Reddit: “Dealing with anger issues from reading r/Hapas”

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“I’ve always had my issues with WMAF, being born of WMAF myself, and living life as a Half-Asian male and seeing 1st hand the extreme sexual inequalities between Whites and Asians in the West.
Reading r/Hapas has been cathartic in a small way, in that I see there are other Hapas out there who feel the same as me, and I’m glad we are at least getting some attention.
But mostly I just feel angered and enraged, the more I read. I just hate WMAF as the greatest evil in the world, and hate myself for being born of WMAF. I feel impotent and weak, since there isn’t much I can do about the situation except fume. Especially the White Males who post at r/Hapas they just make my blood boil. Maybe they’re trolls just trying to get a rise out of me. But I don’t think they are just trolls, as I believe they accurately reflect what the WMAF relationship is all about in the real world.
I just can’t believe that parents can be so evil and make such enemies out of their own children. In a way its not my problem, its their kids problem. But just as a member of the Eurasian race, I’m so angry that WMAFs in general think they can treat us like this. I just want more Eurasians to rise up and fight back. The only silver lining is that I don’t believe I’m unique, I think that most Eurasian men have had similar experiences in life, and they will have the same reaction to reading r/Hapas that I have. Doesn’t this all piss you off? Knowing that other Eurasians have the same feelings, cheers me up a bit, and I know we will win in the longrun.
You guys are all fellow subscribers and readers of r/Hapas. How do you stop it from getting to your head? Doesn’t it all make you very angry? I just feel so helpless, since all I can do with my rage is punch the wall. Maybe I should just go to the gym and let off some steam or some shit.”

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