You could easily find a decent looking asian women to settle down with. And statistically speaking asian women prefer to marry and date asian men. AFWM couples often end up in divorce.


    • “I will tell you the story of when I went to a Russian nuru massage….”

      What an awful experience. I heard that it is common among Eastern European prostitutes to despise their customers, so maybe that has something to do with it. A cultural thing. Very unprofessional, no self-respecting man should buy their services.

      However, I can tell from experience that good prostitutes who are kind to their customers do exist. I hope, you’ll find some.


    • You’re not a freak and don’t think so low of yourself. I do feel sorry for Asian men seeing their women with these white degenerates; it must be painful. Understand that karma is a bitch and hold your head and have self respect and least of all, pray for a good wife!


  8. @ guy. Look, I know it ain’t easy to get a girlfriend when you’re an Asian American male. I thought the same thing when I was in college too. It wasn’t until I met a woman from Singapore who took it upon herself to actually teach me some etiquette and manners so that I wouldn’t drive any potential Asian girlfriend away. She could tell I was going to have some problems getting a girlfriend. In other words, I had to make some changes to myself which is what many guys have to do because Asian parents just aren’t very good at teaching their sons how to act with women. Anyway, me and all my brothers are married as well as all of my male cousins (except 1). Yes, we did marry Chinese American women and other Asian ethnicities so it isn’t like it’s an impossible dream or something. There’s too much self-loathing and self-pity from some of these responses but it won’t do you any good. Every immigrant population in America has assimilated into the White (Anglo) mainstream eventually. It’s just been faster for Asian women than it has been for Asian men. So what. Asian American men have to broaden their approach. Perhaps look to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China. There’s still women there who want an Asian American man who may seem more global or Americanized and that’s still worth something.


  9. “Alpha fux and beta bux”. Women fuck /hook up for looks and marry for money.

    No Asian man with self respect should marry a post wall Asiatic female who 10 years earlier in her sexual prime would have rejected and mocked him:
    “Oh I don’t hook up with Asian guys. They’re too short, their cocks are too small.”

    Besides with the Welfare state, shitcunts don’t need a beta provider anymore and will consent to belong to a stable of shitcunts sharing an alpha.

    It’s just racial biology that Asian male genetics can’t compete in sexual competition. Our only consolation is watching the elite zionists force globalization and immigrating of hyper violent, hyper masculine African/ Middle Easterners into North America and Europe while their homeland Israel deports their African immigrants.


    • If cock size is a sign of superiority, then presumably you think blacks are the superior race. Blacks, on average, do have the biggest cocks.😆


  10. You all seem to have the biggest hard on for citing research that you know is outdated or just plain falsified. Quoting Are you kidding me? Are you just hoping that no one bothers to read through them, leaving you with something legitimate looking to back up your bizarre anti-Asian women bullshit?


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