An Open Letter to Asian Women, from A Hapa Son

It doesn’t matter about your “preferences.”

We’re not stupid and any Asian looking person who has ventured out onto the social scene in the last 40 years knows pretty damn well how Asian women talk about Asian men and treat them like they don’t even exist.

Guess what, your kids are now going to look Asian. How Asian they look is entirely up to the luck of the draw; some of them like me get more Asian as they get older eventually crossing the line into full blown Asian looking. Guess what – I have been rejected several times for being Asian. I spent years trying to hide my Asian heritage just to be taking half as seriously as the white males you idealized for so long.

So now I assume you all get involved in “Asian programs” and “Asian cultural groups” to instill some self esteem in your kids; in other words you’ve hit the breaks on your hate and went fully backwards. Guess what: it doesn’t work. Just go all the way and teach them to be white, which will make them even more mentally ill.

If you HONESTLY think that any Asian looking Hapa isn’t keenly aware of the interracial dating imbalance as well as how Asian men are shown in the media, then you’d better work really hard to prove that Asian men are attractive too….. oh wait. You can’t.

Because their fathers are all universally white.

It doesn’t matter, 15 years later, 20 years later, this content will remain and the word will have gotten out. Now, suddenly, after you have kids, they start being called chinks and laughed at by girls – the same exact way you acted when you were young while you and your white boyfriend were coasting by in life; what are you going to do? Pretend it never happened?

Unfortunately having the luxury of acting on your “preferences” means that your own children won’t benefit from preferences and now you’re going to have to explain to them why many of your sisters in race also dislike Asian males… you’d better fully hope that there are some white girls who will take them, but we all know that depends on how the kid looks.

We’re not all 6’4″ Julien Kang lookalikes.

The bubble finally burst, some 20 years after the first Hapas were born. Better start writing blogs and crappy parenting articles about raising Hapa kids, maybe they won’t think about how much poisonous shit you talked about Asian guys when you were young. Or do what other mothers do, start plastering your Hapa kids all over the internet like they’re fashion accessories: that will really make them mentally healthy.

Oh wait, let me guess – you’re going to tell them, “at least they’re better because they’re half white.” Because that’s REALLY a great way to raise your kids.

Seriously, enjoy the next 20 years, if anything I’m sure my parents did. Not.

Don’t believe me? I have my childhood picture on my blog. I’ll post another one and maybe even reveal who I am to prove the point. It’s literally only a matter of time before someone pinpoints me as the source because of all the Asians in the US, my family are top feeders. You think I care about it? No, no I do not, because the things you are doing is beyond atrocious, and I plan to devote my life to exposing it.

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Asian Women, from A Hapa Son

  1. What percentage WM/AF relationships have half white half Asian daughters that are molested or sexually preyed upon by their white fathers


  2. How do people not realize the discrepancy between amwf and wmaf is a problem?? Its so widespread and somehow its accepted. Why is the asian male invisible?
    I had to read a book for class called Super Sad True Love Story. It is a love story set in the future between a white jewish man and asian (korean) women. The jewish dude is like 20 years his senior yet she falls for him anyway. How has this kind of behavior been normalized?


    • Ask yourself the real reasons behind most people’s decisions and then ask yourself why they act that way but claim that it’s because of something more benign (like its just “love” or preference or whatever). It’s all a patent lie.


    • Because they are deliberately trying to normalize it for their own benefit. I just looked that book up and indeed, another Asian damsel in distress propaganda.


  3. “Why is the asian male invisible?
    I had to read a book for class called Super Sad True Love Story. It is a love story set in the future between a white jewish man and asian (korean) women. The jewish dude is like 20 years his senior yet she falls for him anyway. ”

    The liberal, progressive JEWISH dominated Hollywood,TV, print publishing industries glamorizes / celebrates black men and shits on Asian men. And the vast majority of asian women are fine with that.

    Liberal/progressive white/Jewish people are not friends of Asian men. The would figuratively like to round Asian/Hapa men up and send us off to open air concentration camps in Gaza & West bank where they can slowly starve us, poison us, kill us.

    They also support policies like affirmative action that hurts Asian men.

    Notice how more white women than white cock craving asian females respond to EurasianWriters and SEDL’s blog lol.

    If there is any karma, may all these asian women who only have casual sex, date, marry men with non asian features give birth to only sons with strong asian features.

    “How has this kind of behavior been normalized?”

    Who runs culture shaping / social engineering apparatus : Hollywood, Madison Ave ( where TV networks are headquarted), Wall St. and Washington DC( Pat Buchanan once stated that DC was Israeli occupied territory)?

    Now the same media machine that portrays all Muslims as terrorists ( even though islamic terrorism wouldn’t exist without Zionoist terrorism in the 1930’s- Irgun, Hagannah, Stern gang terrorists is starting to spin more “yellow peril” / ” perpetual foreigner” propaganda against China because the Jewish neocon dominated US foreign policy makers are turning their focus to the Pacific.


  4. Why all this hatred/angst? The fact is you will be Asian even if your mum married an Asian male! Women around the world generally try to marry “up” for a better “future” for themselves and their offsprings. Accept the fact, move on with your life with more meaningful ventures than this ranting or move to Asia. Bless you!


    • No. Stop trying to shut me up. Asian women have created an entire generation of damaged Eurasian males and now their chickens are coming home to roost.


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