Reasons why I Passionately Hate My Parents and Family, as a Eurasian; And Why “Get Counseling, Have Confidence” Doesn’t Work

Most people who criticize me (and other Hapas) were born with mentally stable parents. I would say that mentally stable parents include, for the most part, anyone who does not consider the race of the child or of their partner as being key to their self worth; I admit that many monoracial couplings are pretty bad, but the AW/WM coupling is almost exquisitely and particularly bad, because even though my example is extreme, the rationale behind the relationships (or lack of it) ill prepares both parents to raise a Eurasian child, or even turns the parents against the child in subconscious and conscious ways.

Like many AW/WM children I was devastated mentally by my parents. Asking me to “get counseling,” or “have confidence” is like asking a girl to have a normal dating life after being raped as a child by both her parents. I say that it all seriousness. The reasons for this are:

  • Mother had white fever; I am not white by any technicality.
  • Mother displayed the qualities of this (see below), yet still raised me as a Eurasian child (not that it matters what the child looks like; this kind of mentality is sick):


  • Mother rewarded a man for nothing but the fact that he was white; meaning I have no desire to do anything as my own mother inherently said that whiteness is the only thing that matters – literally, as in, in the creation of life itself.
  • Mother ignored blatant stereotypes and emasculation of Asian men and still went on with her agenda of preferring and hating Asian men; yet I am an Asian man.
  • Mother had no concept of her privilege and because of her vagina was able to pass as a non-threat – and even a boon to society – because of her belonging to a privileged group (e.g., the mattress group to white males), had no concept of raising a child who would no longer belong to her group. This would be basic solipsism and narcissism.
  • Mother, in all likelihood, was a slut with a preference for white males; similarly to how Asian women have the highest rates of STDs out of all ethnic groups in the US; yet I am an Asian male with only one sexual partner to date, having been turned down multiple times for being Asian.
  • Father knew about mother’s white preference and still married her.
  • Father believed that mother’s deference to him was “God given” when it was merely hypergamy.
  • Father (because he is 6’2″ or 6’3″ and white) believes that life is wonderful and God-given because of his privilege (i.e., his trauma from society is minimized).
  • Father believed, to this extent, that the only thing that it took to raise a child was faith in God, rather than recognizing, even like most white males, that keeping a woman required exceptionalism on the part of the male, rather than just being white.
  • Father had no clue how to properly raise two Asian sons, and failed miserably in instilling self esteem that was so natural to him, as he was white.
  • Both brother and I had no Asian males in our family to whom to compare our appearance and character to.
  • Rejection by both cultures; particularly since I was raised in a Chinese atmosphere and in Chinatown, I was brutally rejected by the culture I loved.
  • Being unprepared to deal with racism and particularly “preference” of women, the same preference I saw manifested at home and among all the women in my family.
  • Father constantly feeding my racial and extremely conservative, Eurocentric politics since day one, as if I was to be a great replacement for a degenerate society.
  • Mother’s ignoring of me, as opposed to the Tiger Mom coddling of my brother, because I looked “whiter” and she believed this was all I needed to succeed in society, even though I gradually have looked more Asian as I got older.
  • Massive cultural clashes, including my own mother’s desire for money and my father’s entitlement which made him believe that money was not important (in favor of deference to God), which made her hate him; she repeatedly called the cops on him, pulled knives on him, and threatened to crash the car with all of us in it, simply because of her frustration with her life choices.
  • Constantly fed the societal belief that Eurasians were beautiful, special people, while still be considered an Asian male by women – the place where it counts.

6 thoughts on “Reasons why I Passionately Hate My Parents and Family, as a Eurasian; And Why “Get Counseling, Have Confidence” Doesn’t Work

  1. The administrator of this blog is totally racist and sexist along with some of the commentators here. WordPress has the moral obligations to take this blog down. Further, the administrator of this blog needs to see a shrink as he is posing a threat to the world.

    IMHO, Chinese men in Greater China, Russia and the West are mostly racist and sexist and they are the worst people on the planet. Chinese women with white men and other Asian women with white men are the best couples ever.


    • It clearly states the relationship terms and the race of the father is white.. Learn to read before spouting your racist propaganda behind the computer screen. You’re probably a basement dweller kid like that 21 year old white shot 9 black people in a Church in SC.


  2. @Hong Konger. Why are you mad at Chinese Men? The blogger is a son of a Hong Kong woman and a White male. It’s his opinion and he has a right to it even if you or I disagree on some of his points. Perhaps you should reserve your fire for Eurasian men who are the product of couples like yourselves.


  3. I am not familiar with your situation, but one of my best friends may be. Her mother is from Shanghai and she came to the U.S. just to get away from her mother. She technically was considered a mail-order bride. My friend’s dad was lonely, was divorced for several years and then her mom came here.

    What I hope is, you can be able to spread love and no relevance to race if you marry someone that is the same as you.

    You seem to have al ot of anger in your heart, hope love can be replaced soon.


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