The “Eurasians are Beautiful” myth 

Eurasians are not attractive.

Actually, it is white men who are attractive. Hence our mothers all uniformly threw themselves at them.

The Eurasian beauty myth was merely the result of attempts to justify the white fetishes of our mothers; most Eurasians at best resemble off-white people or slightly less robust whites. At worst we look exactly like the Asian males that our mothers desperately tried to avoid. The entire premise of Eurasian beauty is that we are better than full Asians. 

So ultimately it’s not us who are beautiful. It’s white men that are. We’re just the fallout from this nuclear level act of sexual selection.

9 thoughts on “The “Eurasians are Beautiful” myth 

  1. I had swearing with my gf few days ago, but i also understood why we cant get each other. I discovered that she is some kind of hapa but not a full asian. Eurasian girl seems to haave phycho disease, BTW i am really tired of here phycho-unstable behaviour.


  2. Ho-leeeeeeee Shit. I’ll tell you this…. Whenever I’ve dated a hapa guy the most attractive physical traits were the Asian ones. Black hair, tan skin and dark brown, narrow eyes. That’s why I write AMWF erotic stories… hoping to see hapa and biracial babies out-populate the pale-skinned ones in the future of America. Breed the pale-skin gene out for fucks sake! = less skin cancer!

    This hapa-hatred is killing’ me.

    Goddamit, I need a giant bottle of unfiltered SAKÉ now.

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      • As opposed to the vast vast vast number of women who prefer white men. Just no. It’s something to say about Hapa men whose very own mothers implicitly denied their own masculinity.

        The bottom line is that it’s true. Even the guy you mentioned sounds like he suffered as a result. A lot of Hapas are suffering.

        If you think about it, the women who even do something as mild as “prefer” white men, are acting with great disregard to their own children. They are not suited at all for raising these kids and there is absolutely no logical way for this to be justified at all.

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      • I get what you mean. And I truly take into heavy consideration the complexity of your and my step-bro’s struggles…

        This isn’t a light subject for me. I was raised in a “rainbow family” situation, my longer term foster mother was Korean, and my hapa/biracial family members (bio and foster family) make up my family. And much of my intimate/romantic history involves Asian men. So this is also a sensitive issue for me as well.
        I’m the one who introduced my bro-in-law to my sister.

        When I was living in Korea I knew many white/other women who preferred Asian men.
        And please consider this perspective… I have a white father but have always preferred non-white men. And because of my preference I’ve ended up making friends with people/women with likes/interests in common with me.

        So what I’m saying is… Maybe it’s wise to peer in that direction, people who don’t strive to fit into some bullshit status quo.

        Otherwise, my history and life would also be worthless. I haven’t exactly had the “normal white American life” by any means.

        Today I hung out with my biracial friend from Ireland. I’m sure he can relate.


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