Mental Illness in Motion #3: XiaXue and her son Dash

Xiaxue, popular blogger in Singapore, has a white husband. I’m not going to really go into depth about her since it’s all fairly easy to find online with a simple Google search.

This is her and her son:

Supposedly there is a video of her saying that she actually wanted to have a daughter over a son. This goes hand in hand with what I suspect is a favor for daughters over sons among vehemently racist Asian women (i.e., the Asian women who prefer white males). I suspect that deep down they know that there is

absolutely no way for an Asian looking Asian son to be at peace with himself knowing that his own mother vastly preferred white males – i.e., thought they were superior. 

Knowing what I know now I don’t think it really will ever be possible for this son to live a normal life knowing what he knows.

But anyways, nobody listens to me, despite the fact that there are so, so, so, so few successful Asian looking Eurasian sons out there, despite there being more of them than some small countries. 

15 thoughts on “Mental Illness in Motion #3: XiaXue and her son Dash

  1. GOD I HATE THIS BITCH MORE THAN ANYTHING! Her attitude reeks and she tries too hard to be perfect and she lowers down asian girls and their self esteem…She posted a video saying that having a moon face (that most asian girls have) is ugly and then she started adverting products to reduce your “moon face” …she is so white washed…
    Despite her marrying a white boy though, I don’t think she hates asian men :3 She posted about Korean boys on her blog and fangirled over how cute they are…

    But then again she lives in Singapore and the fact that she married a white boy even though Singapore is filled with asians makes me kind of suspicious…


    • Lol, Singapore is filled with whites! Bankers, managers and CEOs, making on average 3x the local guys. In fact, since it’s English-speaking too, I’d think Singapore must have the highest % of whites compared to any Asian country!


  2. Why are you so obsessed with finding fault with Eurasians or Asian women marrying whites?

    Did you even read XX’s love story? He pursued her when he found her blog. However he was reluctant to marry her due to her bad reputation. She kinda “forced” him as she wanted to use him to gain popularity. She thought marrying a white man will make her look less of a failure in terms of height and looks and more of an international “celebrity”. But then she made the mistake of letting everyone know that she’s just a “sugar mama” to the freeloader that she calls the “husband”.

    I wonder how the “husband” feels to be married to someone like her. Guess to him, as long as he does not have to support her financially and gets free holidays, he’s happy to pretend to be in a good marriage.

    Take care and stop hating.


    • Haha yeah true, though I’ve actually seen some really hot blonde-Asian girls with their Asian boyfriends. Well, online at least lol…


      • Hey one of your comments was deleted by a reddit admin, so I suggest making a new username (not trancefan_2) and registering. Let me know here what your name is.


  3. Reminds me of Black males and their anti Black female rants. Some of the biracial I met from Black fathers was self hating and Confuse.


    • I honestly believe (with the exception of Hispanics) that all races and the respective genders have come to absolutely hate each other. What you said in the first paragraph is the SAME thing black men go through with black women. Think about it youve seen an angry black woman chewing out and screaming at her black bf/husband in public but have you EVER seen a black woman pull that shit with a White man?


  4. @Eurasian Writer :

    I think I finally understand the dynamic that you have been writing about and now I get it! Every Asian woman that admits she ONLY dates white men and the has an Asian looking Hapa son is the shining example of a hypocrite and possibly what drives these women to mental illness later in life is they have to look their son in the eyes knowing that OTHER ASIAN WOMEN will reject and step over him the same way she did in her dating days, either that or she just doesnt give a damn.


  5. I hope she doesn’t have another child especially a daughter. This bitch is denial about her son eye color and nose shape. I heard she had high standard for Asian guys. Her husband look like 3 or 4. He got a pass for being White.


  6. asian women + white men are not more numerous, not weirder than the others :
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + white women
    – asian men + black women
    – white men + black women
    – white men + white women
    – etc…
    There are a lot of ugly people, plenty of psychopathes, but 98 % of them are not eurasians, and most of them are not white men who live with an asian woman.


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