Where are all the successful Eurasian men?

There are a total of 727,197  mixed race Asians in the US.

There are a total of 341,727 in the UK.

So roughly 1 million Eurasians in both the UK and the US which are the center of the Anglosphere.

Where are the successful Eurasians? By any routine explanation, there would be more; 1 million people is approximately the population of the ancient city of Rome which produced more than its share of famous names.

But surely there are more than 1 million Eurasians worldwide. Let’s say, on the liberal side, there are 3 million Eurasians.

Why are they so invisible? Where are they? Why are there almost none in positions that some would consider successful?

Let’s take the usual replies:

Nathan Adrian; A) his mother is largely unattractive and given my familiarity with Asian culture she doesn’t strike me as the openly racist kind, but merely the Fobby, unattractive kind drawn to any chance she could get.

Markiplier; B) either gay, (has anyone ever seen his girlfriend(s)?; he also is extremely theatrical), or somehow successfully brainwashed by his mother to believe that he was white – which is what I suspect, or it being a combination of the two.

Daniel Henney; C) he moved and worked to Korea, i.e., the other side of the planet, in order to find work and success.

Moreover; why are there so many more Eurasians with Asian fathers that are successful?

Moreover; why is literally every Hapa who has done something awful with the exception of 2-3, have an Asian mother?

14 thoughts on “Where are all the successful Eurasian men?

  1. It’s the monoracial paradigm at play. You can’t be mixed because the illusion of race is broken by fuzziness at the boundaries.


      • I think we may be making the same point. I think people who represent a boundary-lessness are kept down socially speaking.


      • Possibly, or it’s possible that the self hatred and internalized white supremacy and micro aggression of their parents wrecks them before they reach adulthood.

        If not, where the fuck are the successful Eurasian men?


  2. My lovely brother-in-law. And he lives the fuck in Portland, OR.
    He’s married to my little sister, and is hapa from AFWM parents. He’s 1/2 Filipino & 1/2 “melanin challenged.” And he’s happy and a successful artist and my sister is madly in love with him. I know this for a fact. They’re disgustingly happy.

    And here’s more:




    For crissake… Please stop with the self-hate!


    • I’m not even trolling you but on the Hapa happy tumblr the majority of those Hapas are women, have Asian fathers or in the rare cases that they have white fathers they are extremely tall or good looking.

      I’m willing to bet your brother in law had a mom who was a FOB and didn’t say bad shit about Asian men, but only married for money / green card.


      • I don’t take your replies as trolling at all. After all… it’s your blog I’m posting/responding to. I very much welcome you to speak your mind fully and honestly and to also disagree with me as you would.

        Actually, his mother was fairly abusive towards him and his 2 brothers and ended up leaving back to the Philippines when he was around 8? (as I recall) so his white dad raised him, his other hapa brother and their half brother (his mom’s son) who was fully Filipino.

        Their mother was very young and immature when she came to the US. She wasn’t ready to be a mother and eventually went back home to her parents.

        I can very much see your points and I respect your pain and what you’ve suffered… but it’s kind of painful to read your posts.

        Your posts do elicit an emotional response in me that make me want to defend the lives of hapa men, including you.


  3. WMAF hapa here (im a female tho) and somewhat i agree with many things you wrote as my mom is chinese and has only dated white men after divorcing my father (who is also white). I was just wondering if you can show me the photo that you put a password for? Just out of curiously I’d like to see it because I’m a WMAF hapa so i can kinda see what your going through even though im a girl…i hate how society treats asian males and it annoys me that my mom does the same because i personally like asian guys. All the artists and boybands i listen to are asian boybands (kpop) and all my favorite actors are Korean. I’ve been more interested in Asian guys than white guys and it upsets me how asian guys are treated in America and how they’re viewed as lower by their own females as well…i wish i can help you out…we can always talk about it if you want to..


  4. Carter Reynolds…WMAF (korean mother, white dad) is a pretty famous viner and he used to have ALOT of fangirls. I remember i would always come across 100s of fan accounts for him everyday on twitter! But he forced his ex girlfriend (Who is white) to have s*x with him and she was uncomfortable and that video went viral and now everyone is calling him rapist…


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