White men who like Asian women are usually the most racist against Asian men; (to eliminate competition); so what happens to their sons?

What happens to the male children born from these couplings?

I would like to hear from any male who either asserts white male superiority, or from anyone else, who could possibly explain a suitable way to raise a Eurasian son under the conditions that his father felt similarly about Asian males. It’s almost ALWAYS a white guy interested in Asian women when he talks about how Asian men are insecure; how Asian men have small dicks, etc.

Tell me, boys, what will your son look like?

Do you think raising him to be “better than pure Asians” due to his white blood – is a healthy way to raise a child?

Yes or no?

Do you think reminding him constantly that he is inferior by default to white males – is a healthy way to raise a boy?

Yes or no?

Thumbed up comments made by White PUAs. Theres other things thrown into the mix too.(From David Bonds PUA youtube channel):

“You must get a kick out of all these angry chinamen commenting on your videos lol” David Bond replies :”yes”

“Asian women like big white dick – not pathetic tiny asian penises with their feminine twig-like bodies. That’s a FACT. White men are superior. That is why asian women flock to white men. Stop being in denial. Repeat after me. Asian. Men. Are. Inferior.”

“asian people love suck white people”

“we’re the most looked up to, worshiped, and best looking of all ethnic groups. Your women want us and the men wish they were us. We can go into any Asian country, fuck their women while making fun of them while you take it like a bitch.”

“Asian men are seen as feminine, and nerdy/unattractive by white girls. ”

“asian women worship white men.”

“Dey takey ow womeeen. wit dey big ameican cawks. is too wate.”

“its so easy for white guy for thieve asian girl”

“Brown trash. Shit-skin primitives like you lack the proper mental acuity to comprehend coherent arguments”

“He probably shows them his 8 incher. You get out of america , yellow monkeys.”

“Angry gooks disliking the interesting and informative video xD”

“These asian guys in the comments are sooooo mad that you are fucking their women hahaha…. fucking losers”

“People calling these women sluts. Isn’t it sad that a white guy can get an asian slut so easily when these same sluts wouldn’t even sneeze in your direction? Try to do that with a white slut. haha Because they know who’s more desirable, and it’s not you – the asian males.”

“this comment section reeks of penis envy”

“asian woman are very easy, thanks for sharing”

“every asian girl dream is to have an european dick in her month.”

“What we have learned here today is that Asian Guys……are Chodes.”

“I’m a white guy and Asian girls love me. I’m significantly more aggressive/confident than the average Asian guy. Hell, last night an Asian chick was eyefucking me in an elevator while holding her Asian boyfriend’s hand lol. I also see Asian chicks and white guys together all the time in public, but I rarely see the opposite combo.”

” there are far more asians in white countries than vice versa. YOU get out. whites built north america and made it into a nice and civilized country to live in, NOT the “natives”. All 3rd world scum immigrate into white countries for a better life. I am mostly against niggers, muslims, and jews. But dont try and pretend that whites didnt make north america into a nice country to live and instead give “natives” credit for it”

“all other races have a homeland, but not whites. Europe is becoming multicultural thanks to the jews and im proud to be 25% russian because we stab and shoot those niggers and muslims all the time”

“europe is being destroyed by 3rd world immigration…. jews are doing this And north america was built by europeans. That cant be denied. If the so called “natives” (asians) had lived alone in north america the continent would be nothing and noone from around the world would want to go there for a better life”

“Most asian girls, myself included, actually love white guys but we will not say this publicly. if given the choice on an equally attractive white guy and asian guy, they will almost all pick the white guy.”

” It is a FACT that asian girls love white men. Given a choice, with all else being equal – they’d rather have a white guy. A white guy is manlier, sexier, have higher social status in the world, and has a much better reputation than weak meekly feminine twig-like asian geeky-looking lame asian fu-manchu evil-looking conniving sniveling foxes of a male. Below average white men can easily pick up asian sluts and even non-sluts, yet those same asian sluts would not even give a second of their day to the average asian male. White men can get away with stuff that would otherwise warrant a slap, disgust, distress or outrage towards an asian male. This is a FACT. Asian males are inferior in every single respect to white men. Why do you think you see so many asian women and white male pairing rather the opposite way around? It’s rather obvious that the asian male are undesirable pieces of useless trash. This is why even the biggest white loser become a womanizing scumbag the second they step into Asia. Ever heard of Charisma Man? Maybe more asian women will look into their pathetic direction when they want to settle down before aging too much.”

