Reddit Comments, Part 5: This Blog is not about Asian Men and White women; White men and Asian women create unique psychological problems that stem from more than just being bi-cultural


The original quote, from a white woman married to an Asian male. Most of the resulting commenters, as I myself believe, ALSO said that white women with Asian men creates healthy children, while ONLY Asian women with White men creates psychological issues. I’ve discussed the reasons before, but in short:

The white father believes he is better than Asian male, as does the Asian mother who consciously or subconsciously believes in the cultural or physical superiority of the white male, which leads to Asian male children.

The moment a hapa with a white mom commits a crime that makes national news, I’ll eat my foot.

I love my boyfriend a lot and eventually we want to have kids. Discovering this subreddit has really scared me, though. Growing up I never thought that my child may have identity issues, so I never planned a way to prevent it.

I’m afraid for my future son (if I have one). I want him to be confident. I know I can love and respect him and teach him to have pride, but when he’s exposed to the world his race might make him feel insecure. I don’t know how to approach his race. As for myself…I am not in contact with my side of the family any longer so I am mostly in an asian environment (and I’ll be honest, being at large family gatherings and being the only white person does make me feel a little out of place)… He might just be almost cut off completely with his white family. I don’t know how that will effect him, either. What if he feels a little out of place like me? Not even round his family but in school as well? It doesn’t effect me much since I am a grown woman, but on a developing child I am afraid it might have serious consequences.

As a side, I’ve heard that the mother’s DNA is the most pronounced phenotype. If my son/daughter looks mostly white, would it be even harder for them to fit in with their asian family?

I know there isn’t much discussion about half asian females, but I am equally as afraid for her for the same reasons. I am also afraid of her being fetishized by boys growing up. Everything I hear related to half-asian females is always sexually charged. I don’t want her to grow up believing she is a sex object, I want her to be like her mother and find that one special guy and be with him for the rest of her life. I don’t want her to be promiscuous, but I also don’t want her to be so ashamed of herself that she will be afraid of boys.

So if anyone wants to give me advice I’d be grateful. I’d answer any question as well, to the best of my ability. I’ve never posted on reddit before.

Other quotes from other Hapas:

[–]incelmanlate20s3 points22 hours ago

I know there isn’t much discussion about half asian females, but I am equally as afraid for her for the same reasons. I am also afraid of her being fetishized by boys growing up.

This will almost undoubtedly happen. As for the rest of it; AM/WF pairs lack the whatever it is that causes WM/AF pairing to be common and problematic.

I have noticed that every Asian women and white male coming on here basically never care about their children. Only white women seem to ask this.


[–]pahaeuro 1 point 21 hours ago*

This is a question worth asking, in further understanding the patholgoies of WMAF couples.

Why is it that White dads and Asian moms don’t care about their kids, but White moms and Asian dads do so?


[–]incelmanlate20s2 points21 hours ago

I thought it was an exaggeration until EVERY single WM or AF was batshit about who they were SLEEPING WITH. Every AM/WF focused on their children. SMH.


[–]swordlegend419 hours ago

Because most WMAF couples exists not because of love, but because of hatred, mostly because the AF in WMAF hate asian men and they date WM because of it. and the WM dating AF because they find AF to be the easy alternatives or because they have yellow fetish (which is very fucked up)


[–]EurasianTiger  18 hours ago (ME)

If you raise your kids with self esteem they’ll be fine.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR US, most Asian women with white men savagely hate anything Asian, as do the white fathers who are for the most part closet paleoconsevative racists, so Eurasian boys from WM/AF are usually severely damaged by the time they reach adulthood.

Meanwhile Eurasians with white moms are usually well adjusted and normal people. I can only imagine what it would be like to have had a mom who didn’t value me more because I was less Asian looking, constantly fed me lies about Asian men, paraded me around like a dog, and tiger mommed me to hell.


[–]pahaeuro 3 points 21 hours ago

I think you are the 1st white woman to post here ever. I’ve been waiting for a white woman to post, since in a way a white woman would be a neutral arbitrator of these issues, since she doesn’t have as much personally at stake in it as white men and Asian women do.

Although in your case, you are a white woman dating an Asian man, which takes bravery and courage in our racist society.

People call us racist and hypocritical for being pro-AMWF and anti-WMAF. But no one on r/Hapas is for segregation or racial purity. If people would actually read our posts, you would see that our problems come from the WMAF relationship being based on white supremacy and oppressing half colored kids. If AMWF is not based on white supremacy it wont have the same horrible consequences. 

The facts speak for themselves in that it is impossible to name a single WMAF son who amounted to anything, while there are many, many, famous, successful AMWF sons, despite the small number of AMWF couples.

The excuses people give when they can’t name a single AW/WM successful son

A Hapa son explains the differences between AW/WM and WW/AM children

In a way AMWF couples like yourselves, give hope to WMAF sons just by existing, since you prove to us that being an Asian male is not the end of the world.

This Eurasian blogger suggests that the very fact that more AMWF moms are concerned about their kids futures, than WMAF moms, is itself proof that AMWF moms are more capable of empathy and love for their children. Your tone is very different than the countless WMAF couples who post here. They taunt us and demand we put their happiness above our own. You actually care about your Eurasian children for their own sake, and that is admirable.


[–]pahaeuro 4 points 21 hours ago*

If you’ve read through this subreddit, then you should see that the problem is not that theres anything wrong with mixing white-asian genes, but the wrong type of white men get with Asian women.

