Raising Eurasian / hapa sons

1) Your son at one point in his life will be discriminated against. Ironically he will be discriminated for his Asian blood, the very thing his mother wanted diluted.

2) At one if not several points in his life he will be turned down or feel rejected because of his appearance. He will then see that his own mother preferred white men. What will you do to circumvent this problem if it is based in truth?

3) Your son will likely feel confused with your lax parenting against his mother’s Tiger Momming. This needs to be carefully monitored as he will see that his father needed only be white to get married, while his mother reinforces that he needs to be studious and hard working in order to succeed. He will be highly prone to burning out.

4) I expect you to be in a sexless marriage after the children are born. My father was the same. The nagging will become more and more aggressive and focus will largely be on money. Arguments will lead to internal conflict in the child.

5) Your son will internalize white supremacy at least once in his life because he sees the dynamic of colored woman preferring a white male; this needs to be monitored but again since it is true there will be little to steer him from this path.

6) The only positive outcome is if the child is tall, good looking, completely non Asian in appearance, but even still the chances of him resenting you are high. If he perceives Asian women as abandoning Asian men he will undoubtedly form negative opinions about Asian women that will include his own mother.

7) Since many women who display preferences for men outside their race demonstrate the classic traits of unreasonable fantasizing, delusions of foreign lifestyle, pursuit of status and monetary gain, and unstable mental states, it is more than likely that 5-10 years after marriage your relationship will dissolve, if it hasn’t already (i.e., cheating). Since her entire basis for liking you was that you were not an Asian man, and that you have white blood, then the relationship indeed relies entirely on the fantasy of you providing her the childlike dream she desired. 

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