“sucky sucky five dollars. i love asian girls so much. they are so hot yet so easy. their eyes are so small but i don’t really mind at all. Small eyes aren’t ugly at all this David guy insulted their race, but they still want to go for white men. the more you insult them, the more they like you. i am having a boner while typing this”

“After the women become old and ugly, and have fucked thousands of filthy white cock – will they then settle with pathetic asian males. And guess what? You guys will accept the asian women! Don’t worry, the women will find the perfectly inferior pathetic asian cuckold to settle with – unless a white man can be bagged of course. That is a much more preferable option. Until you can get one of those exquisite specimens(for you) of asian females, here’s a tumblr blog where you can enjoy yourself. http://asiansm.tumblr.com/

“a pathetic beta asian. Guess I’ll leave your tiny yellow penis with your imagined white girlfriend called “Yellow Right Hand” alone.”

“impregnate those yellow wombs with Aryan seed”

“asian girls have had enough of the tiny asian dick. they’re smart enough to weed out the tiny asian dick and advance to the white dick”

” white girls are fucked by black guys in america”

“Blacks are just plain monkeys dude; no intelligent race respects them. Blacks don’t usually do anything about it.”

“I have message for Asian guys out there. Yall so fucking ugly, insecure, mean, short, cowardly…even your Asian women prefer white guys over yo ugly ass losers. Please go die in a hole. Nobody likes you”

“All these mad niggers and chinks and hambeast feminists. I hope you guys are slaying that asian pussy”

“So many mad Asians posting bad comments here. Why don’t you just deal with the fact that you simply can’t pleasure Asian women like White men can? It’s just how it goes, the female will choose only the best that is available to her and in this situation it’s the superior White male.”

“In eastern europe we don’t let other people fuck with our women, unlike beta Asians, go fuck your anime pillow or whatever other shit you do there.”


“I’m 6’1 and white. Looks like it’s time to visit Japan :D”

“no asian woman can resist the master race white cock”

“Yellow monkeys are worthless that is why we colonised you”

“a billion Asians flood my European countries and you have the right to complain about a dozen White people in your country?”

“Asian women think white men are a step above asian men. This is regardless of whether it is true or not. Just this perception is enough to get their tight cunts wet for white cocks.”

“Inferior asian males getting angry are so funny. They could never match white men.”

“It’s asian women’s nature to love white cock. Please google dating preference. The mandingo thing is a myth (although there are some rebellious fetishists), while asian women preferring white cock is completely true. 😀 Pathetic asian boy.”

“Don’t give a shit about these haters, David. They’re just jealous that even the lowest of the low asian females find them inferior and unattractive.”

“Fucking Chinks”

“Shut up y’all slainty eyed yellow punks. I’ll knock everyone of you the fuck out on your filthy yellow skinny faces. You have no idea how much pain I’m gonna give you.”

“Asianboy keep calm and listen,white girls don’t like asian guys trust me i’m white and i have never seen a white girl with a asian guy”

“Yellow Niggers”


“Asian women LOVE dat white cock.”

44 thoughts on “White men who like Asian women are usually the most racist against Asian men; (to eliminate competition); so what happens to their sons?

  1. You a masochist or something? I get that adrenaline from being pissed is fun sometimes, but that you went and found that many individual comments can’t be good for you. Whatever floats your boat I guess.


  2. To the white boy, You talk a lot of poop. Which tells me you have no self esteem. You really hate yourself. Now, if you really take a look at history, not white version, it’s bullshit. History will show you Europeans were the last people to develop, the last to exit the caves. That is not to say they are less than, geography made it so. Whites have stolen, lied, and murdered more than most people realize. Here in the United States, what your taught in history class was manifest destiny, but in reality, a land grab, stealing land from the Native American. That is like if me and a couple of my Asian buddies with guns take over a mansion in a very wealthy neighborhood in anywhere, USA and said we discovered it. Put the rightful owners in one room and called it a reservation. Laws!! What laws, the Europeans did not abide by the laws or customs of the Native Americans. It is time to tell the truth about history, no more lies by Europeans or anyone else. It would not be wise to take revenge on the lying, theiving, murderous European. Teach him the right way by being just and kind no matter color or gender, be a humanitarian. Whites are not superior, We can rival him on any level, whites have had 3 or 400 years of affirmative action, did not allow anyone to compete equally, rig the game then claim superiority. Do your research, seek the truth, I am confident in the victory of good over evil. So to the white boy talking all that poop, if you have nothing to say to comfort, support, or inspire, shut the hell up!!!


