Doubters: Explain this

People here say, my kids will be fine.

Assuming your child is meant to be proud of who he is, why would he be proud to have fetishists and sexual racists as parents?

Assuming he looks the slightest bit Asian, why would he stand up and say that he’s proud that his mother favored white men?

It makes no sense and you know it.

Dear White Men and Asian Women

This is exactly the message you’re sending out:

White men are superior. Asian men are inferior.

There is simply no way around it. The fact that so many Asian women openly prefer white men, and even if they do not, make much lower standards for white men as opposed to Asian men is undeniable proof that this is the exact message that they are sending out.

I challenge a single person to devise an argument against this simple fact.

Now your son will himself too be Asian; he will see hundreds of thousands of Hapas, all with white fathers, and he will, more or less, attempt to understand his heritage, and why, exactly, Asian men were not suitable for partners, and why he, unless having encountered an odd fetishist, too is on the receiving end of Asian females and their brutal denial and ignorance.

Understanding this fact now I have zero interest in maintaining any contact with my father, am glad that my mother is dead, and have cut off all ties to my Chinese family; since despite claiming that it is not true, I still see the majority of women in my family with white men.

True or false: Actions speak louder than words.

The criticism against me goes as follows:

“It’s your fault that you’re a loser.” I’m not a loser; I’m highly educated and well read and accomplished. However, I want to be a loser in order to defy the parental expectations of me. If I had a hundred million dollars I don’t think I could ever feel satisfied with the abject horror of knowing that my own mother valued whiteness over Asianness.

“Asian men like you need to shut up and stop whining.” Again, any criticism leveled against Asian men, save it for your own sons.

“Improve yourself.” To what end? Ultimately, is not my fate already sealed? I am already told by my own parents that Asian blood is worthless, so what good would improving myself be?

So let’s hear the trolls and trolls and trolls go on and on about empty bullshit because they simply don’t want to admit that the obvious is true.

Why do people bother trolling this blog?

With comments about how Asian men are pathetic, etc?

The only thing it does it prove that the mentality is still there; your SONS will be ASIAN MEN and YOU will be RAISING THEM. Does calling me names somehow change the veracity of everything I talk about?

My dad was 6’3″, athletic, blue eyed and I am barely 6’0″ and STILL have felt the brunt of the exact same racism you’re doling out. And it’s patently obvious to me that the WMAW dynamic is enough to make me and other Hapas feel that Asian blood is indeed worthless. Well, is it? Then what about your children?

That’s enough for you to realize that there’s simply no logical argument against anything I’m saying other than last ditch back handed insults.

You’re all so awfully invested in this for people so secure in themselves and their futures.

The thing is, you really are just defeating yourself and your own children. Your son will have all the qualities you hate about Asian men. Oh, they won’t? How? Because you’re somehow able to surmount genetics and make it that your child is able to circumvent the same racism you’re dishing out casually – and society dishes out casually, and women – your wife / girlfriend among them – dish out casually?

How is this in any way, shape or form not true? How is anything that I’m saying not infallible truth?

The one correct thing you trolls say us that you’d better hope you have a daughter. Any son you have will be fucked… so essentially all you’re doing is ending your male bloodline.

What are you going to say? Stop whining?

Despite you knowing for a fact that no matter what, Asian men and Hapa men are at a disadvantage to at least 50% of their own race – and you and your own relationship is testament to it? 

Let me see, you say nothing on this blog is true, say that Asian men are whiny pussies, are in a relationship with an Asian woman who clearly values white men over her own, and are planning to have half-Asian children that will somehow be oblivious to all of this?

And yet I’m supposedly the insane one.

Parents lie to their children

There are no politics in this world other than sexual politics.

A woman who truly believes white men are superior will get him, no matter what.

I refuse to be lied to and believe that the massive amount of Asian women who marry white men is some coincidence.

What bothers me is their utter audacity in asking me to be proud to be Chinese. Why would I be proud to be Chinese when it’s only on the condition that I have a white father? And this doesn’t even include the fact that finding work or a connection with the Chinese community is extremely hard as a mixed race person with a white last name.

Let’s get to the bottom of it. Asian women do believe white men are superior. Nothing in their minds can alter that view, so by somehow altering my view, or somehow finding solace in a woman that doesn’t, would change the fact that these women exist and one happens to be my mother?

If it were only her, one person, I would say, maybe she is a fluke, but millions upon millions of these women?

And they have the arrogance to ask me to simply accept this? To accept that I am both superior to Asian men, and inferior to white men?

And Asian women know this is true. There is simply no denying it, despite them attempting to; millions of excuses are hurled around, but the patterns remain the same.

I am the canary in coal mine. I am a Eurasian who realized what happened – no matter how proud I could be to be Chinese and Asian these women STILL attempt to have children with white men at epidemic levels.

So let’s just watch as millions of Hapas are born, too low IQ to figure out a basic fact of their life.

