Am I exaggerating when I say this?

I think the single most horrifying thing about being Eurasian –

Is that I would not want to be fully Asian. As much as I was raised, by my mother, no doubt, to be extremely proud to be Chinese, and to honor the accomplishments of China, I would not trade place with a fully Chinese person.

Because I would then be at the mercy of women like her – and millions like her – who would essentially turn their back on me, and the community; even if they were “supportive” of the Chinese community their breeding with White males exclusively says more on the relative worth of community versus personal interest in better, more durable genes, if not children more fit for survival in America.

What a terrifying existential dilemma. I can only imagine what runs through the minds of children that are told, from birth, that they are better because they are whiter.

It took me twenty five years to realize that it was okay to look Asian – and even then I still am not one hundred percent sure that I would want to go all the way. And I think that my long refusal to identify as Asian partially had to do with the fact that Asian men are routinely abandoned by women, and society. As if my abandonment were not enough, I’m not sure I would have been able to weather it to the degree that I did, had I looked fully Asian.

I highly, highly, highly question why the interracial dating disparity is so large… and I would hope that most Hapas would do so as well to at least make these women reconsider what exactly it is they are doing, and what it implies (namely the defeat of the Asian male, in brute terms), and how that applies to the son. I mean, a son surely will, at one point in his life, notice that Asian women seem to overtly favor white males.

I guess, ultimately, these will be the monsters that American racism created. Not to be quaint, but we really do make our own beds as a society, don’t we?

5 thoughts on “Am I exaggerating when I say this?

  1. Doctortold me that if I want to have children that I should start soon, problem is I am single and haven’t had much luck dating.”

    “I am an Asian American woman in her early 30s since I was young, I was told to focus purely on my academics. As a result, I only had short term relationships that didn’t get in the way of my education. It isn’t all bad thanks to my parent’s guidance; I know have a great career as a pharmacist.Since I don’t have much relationship experience, I am going to be asking you guys. Now I am a decently attractive woman, people would say 7/10 maybe an 8/10 with proper lighting. I don’t really have a problem with attracting guys, it’s more so getting them to stay. I have heard from friends that mentioning my career can intimidate a lot of guys so I don’t really go into that route.I have had boyfriends, but when I mention EVENTUALLY getting married having children they start to become commitment phobic. It’s not to say that I haven’t found guys interested in commitment.There was one in particular that I wanted to be in love with but I just couldn’t get myself to. He loved me and treated me greatly, I stayed with him for 6 months but that spark never came. The whole relationship felt so weird I would cringe at his advances for sex, when I wanted to want to have sex with him. He was an amazing candidate on paper, and my family and friends loved him. He was a good looking guy, tall, slim, had a career in Environmental Engineering.Now I hope I don’t get too much flak from the Asian guys here, but I have a thing for mainly white guys. I don’t know if that is the reason why I am not really doing too well in dating. I am not really cultural when it comes to my heritage, I share primarily Western values. So I don’t think that is really coming into play. I have a theory so I am hoping you guys are willing to answer truthfully.For the guys that date interracially is there a strong desire to have a wife/children of the same race as you/having pure babies?I know that a lot of my other Asian friends would often date exclusively white guys and then when they were done with their careers eventually settle down with an Asian guy. I personally don’t find myself really attracted to Asian guys. Sure there are some that I would make an exception for, but I am mainly attracted to white men. So I am really hoping you guys could give me some advice/tips on how to approach my relationships so they are more successful. And how I can filter out guys that aren’t interested in commitment early on, without scaring away too many guys. Also how big of a deal is marrying someone within your race for you personally?”

    Just thought i’d leave this here. Ur right those white cock caruseling asian shitcunts like these ( the 80% of asian females who have casual sex/ cohabitate ,45% of them who marry white men) abort their half and full asian sons who have really asian traits.


  2. “For the guys that date interracially is there a strong desire to have a wife/children of the same race as you/having pure babies?I know that a lot of my other Asian friends would often date exclusively white guys and then when they were done with their careers eventually settle down with an Asian guy”

    LOL!!!! Good for you!!!! Hahahahaha!

    A White guy


  3. Schadenfreude buddyboyo. Ur being cucked by neocons,marxists,blacks, muslims and u can’t even see it.
    Thanks to neocons getting Western militaries to smash- govts of iraq,syria,libya,yemen,afganistan ,in order to fulfill the Israeli “Yonin “plan and US neocon “PNAC “doctrine,there r millions of hyper aggresive,high T muslim brown slayers that have been displaced.

