The Purpose of This Website; and Why Eurasian Children are at a High Risk of Mental Trauma

I’ll keep it short and say that with Asian women actively trying to marginalize and emasculate Asian men they are be extension harming their own sons – even on a macro level and regardless if the child looks completely white (extremely rare) there are still a myriad of issues that can plague the mind with regards to ones ethnicity and its role in the hierarchy of society and sexuality.

A Hapa could very well be proud of his “good looks” but having good looks does not equate with being a good person, and ultimately a Hapa has to come to terms with the idea that he is considered “better” because he is less Asian through his father.

The entire thing is a recipe for disaster. This reminds me of a “conversation” I had with an Asian woman yesterday; she was completely obvious of the repercussions of her mentality – as innocent as she thought it was – it’s not hard for someone who is objective to see how this mentality would harm a child; I think Asian women are not objective since they are largely driven by either inarguable lust or heavily skewed societal preferences that can’t be somehow overcome.


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