Are these statements lies?

  1. The relationship of between the white male and the Asian female is based on the superiority of the white male over the Asian male. Is this, or is this not, a lie?
  2. Despite there being an equal number of Asian men and Asian women, and Asian men outnumbering Asian women in some cases, Asian women still select white men. Is this or is this not a lie?
  3. Asian women almost overwhelmingly prefer white men and make the unique statement in their actions that Asian men are undesirable.
  4. The child is half Asian. He is still not white, still far from the ideal harbored by the Asian female. Is this or is this not a lie?
  5. The child will suffer from stereotypes and from discrimination from Asian women. Is this, or is this not a lie?
  6. The mother and father will then try to tell their children that race doesn’t matter at all, when in fact race does matter at all, so that her child feels as adequate as he or she possibly can.
  7. Most mothers and fathers will never do anything to hurt their children and will lie to Hapa children and tell them that it was about love, when it was about race all along.

I noticed that since the blog has been up there haven’t been any claims that these are lies. In fact, most people simply say, “take care of yourself,” or “don’t be so down.”

But why do these lies persist? Why are we all so adamant about maintaining these lies?

8 thoughts on “Are these statements lies?

  1. Asian women and white men are love and nothing else most of these stories are lies.If the Asian women didn’t want a white man she is free to leave just like any other women


  2. You know what’s funny about this? Now that white women are dating out more and choosing to go out with Asian men.

    Asian women are getting possessive and almost confused about it.


  3. 13 years in Japan. First, you shouldn’t lump all these very different cultures together under the banner of “Asian.” It’s ridiculous. Next, I know many Japanese women who want nothing to do with white men, or black men, or Chinese men. They only have interest in Japanese men. This is not some minority either.
    You seem to have had a bad experience and you’ve chosen to allow it to define you. Good luck.


    • Your about that still alto of Japanese woman are kind of interested in meeting foreign people but not forming a relationship with then plus the fact that the Japanese people are friendly alto of guys mistake that for wanting them.them.I’m know this for a fact another thing is seeing an American man with a Japanese woman they think all Japanese women want white men I get this from being married 45 years to an okinawan woman


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