I think its the opposite of AMWF. The right type of white women are willing to see through the stereotypes. Thats why you care about your son’s identity and your daughter’s dignity. None of the WMAF couples care about that. In a disgusting way the WMAF couples even objectified their own daughter. Parenting like that, is what gives wmaf Eurasian daughters their complexes, not anything in their genes.

you, u/Prende and /u/Wanlong both care about your kids. You’d be hard pressed to find a single White guy on r/Hapaswho cares in the same way, and we get A LOT of white guys posting here. They just try to bully us into accepting them. Thats the difference. You are not them, and you shouldn’t think you have anything to do with them.

If there were more white women like you, it would go a long way towards solving the r/Hapas problem, since White-Asian relations would be on a more even basis, and not get so caught up in screwed up notions of masculinity, feminity and race.

I posit that mixed race relationships are not bad.

In fact, mixed race relationships are a universal positive as they promote objectivity in the children; i.e., a child of two races would be able to circumvent usually common conflicts between races because of his ability to get away from nepotistic ideals (“I’m Arab, so what is good for me is what is right, and what is good for Jews, is against me”); and a mixed race person would be able to view cultural conflicts with the mindset of both races, as he or she is both races.

In fact, President Obama himself is mixed race and it was his universality (especially with his mother remarrying to an Indonesian man), making him and his family the literal definition of anti-racism, that made him able to win the presidency.

However, I posit that Asian women and White men is the most poisonous of all of these relationships that creates unique psychological (notice I did not say cultural) issues in the Eurasian male child (and sometimes in the female). 

These issues are the result of the Asian woman deferring to the white maleness, the father feeling naturally entitled to the Asian female (out of longstanding preconceived notions of Asian male inferiority), resulting in an ASIAN MALE CHILD.

7 thoughts on “Reddit Comments, Part 5: This Blog is not about Asian Men and White women; White men and Asian women create unique psychological problems that stem from more than just being bi-cultural

  1. Your blog is “interesting” persay, and I’m sorry to hear about your up-bringing
    But this post about how WFAM produce healthy children is not entirely true IMHO.
    Statistically speaking I don’t think most Interracial relationships can produce mental issues as your blog shows, but going by your wording, how can you give WFAM a pass on this as well?!
    Most of the WF I observed(IRL and on the internet) are just like their male counterparts believing their entitled to any man on the planet! An article about a WF going to Japan ( and shocked no Japanese man wanted her when she believed she was drop dead gorgeous, but really just drop dead average, was proof enough! Then look at Jon & Kate Plus 8! True, she had to be the one to raise her kids due to the fact that Jon didn’t seem to want to do any child rearing, but that show has shown how fucked up both of those individuals were and she herself did some racist shit against Asian people, yet her kids are part Asian! Some people have already begun to speculate that her kids will have issues due to the household they grew up in, and a tell all book will come out one day!
    Then there’s the youtube vloggers of all these WFAM couples and they seem to use their husbands/bf’s etc as cash cow accessories to pander to asian fetishst out there (myhusbandisjapanese /kandajin3/howibecameatexan). You say they see through the streotypes, but they use AM stereotypes to their advantage! Myhusbandisjapanese defends people with Japanese fetish saying they’re not hurtful at all, yet you had that man who would attack asian females for not liking him. When confronted by Asian people who said it was, excuse my french, not her place to dictate how someone of Japanese/Asian descent felt about Asian fetishists, she brushed their feelings to the side saying “everyone was entitled to their opinion”. She even says she’s way were more attracted to Asian men because they’re “exotic” I mean seriously?! What in the world kind of fetishist answer it that?! They also admitted that they hardly got attention back home in the states, so obviously they’re all fucking below average in the looks department! Then you have them giving out love tips on how to snag Japanese men like they’re some kind of different species!!
    I could go on for days about how this happens with other Asian men as well, now a days its Korean men, but if you read the examples I listed, would you say their love is still genuine and pure? *And to make a note, one of them did admit they suffer from depression/anxiety, not saying that no one with mental disorders should spend the rest of their lives alone, but the setup for their child if they unfortunately reproduce is already doomed.

    So yeah…don’t WFAM any slack cause they’re not safe from this shit either…
    *I also used WF first because it’s always them in these vlogs/blogs doing the damn talking while their hub’s/bf just stay in the background being the stereotypical docile Asians they’re So’s want them to be…


    • Right, but when an Asian man has a child with a white woman, the white woman oftentimes reinforces the idea that the child is attractive and valuable to society; Asian women that breed with white men repeatedly say throughout their entire lives that Asian men are ugly, and have no value… yet the child himself is under no circumstances capable of being a white male.

      So these little micro aggressions, with an Asian mother who repeatedly reminds the child that he is both inferior and superior at the same time (inferior for being an Asian male by technicalities, superior for being whiter), this causes a tremendous rift in the child’s mind that can lead to violent outbreaks or even mental crippling.

      Even though the white mother “fetishizes” the Asian male she still values the male child regardless of his appearance while an Asian mother places her own dreams of being white, as well as her hatred of her own, and the Asian maleness of Asian males, onto the child.


  2. I know you have such hatred for Asian Women marrying White Men. First of all, I dislike WM/AW and AM/WW couples, I’ll even include AW marrying Blacks and Latinos. I hated it because Western people should just stick to their own race. Second, I don’t think that White Women are any better than Asian Women. If you have such hatred for the latter do not generalize because not everyone are the same. There are Asian women who don’t like the idea of marriage to foreigners from the Western hemisphere. You degrading Asian Women and thinking they are inferior to White Women when it comes to raising their children is quite racist. White Women are no better. If you’re setting yourself as an example, I’m pretty sure that there are kids out there who don’t same sentiments as you. Yep, AM knows their place, WW boss them around while at the same time pretending that they can be subservient Asian women. WM and BW should just go back to their countries and stop stealing our men.


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