Why do people bother trolling this blog?

With comments about how Asian men are pathetic, etc?

The only thing it does it prove that the mentality is still there; your SONS will be ASIAN MEN and YOU will be RAISING THEM. Does calling me names somehow change the veracity of everything I talk about?

My dad was 6’3″, athletic, blue eyed and I am barely 6’0″ and STILL have felt the brunt of the exact same racism you’re doling out. And it’s patently obvious to me that the WMAW dynamic is enough to make me and other Hapas feel that Asian blood is indeed worthless. Well, is it? Then what about your children?

That’s enough for you to realize that there’s simply no logical argument against anything I’m saying other than last ditch back handed insults.

You’re all so awfully invested in this for people so secure in themselves and their futures.

The thing is, you really are just defeating yourself and your own children. Your son will have all the qualities you hate about Asian men. Oh, they won’t? How? Because you’re somehow able to surmount genetics and make it that your child is able to circumvent the same racism you’re dishing out casually – and society dishes out casually, and women – your wife / girlfriend among them – dish out casually?

How is this in any way, shape or form not true? How is anything that I’m saying not infallible truth?

The one correct thing you trolls say us that you’d better hope you have a daughter. Any son you have will be fucked… so essentially all you’re doing is ending your male bloodline.

What are you going to say? Stop whining?

Despite you knowing for a fact that no matter what, Asian men and Hapa men are at a disadvantage to at least 50% of their own race – and you and your own relationship is testament to it? 

Let me see, you say nothing on this blog is true, say that Asian men are whiny pussies, are in a relationship with an Asian woman who clearly values white men over her own, and are planning to have half-Asian children that will somehow be oblivious to all of this?

And yet I’m supposedly the insane one.

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