Raising Eurasian / hapa sons

1) Your son at one point in his life will be discriminated against. Ironically he will be discriminated for his Asian blood, the very thing his mother wanted diluted.

2) At one if not several points in his life he will be turned down or feel rejected because of his appearance. He will then see that his own mother preferred white men. What will you do to circumvent this problem if it is based in truth?

3) Your son will likely feel confused with your lax parenting against his mother’s Tiger Momming. This needs to be carefully monitored as he will see that his father needed only be white to get married, while his mother reinforces that he needs to be studious and hard working in order to succeed. He will be highly prone to burning out.

4) I expect you to be in a sexless marriage after the children are born. My father was the same. The nagging will become more and more aggressive and focus will largely be on money. Arguments will lead to internal conflict in the child.

5) Your son will internalize white supremacy at least once in his life because he sees the dynamic of colored woman preferring a white male; this needs to be monitored but again since it is true there will be little to steer him from this path.

6) The only positive outcome is if the child is tall, good looking, completely non Asian in appearance, but even still the chances of him resenting you are high. If he perceives Asian women as abandoning Asian men he will undoubtedly form negative opinions about Asian women that will include his own mother.

7) Since many women who display preferences for men outside their race demonstrate the classic traits of unreasonable fantasizing, delusions of foreign lifestyle, pursuit of status and monetary gain, and unstable mental states, it is more than likely that 5-10 years after marriage your relationship will dissolve, if it hasn’t already (i.e., cheating). Since her entire basis for liking you was that you were not an Asian man, and that you have white blood, then the relationship indeed relies entirely on the fantasy of you providing her the childlike dream she desired. 

Someone change my mind

I’d like to hear the opinion from white men who read this site; why will your kids be different?

Does your wife / girlfriend not love you more because you’re white? Does she not embrace a western lifestyle?

How do you expect your hapa son to be happy when your own wife views white men as superior?

“In high school my best friend was half Asian half white, and he would always tell me of all the problems he had fitting in. . In Freshman year of college he killed himself and in his suicide note he said multiple times how he hated being a half breed”


From Reddit found by poster u/mtzo.

Once again it is non Eurasians telling us that we’re fine.

We’re all “beautiful, well adjusted people.”

Yet for some reason, all of our moms did not want Asian men – the same things that we are. As a Asian-nish looking Hapa I can only imagine the hell of being completely Asian looking and knowing for a fact the ones own mother preferred white men and that there were no women out there, even the ones who look like you – who prefer women who look like you.

His comment:

There is a very real Hapa male crisis brewing in America, for all the reasons we’ve listed. We are just seeing the surface of it, the real tectonic plate shifts are happening under the surface.

The people most interested in what happens to WMAF kids are of course going to be WM and AF. And of course they will deny, deny, deny, the obvious facts. And people not involved in WMAF will generally ignore it. On top of that, the Hapa population is relatively small. Thats why the Hapa male crisis has been ignored up to now. But times are changing.

To the Hapas on r/Hapas I would say NEVER STOP WHINING. White guys and Asian women keep coming in here, to tell us we are accomplishing nothing with our whining and we should work on self-improvement. They wouldn’t bother trying to stop us, if we were accomplishing nothing. Just by speaking out on r/Hapas we are making a huge difference.


Yeah this white guy says that the Hapa dude was his best friend. And I guess he figured it all out. How Asian men are rated the least attractive, and yet the same Asian women are making Half-Asian boys. He has Asian girls throwing themselves at him. And many white guys would see this as a treat. But hes actually seen it from the Hapa point of view. And he knows that this Asian woman who is so desperate for White DNA, is just going to end up having an Asian-looking son anyway.

Most white guys could figure this out if they wanted to, but they have a self-interest in being willfully blind. But in this case I guess he had a close personal connection with this Hapa best friend.

Notice most of the comments, just assume he is against racemixing, without really dwelling into the complexities of Hapa male issues.

The incredible dangerous gamble of being Hapa

I’ve noticed several things about being Hapa and the kinds of people I’ve come into contact with recently.

There are so called “happy Hapas;” they tend to be… less intelligent and or completely non-Asian looking. A lot of them curiously have Phillipino mothers, meaning that their mothers were largely opportunists, with a Catholic background, rather than vitriolic atheist self haters.

If you are good looking, like Daniel Henney, or if you look entirely white, or if you are very tall, like Nathan Adrian, then I suppose you’d be okay. What possible reason could a white looking Hapa or passing Hapa have for considering these things?

And if you aren’t? If your child isn’t white passing, good looking, or tall? Then we get Elliot Rodger or Matthew De Grood. 