    Also note that neocons killed Khadaffi of Libya, who had a deal with italy that if NATO left his resource rich country alone,his govt would act as a buffer and the only thing stopping a billion big dicked, high T, hyperviolent fighting age Africans from invading Europe.
    And Marxist like Morty zuckerman,nick cohen,aron sulzberger,barbare spectre who run news media and lobbies are demanding white nations let in these thirsty africans and muslims into white nations while their homeland is deporting their illegal african immigrants or payong white nations like australia and sweden to take them in.

    White birth rate is below replacement rate in all nations except Israel, which is the only “white nation” who has a above replacement rate.

    The future of US is majority blk/ hispanic,
    The future of Europe is majority african/ islamic with all the violent crime rates that come with such dem demographic tipping points.


  4. Keep on being used as dumb animal cannon fodder for neocon /israeli interests. Keep on alienating half the muslim world and then being guilt tripped by Marxists into letting these same muslims into your borders white cuck.

    Keep on giving billions in welfare money to Israel while women in your white countries are putting off giving birth to children bc they can’t afford it white cuck.

    “Israel’s fertility rate of three children per Jewish woman is higher than that of any other country in the developed world, and the only fertility rate substantially above replacement.
    Only the United States among the world’s industrial nations has a fertility rate around the replacement level of 2.1; Europe and East Asia are headed for eventual population decline with fertility of just 1.5 children per woman. Israeli women, by contrast, have three children on average; non-Haredi Jewish women have an average of 2.6.

    Just as remarkable is that fertility in most of the Muslim world has fallen below Israel’s, while the fertility of Israeli Arabs and Arabs in Judea and Samaria has converged on the Jewish fertility rate in Israel. At present fertility rates there is no risk that a non-Jewish majority will emerge between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. Not only has the so-called population time bomb disappeared in Israel; in large parts of the Muslim world, fertility has fallen below the Jewish fertility rate in Israel.”

    What’s happening in France right now and 14 other white countries where people who want to publicly examine /debate a certain historical event are imprisoned:
    “France – Calais Mayor Threatens To Open UK Border To Thousands Of Third World Invaders”


    While US and white countries are facing demographic replacement by blacks and browns this is what’s happening in Israel right now

    “Israeli Jews Force African Migrants To Be Deported Or Imprisoned”

    “In White European countries such a proposal would get you labeled all sorts of mean names in the Jewish media. In Israel, the Jews consider this a common sense proposal. This is why I support the Open Borders for Israel political organization because it shows the clear double standard the Jews have for themselves versus White Europeans.

    White European nations need to deport all third world hordes out of their lands immediately and arrest the Jewish agitators that have made this possible. Billionaire Jews like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheldon Adelson have been big fans of allowing hordes of third world creatures into our country so they can exploit them for slave labor and drive down the wages of White workers.

    From AFP:

    Israel is set to force illegal African migrants to choose between leaving to a “safe third-party” country in Africa or face imprisonment, the interior ministry said.

    A statement from the ministry’s population and immigration authority said the measure would apply to migrants currently at the southern Holot detention centre, “who infiltrated Israel and cannot be expelled to their country of origin”.

    Enjoy being cucked by marxists/neocons, africans, hispanics and muslims “100% white guy”.


  5. Whites always being cucked by zionists lol. Look at the total fertility maps in the link comparing white nations vs isreal and all arab nations vs israel lol

    Maybe all of us -whites,asians, arabs, muslims, africans are getting cucked by zionist/ marxists.

    “Yet the Israeli Jewish fertility rate has risen to three children per female while the Arab fertility rate has fallen to the point where the two trend lines have converged and perhaps even crossed…

    More recent data also show that the Israeli Jewish birth rate has risen faster than predicted. Jewish births rose from 96,000 in the year 2000 to 125,000 in 2010, while Arab births fell slightly over the same period—from about 40,781 to 40,750, according to a new study by Yaakov Faitelson at the Institute for Zionist Strategies

    An Israeli fertility rate of nearly 3 births per woman exceeds the industrial nations’ norm by such a wide margin that Israel—assuming that fertility remains unchanged—will have a larger population than Poland by 2085. Poland’s median age, moreover, will be 57, an outcome impossible for the Polish state to manage (because the majority of Poles in that case would be elderly dependents), while Israel’s median age will be only 32.

    Even more remarkable is that Israel will have more young people than Italy or Spain and as many as Germany by the end of the century if fertility remains unchanged. A century and a half after the Holocaust, that is, the Jewish State will have more military-age men, and will be able to field a larger land army, than Germany.”

    Now go back to watching your krardashians, NBA and NFL white cuck.


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