Hapas Have Every Reason to be the Proudest Race

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I originally posted this on Reddit and want to archive it here.

Assuming there are any Hapas reading this website and not Reddit, I want you to read those comments carefully and then deny, with all your heart, with complete intellectual honesty, that your parents were not the same way.

9 thoughts on “Hapas Have Every Reason to be the Proudest Race

  1. A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.
    Then it is done. No matter how brave its warriors or how strong its weapons.

    Cheyenne Proverb


  2. Ive been reading this blog for a while now, and some of the stuff posted here, like these sick asian women glorifying whiteness, date ugly white guys i would rather die than sleep with. Im white, with a half asian son, and guess what? Less than a century ago these “better” white men would have subjected me to forced labor, imprisionment, forced sterillization, institutionalization, children taken by the state etc. Just for being a white woman with an asian husband. Have wm/af encountered this? No they are openly embraced by white society and white supremacism. Not me. Im a freak to them. Everyone knows the history, butno one dares acknowledge it. The colonial undertones of wm/af….i had a friend who married a filipino and everyone asked him if his wife was a prostitute. They had a son. I feel for that poor boy, what he will have to deal with when hes older. I notice these women talking about “asian patriachy” but abandoning it for something much worse? White male patriachy? American imperialism is still at work in asia….white is dominant the world over. HOW IS MARRYING WHITE EMPOWERING? Even obamas mother dated an asian and had a half asian daughter. When it was illegal still. Asian men are not ugly and are actually highly desirable. Google sessue hayakawa silent movie star and hollywoods first heartthrob. White men are afraid of asian men and thats how the lies and demeaning shit started. Hatred of the japanese got them and their white wives and children thrown in internment camps in wwii. Read incorrigible by velma demerson, its a book about the horrors white women were subjected to for marrying interracially. But hey, on the bright side if no asiangirls dated white thered be no asian boys for me..just my thoughts
    Sorry for big block of text in a rush


  3. White men think they own hapa women. I’d just attended a friend’s wedding. The bride is an English hapa girl. Everything went quite well, considered that my friend is rich self-made Beijing-based entrepreneur. But then I overheard this disturbing discussion between two white expats about the groom being a Chinese man and the usual stereotype. Apparently, white men think they’re entitled to every woman who has white ancestry.


  4. Didn’t you ask at one time about Eurasian sons of WM/AF who became famous? I just read about Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi and learned that he was a WM/AF Eurasian.


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