“In high school my best friend was half Asian half white, and he would always tell me of all the problems he had fitting in. . In Freshman year of college he killed himself and in his suicide note he said multiple times how he hated being a half breed”


From Reddit found by poster u/mtzo.

Once again it is non Eurasians telling us that we’re fine.

We’re all “beautiful, well adjusted people.”

Yet for some reason, all of our moms did not want Asian men – the same things that we are. As a Asian-nish looking Hapa I can only imagine the hell of being completely Asian looking and knowing for a fact the ones own mother preferred white men and that there were no women out there, even the ones who look like you – who prefer women who look like you.

His comment:

There is a very real Hapa male crisis brewing in America, for all the reasons we’ve listed. We are just seeing the surface of it, the real tectonic plate shifts are happening under the surface.

The people most interested in what happens to WMAF kids are of course going to be WM and AF. And of course they will deny, deny, deny, the obvious facts. And people not involved in WMAF will generally ignore it. On top of that, the Hapa population is relatively small. Thats why the Hapa male crisis has been ignored up to now. But times are changing.

To the Hapas on r/Hapas I would say NEVER STOP WHINING. White guys and Asian women keep coming in here, to tell us we are accomplishing nothing with our whining and we should work on self-improvement. They wouldn’t bother trying to stop us, if we were accomplishing nothing. Just by speaking out on r/Hapas we are making a huge difference.


Yeah this white guy says that the Hapa dude was his best friend. And I guess he figured it all out. How Asian men are rated the least attractive, and yet the same Asian women are making Half-Asian boys. He has Asian girls throwing themselves at him. And many white guys would see this as a treat. But hes actually seen it from the Hapa point of view. And he knows that this Asian woman who is so desperate for White DNA, is just going to end up having an Asian-looking son anyway.

Most white guys could figure this out if they wanted to, but they have a self-interest in being willfully blind. But in this case I guess he had a close personal connection with this Hapa best friend.

Notice most of the comments, just assume he is against racemixing, without really dwelling into the complexities of Hapa male issues.

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