Do these qualities make a good mother?

  • Sexually value a race of men that is not ones own
  • Sexually value a race of men that will not resemble the male child
  • Extremely promiscuous particularly with the race of men who do not resemble the child
  • Extremely promiscuous despite knowing that their son is not the type of male that is normally found attractive
  • Openly critical of men of her own culture 
  • Openly critical of men of her own appearance
  • Spending nearly a decade in a party atmosphere without developing her spiritual worth 
  • Hateful of men 
  • Hateful of men of her child’s appearance judging her on her life choices 
  • Having had dozens of sexual partners
  • Mentally unstable enough to overtly value another race of men irrationally 
  • Unable or unwilling to consider the mental toll on her own biracial child
  • Selfish enough to deny the issue even exists in the first place.

Yes or no? Are these women fit to raise children of any race?

Yes or no? It’s a simple question.

15 thoughts on “Do these qualities make a good mother?

  1. Honey, you and I both know that it’s not a simple question you’re posing.

    Every hapa in the world could agree with you until they’re all blue in the face and it wouldn’t satisfy you because it doesn’t change who you’re mom is, or was.

    C’mon. Be honest with yourself and your readers… What are you hoping to achieve with this narrative?


    • You really want the truth?

      Ultimately I hope this becomes common knowledge, that these couples get shunned for the monsters they are, that their children turn on them in their youth and teenage years, and that they feel a fraction of the pain that I felt and continue to feel. And I will accomplish this.


      • Perhaps more people need to be educated rather than shunned. Shunning only encourages more hate and resentment.

        Btw… I saw where you wrote this –>
        “Plus if my own kids are white then there’s a chance they’ll grow up to be the people who I hate.
        Truth be told I almost had a kid with a black girl once and to be honest I regret that I never did it.”

        Do you not love your wife? How would she feel to read this? Don’t you care about her feelings at all?

        If I were to read words like that written by my husband I’d be crushed and heartbroken. I’d say it’s safe to assume that she’s either Asian, white or hapa.

        Ever heard these words by Martin Luther King, Jr?

        “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

        Do those words mean anything to you?

        Honestly, I feel you’re doing more to shame Eurasians in these posts. proposing that they/you are born cursed and ruined.

        And again, how about your wife? How does she feel about your resentment and self-hate? And hate for her skin color.

        Have you told her how much you hate her genetic makeup? Do you hate looking into her [Asian or Caucasian] eyes every day?


  2. IM GONNA SHOW YOUR BLOG TO MY MOM XD Wait till i get smacked in the face hahahah
    Btw Eurasian Writer/Tiger, what does your dad think of you? Does he ever talk shit about asian men or indirectly say something that is offensive towards asian men? And hows your relationship with your dad?
    My brother rarely talks to my dad and acts really cold towards him…


    • My dad is an Asiaphile luckily and has a degree in Asian studies. But it doesn’t change the dynamic. I am cold to him as well.

      My dad is grossly disappointed with how we turned out. I do not care.


      • Did he publically say he hates how you turned out?
        Btw i showed your blog to my mom and she said your a crackhead and that your parents didn’t raise you well and that you need to seek help :3 Shes just being blinded!!!


      • Okay i asked her and she keeps avoiding my question and starts saying excuses like “I never degraded asian men? Why would i hate my own father?” and etc but she always insults my idols -__- God i really fucking hate my mom so much and my brother hates her too and yells at her these days i dunno why…and she always brags about asian women being better than white women but i look more white (like hispanic white) …


      • That it’s so common for Asian women to prefer white makes is a subtle degradation. I’m sure if your brother is even slightly Asian looking he’s felt it before.


      • Yeah i think my bro sort of knows about these issues…he has brown hair but his face looks asian! Eurasian Writer/Tiger, i really hope asian women get revealed oneday for their evil self hatred -_- I love my bro alot..hes always been my best friend and to think that he probably knows about how asian men are viewed upon by western society and even their own women just saddens me. I hope you never delete this blog, it can go viral oneday!!!


      • Not all of them are bad but many are. I hope that this becomes common knowledge in the future but I’m not sure how to go about doing it.


  3. Btw this morning I once again brought up the issue to my mom and she started yelling at me saying “You just keep believing everything that psychopath on the internet tells you.” and I’m just there whispering to myself “Well he wouldn’t have been a psychopath if it weren’t for shitty asian women like you!” Anyways my mom is driving me mad because she is too hypocritical…your blog made me realize a lot of things i never did. It helped me open my eyes a little! I really hate how my mom always says “i dont hate asian men! i love my brothers and father” as an excuse but she constantly puts down my favorite Kpop idols by saying they’re girly, skinny, feminine and basically she reinforces all the stereotypes of asian men that the media feeds us! Also, she always talks shit about white women but she uses me (a girl who resembles a white women) as an excuse to feel more white and boost about her “whiteness” -__- I just really wish she burns…But thank you Eurasian Writer for giving me an insight on this topic…never knew WMAF was this evil or how damaging Eurasian sons become till i read your blog! So thanks…


    • This is so cringey worthy to hear how asian women like your mom talk. Don’t these type of Asian women realize that compared to other races of women asian women have no tits, no ass, no hips and short , stick like legs?

      but you don’t see asian men fucking broadcasting the inferiority of asian women to the entire fucking world do you?

      If asian men

      talked publicly shit about the asian women having no tits, no hips flat ass on line & irl as much as asian women talk shit about AM,

      these types of women would be screeching about “asian msogisy, patriarchy and oppression.

      Btw what does your mom or brother think of ETiger’s drawing?


      • Wow you’re right about that! Asian women talk shit about asian men but asian women don’t do the same despite asian females generally being more child looking than girls of other races.

        My mom thinks ET is a crazy psychopath and always changes the topic and says she never makes fun of asian guys -__- As for my brother, I didn’t show him this blog yet because I’m scared i will hurt him!


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