One thing I have noticed is a prevalence of gay Hapas. Darren Criss and the famous “hot cop of the Castro District” Chris Kohrs, both of whom are obviously gay but hiding it for fear of offending their parents, have little room to consider the implications of being an Asian male who is emasculated.

Could it be the psychosis of watching such a terrible racial dynamic play out in the homestead affect them to the point of becoming asexual or homosexual?

What happens when the son looks entirely or visible Asian in a society that hates Asians, with his own emasculation played out in front of his face, from the time he is born?

On me being an “outlier”

A lot of people would read this website and peg me as an outlier.

The actuality of is that if this is what you and your husband / wife or partner believes, and this is what society believes as a whole, then, yes, your child will consider it at least once.

Bringing a child into the world is not a light task; bringing it into the world under the conditions of the cruel realities of race and sexism and even war and its results (yes, the racial hierarchy is the result of a century of culture war), then you’d be a terrible person to dismiss me.

But we already knew that, didn’t we? You already knew that.

If you believe white men are superior, please, please recognize that your own son will not be white, and not stupid enough to think that his parents were together for love.

Why K-Beauty Matters (to Me) (Why Asian women are Sadists)

Asian women are sadists.

I say this because it dawned on me literally how unequivocally evil they must be to wish, despite never admitting it to their children, that their children do not look like them. You really think that the majority of Hapas don’t notice that way that Asian women throw themselves at white men? You think her own son won’t notice?

The idea that Hapas are beautiful is pushed on us, by none other than Asian women and white men. We did not choose this – and it dawned on me that there are women out there that really do savagely hate the Asian appearance.

They value above all things a whiter appearance.

A link from an attractive Asian woman named Jude Chao saying that she literally hated herself.


Comparing myself to the Caucasian girls around me, I felt unfixably ugly, unfixably wrong. Largely ignored but sometimes taunted and sometimes rejected by boys of every ethnicity, I felt unfixably ugly, unfixably wrong. And looking at the images of Caucasian women that dominated the media and shaped my perceptions of beauty and femininity, I most definitely felt unfixably ugly, unfixably wrong.

Now, after her son is born – she somehow is getting over it, but the lasting legacy of hatred remains, and will be passed onto her son. She is scrambling to come to terms with it now, only after her son is born, only after she was impregnated by a white man.

And despite it all, despite her saying that she does want her son to go through the same thing, her son sees his Asian appearance, and on top of that, sees that his very own mother, thought that white males and white appearance was superior.

And does she think it? Is she deep down really happy that her son looks less Asian than her?

How fucked up these people are and I feel sorry for their children. It took me 25 years to come to terms with my Asian appearance and it wasn’t better because I was half white. It was worse. I knew for a fact that my mother didn’t want Asian men. I knew for a fact that all the women around me including the ones in my own family didn’t want Asian men.

Asian women literally breed mental illness (unless their kids are totally white looking, like Nathan Adrian, then they’re just spiffy; or unless ironically the mother is a Philipino gold-digger who doesn’t hate Asian men but just married CLEARLY for the god damned money and green card).

If you’re hapa don’t have issues, you either look totally white, are a freak of nature at 6’7″, have by some miracle a mother who married for money and not out of white-worship, or are lying.

Fifty Shades of Snail

Over the past couple of years, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my voice of reason shut away in the padlocked basement of my mind. Sometimes, though, usually late at night when I’m trying to choose between one of my many, many essences or serums or lovingly leafing through the hundreds of sheet masks in my collection, a muffled voice drifts up to the surface of my consciousness and asks timidly: Why does it matter? Beyond the therapeutic effects of my meticulously curated many-step skincare routine, what is it about K-beauty that has held my attention for so long?

The answer finally came to me last night. When it did, it made so much sense that I knew I had to share it with you all. Maybe I’ll find I’m not the only one who feels the way I do.

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What I noticed about “positive Hapas”.

I’ve come across two or three “positive” Hapas.

One was 6’3″ and looked non-Asian. Once again, he had no room to think about these things in his life. It was convenient for him not to.

The other looked distinctly Asian. He told me that he was very, very afraid of taking the same path as I did.

So in a sense, am I brave for realizing what and who these women are?

These women that instill in their own sons the values of white supremacy, that white men and only white men are capable of creating a life in them? And Asian men are simply left to die? So be it, then I will die with them.

And I put my life on my Asian female readers. Because of you – one of your own – one of your sons, will die.

Would you consider a woman who refuses to date a certain race, to be a good person?

Would you?

Like many Hapas, I too am considered good looking, intelligent, and charming.

I, however, am Asian. I am Asian. 

The existential nightmare of knowing that it was under such vile circumstances, that one life was denied, and another given to me, is too much to bear.