    • Nicely stated. White Anglo Saxon culture dominated last few hundred years thanks to America becoming a world power. Why? Whites discovered guns before anyone else thanks to the Chinese who handed them the gun powder. They used guns to colonize different parts of the world. They then rewrote history and put everything in their favorite. As for the media, white men have been promoting themselves worldwide as the ultimate prize. Sure, there are weak minded women who brought into the concept, but intelligent people know the truth.

      Just think, Chinese thought whites were bunch of uncivilized barbarians just a few hundreds years ago. Boy things have changed due to white Hollywood and America being the most powerful country in the world. Funny thing is for thousands of years, China once was the most civilized nation and the most powerful nation on earth. If we learned anything, it is that whites won’t stay on top forever. History has a funny way of repeating itself. Asian men will have their day as that’s the true karma of life.


  3. To my happa brother, if it helps to write it down and put it out there, then do it. I find it very informative and it is the best explanation I have heard yet. Remember this, you are a human being and never let anyone make you fill bad about who you are. Truth is you are a human being who just happen to be mixed, no more, no less. Let no one get you down, Parents included, you’re here, God doesn’t make mistakes. These false values are made up by Western culture, which has been in control only in the last 500 years. That is not long and it is on the verge of collapsing if it try’s to hold on to this white supremacy bullshit. Don’t internalize those values, reject them and develop or borrow from another culture what works for you. Bruce Lee talked about living in the world and not letting the world live in you. He said you must be like the Lotus Blossum, a beautiful plant that grows in muddy murky water.


  4. These men are mentally ill and see the same problem in Australia; so many white ‘men’ with Asians. A real healthy European man would not even touch an Asian female, let alone speak this way. They have too much respect for themselves and their own women/heritage. These ‘men’ have shocking inferior complexes and are in all likelihood venting their rage at all these white women with black men – so they attack Asian men. These ‘men’ are degenerates and mating with sick, self hating degenerate Asian women that I’m sorry to say, in comparison to these ‘men’ look very childlike. It’s just the sign of the times I’m afraid. Sick, sick world. Shows that mixed racial societies don’t work and we need to stick to our’ own kind’


      • Eurasian write I challenge you to tell me would you rather be a sexually ignored unattractive asian/eurasian male or the worst thing of all Black and be hated and persecuted at every turm

        (and why do my comments keep disappearing)


    • You are a disgrace to humankind and to Mother Nature. You should not live on earth if you are fucked up and close minded.


  5. Eurasian write I challenge you to tell me would you rather be a sexually ignored unattractive asian/eurasian male or the worst thing of all Black and be hated and persecuted at every turm

    (and why do my comments keep disappearing)


  6. Blacks live in ghetto neighborhoods and live off of welfare. I don’t think you want to be black. Once you go black you’ll never always come back.


  7. You people are so full of shit about this race stuff. It should not matter what nationalities people are. We are human beings and we date, marry and choose whoever appreciate us. You fuck tards have no humanity. Maybe humans should definitely be erase from earth if you people lived so fucked up and close minded!


    • Unknown says:
      July 29, 2015 at 1:12 am

      “You people are so full of shit about this race stuff. It should not matter what nationalities people are. We are human beings and we date, marry and choose whoever appreciate us. You fuck tards have no humanity. Maybe humans should definitely be erase from earth if you people lived so fucked up and close minded!”

      You’re referring to the Asian women right? Because they are very closed-minded. They won’t date Asians, sometimes turned down Blacks and Hispanics except for ‘Whites only’. So would that be open-minded? We’re not talking about just one or two here, we’re talking about an epic proportion of [inferiority-complex] Asian snatches here.


    • He’s not a white boy, but a fugly Asian ‘Amy Tan’ from the Joy Fuck Club…well, maybe he’s standing next to her and collaborated the post.


  8. I ❤ Asian and hapa men -&- my Asian and hapa friends and family.

    (I say this as a white women with a mixed/hapa rainbow family)

    Please don't focus on the hate and ignorance of some people.


  9. Lol. All you dirty ass crackers are all delusional. Do you think by having a couple of leftover refugee whores from the Asian race will make you something special? You cornball ass rejects just can’t get anyone else in the sack so you latch on to these desperate lowlives because you yourselves are desperate lowlives!!! In my honest opinion…the good white person is a dead one. Your mothers, fathers, children, etc etc, should all be exterminated like the roaches you are. My advice…learn to speak Chinese because Asians will own it soon enough. Fucking dumbasses are too slow to realize that your whole race will disappear within the coming generations because any color you mix with white becomes that color!!! So carry on taking the leftovers. You’re just hanging yourselves!!! You’ll realize soon enough that us Asians own your daughters and grand daughters already!!! LMAO!!! ???


