Hapas, are White Males Superior?


Then why did my, your, and every other Hapa you know’s mother have children with a white male (withstanding the small percentage of Hapas here with Asian fathers).

Does that make you inferior, or superior, as the son of two people who both rewarded and leveraged white supremacy, in order to have sex, procreate, and create you?

Or do you take pride in being the “best of both worlds,” when really all we are is the “best possible outcome of Asian women and white men exclusively having kids?”

What exactly made your parents different?

6 thoughts on “Hapas, are White Males Superior?

  1. Is there a way I can talk to you privately on that forum you signed up on? I sent you a friend request but I don’t think you saw it. :/


  2. White men are ugly tbh…If asian men were promoted at the same rate white men were promoted in America then the tables would reverse! Kpop is not even as popular as Hollywood shit but it still captured many girls of many races and literally changed their perspective on asian men…
    Black men are considered popular among white girls because the media promotes them alot (all the rappers are black)…If not for the media then they would not be as popular…

    Just imagine if handsome asian boys like the members of Exo or BTS or Seventeen were promoted the same way white guys were promoted then things would be different…

    Btw still stalking your blog XD


    • I agree. Actually, I think Thai guys are some of the best looking, since they have a nice tan and look more mature/masculine on average. Still, a good-looking Asian guy should have no problems getting girls of ANY race.

      It’s weird, but when you’re in Asia and everyone has a nice tan and jet black hair, then about 75% of whites look ghostly pale and with a weak hair colour, literally as though the life has been drained out of them. It’s kind of funny, since you go to Thailand, and you’d think it was the local guys who were rich, rather than the white sexpats…


      • LAMO SO TRUE! WHITE GUYS LOOK LIKE ALBINO SHITS IN ASIAN COUNTRIES XD the ones in asian countries.. theyre like fat, bald and old!

        I like the Thailand actor Mario Maurer. He is so good damn gorgeous ❤


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