Hapa Thought Exercise

Let’s say you did not know your mother and father.

Let’s also say, for this thought exercise, that you were fully Asian. Or as a Hapa, that you looked fully Asian.

In a time of trouble, i.e., a climate of extreme racism, violence against Asians, mass lynchings, extreme anti-Asian propaganda, yellow peril, war with China or North Korea after 2016 elections, etc.

Would your parents (as strangers) have cared about you? Would your mother (as a stranger) have sympathized with you? Would they have reached out to you as an Asian male? Would they have attempted to bolster the community?

This is actually a legitimate question we all as Hapas need to ask ourselves.

I expect most of you to answer: no

To most of the questions. Wake up call, Hapa kiddos.

5 thoughts on “Hapa Thought Exercise

  1. I wanna make sure I’m reading the question correctly.

    You’re asking of hapa people… if one’s parents, being strangers who assumed that you’re 100% Asian, would care about/sympathize with you and other Asian people who are/were being abused and brutalized?

    I’m guessing that many will assume their Asian mother (of AFWM pairing) would not?

    And how about the parents of an AMWF pairing?


  2. My hapa friends and 3 cousins from AMWF parents seem quite happy (except for one of my cousins, I didn’t include her) but to be honest… Most of my Asian friends with Asian mothers, or both Asian parents, had very strict upbringings. If they were raised overseas it would’ve been more normal but being raised in the U.S. they noticed a big difference between how they were raised, compared to friends/peers, and some resent their parents a lot.

    But it’s not fair to generalize all Asian parents… For example: The parents of my ex boyfriend in Korea are so sweet and gentle. I also think it’s because they’re Buddhist and talked a lot about kindness and compassion. I sensed their kind, loving nature immediately upon first meeting them. His mom is like a little angel, so gentle and sweet. I more people in the world were like them.


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