Most Hapas who are “proud” are white enough to be proud of it; so was I. At one point I was very proud of being Chinese without ever considering the ramifications of being a pure Chinese male. Therefore, I was at liberty to claim Chinese heritage without actually living with the weight of it on my shoulders, due to my physical appearance.

Yet even my small amount of blood was enough for me to be denied love – something so simple as that, and yet I, having been denied something as essential as that – am supposed to love my mother? To look on her fondly?

Additional thoughts on being Eurasian

  • You’d have to be fairly stupid to not realize that the majority of Asian women pair up with white or non-Asian men. I think this indicative of OUR worth in the world, as much as it is indicative of the worth of Asian women.
  • I sat down with my aunt, who is VP at a major investment bank, last week. We talked about all of this and she agreed that my father sought out my mother and vice versa for reasons of power; “he wanted to be worshipped.” She also stated that they should never have gotten married.
    • After we had visited my mother’s grave (the first time for me in a decade and a half), wherein she had been buried in an industrial town, in a graveyard a half mile away from one of those refineries with red and white smoke stacks, visible from her grave (for Christ’s sake), and surrounded by strip malls and gaudy monument sellers, I had a real epiphany about the realities of life. It doesn’t matter how great you think you are; your fate is already written in stone based on your parents. You can deny it all you want and find solace in white women, in careers, in hobbies but the fact is that evolution is brutal and uncaring. I feel most Hapas deny this because it is painful for their egos.
  • My aunt told me that during the last few years of her life, my mother weighed around 60-70 pounds at 5’4″. All of that, for a white man.
  • Just because your mother loves you (my aunt told me that my mother loved us dearly), does not mean that she is a good person. She may have some severe and often brutally cold intentions in her heart which manifest in you. Yes, in you. In being that success that she wants, in being that good son, in marrying a white woman (if you can), you fulfill her dream of being white. Isn’t that brutal – is it not fucking brutal? And on top of that, if you already do look white, you might have already fulfilled her dream and yet she never would even once TELL YOU. This is one of those things that is an atrocious thought for a Hapa male to even consider.
  • It’s astounding to me that most Hapa men don’t realize this. How can you willfully ignore that it is only Asian women that act like this? What’s wrong with looking Asian? Have you even ever considered this?
  • If you weren’t a coward, you would switch places with a full Asian man. But you wouldn’t. I know, my reader, that you would not. Why? Because you know for a fact that women like your own mother would reject you. If you were not a coward, you would take up the mantle like me, blow the whistle and end the line. The family line. If Asian men are going to suffer then I want to suffer too. I am not a fucking cowardly Hapa like most of you out there.

From Reddit: “Eurasian teen runs away from his White Dad and Asian mom. He slept under the school bleachers, ate from fruit trees on and around the campus, used the portable toilets and drank from fountains and faucets. “He did not want to be found,” Sgt Jensen said.”


Do Asian women who savagely hate Asian men expect to have a son who looks like this?

A missing 17-year-old Northern California boy, who was found Thursday, picked fruit off trees at a high school and drank any water source he could find to survive, police said.

Connor Sullivan eluded more than 200 volunteers who searched for days as he hid on the Monta Vista High School campus in Cupertino, where he was last seen at 10 a.m. Monday, said Sgt. James Jensen of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

He slept under the school bleachers, ate from fruit trees on and around the campus, used the portable toilets and drank from fountains and faucets.

That went on for days as volunteers searched the campus and nearby neighborhoods until 9 p.m. Thursday, when he finally decided to go home.

“He did not want to be found,” Jensen said.

It is unclear why he ran away, but sheriff’s officials said they believed he was missing. Deputies didn’t think he was hurt, but they deemed his departure suspicious because he had never run away before.

Sheriff’s officials have looked into whether they could seek restitution from the boy’s family for the search efforts but couldn’t find any laws to support it, Jensen said.

Do these qualities make a good mother?

  • Sexually value a race of men that is not ones own
  • Sexually value a race of men that will not resemble the male child
  • Extremely promiscuous particularly with the race of men who do not resemble the child
  • Extremely promiscuous despite knowing that their son is not the type of male that is normally found attractive
  • Openly critical of men of her own culture 
  • Openly critical of men of her own appearance
  • Spending nearly a decade in a party atmosphere without developing her spiritual worth 
  • Hateful of men 
  • Hateful of men of her child’s appearance judging her on her life choices 
  • Having had dozens of sexual partners
  • Mentally unstable enough to overtly value another race of men irrationally 
  • Unable or unwilling to consider the mental toll on her own biracial child
  • Selfish enough to deny the issue even exists in the first place.

Yes or no? Are these women fit to raise children of any race?

Yes or no? It’s a simple question.