  10. The real humor comes from knowing that you crackers really believe your own bullshit. You morons do and say things just to compensate and alleviate your inferiority complexes and securities. But we all know the truth…including yourselves. That you motherfuckers are the filthiest, most ignorant, uneducated, uncultured, most insecure, and most of all…most cowardly pieces of shit on the planet!!! You know deep down…its true!!! This is why you create and invent a world where you believe you could excel at…til another nationality takes over then you are forced to come up with something else (ex. Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Golf, etc etc) You guys suck!!! So you guys in turn will create something like Nascar!!! Lol. Straight fucking losers!!! Simply white trash to say the least!!! Lol. I’ve been around and I’ve seen you guys get used and abused my whole life. Your cracker women get taken from you all the time from other races. You guys are most always the victim of any crime showcased on any media platform. I used to love watching you cowards get beaten up and robbed in the pen by the Latinos and Blacks. Lol. I’ve beaten up quite a few of you people too in my life. I remember beating this one cracker up so bad one time that he actually yelled for his mother!!! Oh lord!!! Lol. Good fucking times!!! Anyway…keep fucking up!!! Lol. You, your children, and their children will soon see how you have lost the fight all along!!! And remember…and always remember…that you are beneath everyone else and that the only good white person…is a dead one!!! Good day!!! ???


    • Lol could only say the same about coloureds, LOL white children will soon see how white race lost the fight all along? Go look at the mirror dumfuck, coloureds are already losing for decades, whereas you people are ‘soon’ winning? Seriously spoken like a real retard, good job. Lol you shouldve try much harder, try using your brain for a change, what a joke.

      And fyi retard, white people created the world that you coloureds loved so much all you roaches immigrated here like theres no tomorrow, you all want to be in white people’s world at any cost, hahahaha..sad hypocrites, yeah white stole lands and were extremely racist for a long period of time to other races, but we aint dumb, nor destructive like other races were, thats how we built the best fucking countries on top of the land we stole, look at other races, other than the asians, they cant build decent country for shit, yet they talk so much, if you wanna behave like animals live in a jungle, you all wanna live in white countries so much but you also behave worse than anu animal species. Fuck off, you aint human how laughable. and lol if white people were as destructive/aggressive as the arabs/indians/latinos blacks wouldve been fucked up and since only idiots who live under a rock didnt know how openly racists those fuckers are in their own country, but when theres slightest bit of racism from whites, they cry like a baby, utilizing the race card like the hypocrites, that they are. Oh you dont like the things white people built, no matter, niggers dont have a brain anyway, as I said, if you all wanna behave worse than animals go live in a jungle, so lucky you all got to enjoy white people’s things, so lucky white people are tolerant and treated you like human beings at all, if it were the arabs/indians/latinos they wouldve murdered these niggers fast as fuck. So be grateful, stop being silly niggers, you think just cause you know how to fake sickness and pop babies so you all can live your entire lives on government aid, and you act like apes and your crime rate are higher than any other races you think that makes you special? LOL I CANT FIND ONE THING THAT MAKES NIGGERS SPECIAL, except for how low their iq are. Youre all especially retarded, dirty, ratchet, and shameless.


  11. Lol, you really think the latinos/arabs/indians or even blacks like chinks? Wow you had to be the most ignorant fucker on planet earth, or your brain’s fucked up someway, thats delusional as fuck, as none of these races even consider dating asians, at best, they want your woman to fuck, and considers the males unattractive. LOL if you wanna insult put a little bit of your brain into it. Shameful dumbass.

    If it were them, theyd fuck asians up with 0 mercy, so good luck with that..asians will take over smh, their man are as short as most girls, what a joke, be a bit realistic. If anything thanks to how overbred asians are, theyre already too often sold for sex, or have to work for almost nothing, thats fuckn reality.


  12. What nonsense. Most white guys who have a preference for Asians have an appreciation for Asian culture in general, or just really like petite and feminine characteristics.


    • Really? I don’t know where you’ve been but I’ve seen a handful of racist white men with self-hating Asian women and “Asian culture loving” white men who is a racist towards non-Asian POC and Asian men. I’ve only came across a few white men with Asian women who appreciates and acknowledges POC experience (a very small handful). But then again, I’m not you and you’re not me. You proved the writer’s point in this blog bc you brought up the Asian women stereotype. SMH


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