Are these statements lies?

  1. The relationship of between the white male and the Asian female is based on the superiority of the white male over the Asian male. Is this, or is this not, a lie?
  2. Despite there being an equal number of Asian men and Asian women, and Asian men outnumbering Asian women in some cases, Asian women still select white men. Is this or is this not a lie?
  3. Asian women almost overwhelmingly prefer white men and make the unique statement in their actions that Asian men are undesirable.
  4. The child is half Asian. He is still not white, still far from the ideal harbored by the Asian female. Is this or is this not a lie?
  5. The child will suffer from stereotypes and from discrimination from Asian women. Is this, or is this not a lie?
  6. The mother and father will then try to tell their children that race doesn’t matter at all, when in fact race does matter at all, so that her child feels as adequate as he or she possibly can.
  7. Most mothers and fathers will never do anything to hurt their children and will lie to Hapa children and tell them that it was about love, when it was about race all along.

I noticed that since the blog has been up there haven’t been any claims that these are lies. In fact, most people simply say, “take care of yourself,” or “don’t be so down.”

But why do these lies persist? Why are we all so adamant about maintaining these lies?

The Relationship between White Men and Asian Women is based on petty lies

To this day, my father still believes that my mother loved him and was a good person; he tried to show me their love letters stuffed in plastic bins in the basement of some refurbished farm house in some shit redneck state. This was despite the fact that, during my talk last month with my aunt, who is some kind of CFA or VIP at a top investment back, admitted that they “should never have gotten married.” I sat down with an Asian woman (married to a Chinese man) who employs a thousand people, and told her to her face, that my mother and father got married for fetishes; and when prompted she *told me, her nephew* that white men who marry Asian women “do so because they want to feel powerful.”

She also told me that my mother weighed around 70(!) pounds when she appeared in mid-July, on Central Park West, to meet my other aunt, to literally complain about my father. I think the story goes like this: my father had somehow quit his job or denied some kind of benefit 1-2 years before my mother died. I don’t remember exactly (though it’s only been a month) and she was sick at the time, and she had been in such distress that she called my other aunt (also married to a white male) to meet outside Central Park, and was wearing a down winter coat in July(!). My aunt was shocked to see her. Within a year my mother was dead… the story goes was that she was crying profusely on her death bed, begging my aunt to not allow my father to take me back to his state and also begging her family to take care of us, my brother and I. How she loved us so much.

All for a white man. All for a white man. All for a white man.

And thus this is how the story goes:

My mother approached my father during one of her language classes in university. By no surprise he was 6’3″, redhaired, and I guess unknown to her, borderline Aspergers. She valued his race. Of course she did.

“There’s no way she could have know what he was like,” you’ll say. Of course not. But if she had married a Chinese man, she could have know exactly what the guy was going to be like. Or at least had a general idea.

So she married a white man on the principal that he was white. And my father fell for petty lie number one: that it was for his person, not his race.

So for white men reading this; you essentially married a woman whose only interest in you was on the basis that you are white. “No it wasn’t.” Petty lie number one. “Oh, Asian men are controlling, Asian men are misogynistic.” Yet all the white men they marry and sleep with are 6’2″+ and they can’t keep their mouths shut about how physically inferior Asian men are behind closed doors.

Then I, the son, and my brother, was born. And we were told, from birth, that it’s all about embracing Chinese / Asian culture. Petty lie number two. Culture became irrelevant as soon as the father’s physical characteristics were the number one deciding factor. How dare this woman tell me that I am Chinese when she betrayed everything Chinese in taking a white man into her bed.

We were also encouraged to study hard and make a lot of money and play violin and avoid video games and parties; but why? My father didn’t make a lot of money. In fact, it became apparent as I entered high school and college that being white was the key to having sex, having girls, having love, even. Petty lie number three.

My mother set the precedent for us; she said that being white was all that matters; even if she didn’t say it directly.

Petty lie number four: The marriage was a loving one. It never was about love. It was about genes. It was about height and fair coloration and race. It was about race entirely from the beginning. And when the fantasy started to fade, when this 40 year old woman realized she had married an illogical loser who valued his own fantasy and romance about life and God and meaning, decided to give up his job, in order to escape whatever soul-sucking thing he felt was sucking his soul, she started to go nuts. She showed up in Manhattan wearing a fur coat in July, weighing less than a child. This woman from a family of multimillionaires. She hadn’t married her prince Charming. She had married a human being, the same white human being that white women never wanted.

It was a lie from the beginning and I expect any white male in a sexless marriage to a cold, conniving Asian woman, with two slacker or “weird” Asian male sons (despite them pretending they’re well adjusted for their white daddies), to be able to relate.

“Oh, but my white husband and I are not like that. My Asian wife and I are not like that.”

And I reply with: how would you know? You’ve been lying to each other from the beginning.