On Parents

Most people and by extension, most Hapas, probably defer to and love their parents.

I’ve been accused of being disgusting in my regard towards my mother and father.

To an extent, I agree. I won’t ever apologize for this, though. 

Ones activities when one is young have no bearing on ones future behavior. Meaning that the things that I did when I was young do not reflect the kind of man I am now. Correct. 

However, I do recognize that people change only after having children, because they are forced to change. A racist couple will be forced to confront their Asian looking son only after he is born; but that doesn’t excuse the extreme racism they practiced when they were young, such as badmouthing Asian men or refusing to even see them as human beings.

It’s so funny to see virtually hundreds of these couples monthly, and their behavior is the same, yet all Hapas claim their parents were different.

Were I around when my mother and father were young and I was just another Eurasian to them, I certainly would not forgive them, not now, and not ever. To do so would be cowardice.

A mother is forced to care for her child. She has no choice. Regardless if her child was born intentionally or unintentionally or under vile circumstances like a one night stand with a fetishist or soldier; this doesn’t make her or her husband a good person. She’s being a person, but not a good person. A person at bare minimum cares for a child.

Modern people have a disease where they are so deathly afraid of venturing into the grey area of discomfort. If it offends them they immediately turn it off or flood their senses with distraction. I don’t. I refuse to be a coward who pretends that simply because someone brought me, without consent, into this world, and then gave me food and a roof over my head, that they were good people.

They were doing what they had to do.

A good person does not date only one race, does not fill his child’s head with white supremacy, does not use a woman’s fetish to his advantage in proving his worth to the world and then has the audacity to tell his and her son that they are special because of the race that they selected for him without his agreement.

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