Redefining What it Means to be Hapa

The truth really does hurt and I think it’s much better for younger Hapas to think it through rather than coming to the conclusion later in life.

“Hapas,” the whole shtick about Hapas being beautiful and intelligent, Hapa pride, and parents filling their children’s heads with Hapa pride (such as women creating “Hapa” websites, creating Hapa shirts, Hapa businesses, articles and books about being Hapa, things like #myhapastory and other pedantic garbage)…

…is nothing more than an afterthought to provide children with self-esteem and identity after they are born as a result of Asian women vastly, vastly, vastly preferring white men over Asian men.

Being a Hapa has no inherent meaning unlike what our parents fed us.

The idea that Hapas are beautiful is just a repackaging of the idea that Hapas are better because they have one white parent (almost always the father), and the idea that Hapas are some amazing master race is just the result of, for whatever reason, Asian women vastly preferring white men. That’s literally all it is. 

Hapas aren’t special. They’re just the natural result of Asian women finding white men naturally more desirable, for physical and social reasons, than Asian men. By that logic Hapas are less attractive than fully white men. They’re just “upgraded” Asians. If you’re a Hapa and you haven’t asked yourself why these relationships are so common yet, you frankly just haven’t had your first negative experience yet.

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