The Asian Gender War and Why Eurasians are still Screwed

Asian men obviously get angry at Asian women dating out. Understandable since Asian men have little recourse in the modern world in terms of dating.

Obviously it has come up more than one that I’m possibly full Asian.

I respond with:

A) First of all, people who are racist enough to make distinctions, don’t bother between halves and full. For the longest time I literally thought I was white (I posted on Stormfront for Christ’s sake) but was told repeatedly to my face, “you’re an Asian,” “you look kind of Asian,” “you have a very Asian vibe going on, do you wear glasses,” “I don’t really like Asian guys,” “I only like white guys,” etc., despite me literally being identified as white by less discerning people. So I’m expected to just be happy being half Asian and having a mother who thought Asian men were ugly / unworthy, etc.

B) Often times, people who are racist (and yes, having racial preferences is racist) make shitty parents; so this doesn’t change the reality that many Eurasians are born with open racists, fetishists, and complete disconnect from both sides. How the HELL could this possibly be denied in the sake of claiming that I’m full Asian? Does it change this fundamental point that being Eurasian deprives one of a healthy community and healthy self esteem?

C) Eurasians are literally supposed to sit there and believe claims of patriarchy, oppressiveness, essentially incited to believe that ALL Asian men are bad, while ALL white men are good, while Asian men are also curiously, coincidentally labeled as the least attractive men physically. Not to mention that it’s usually the worst kind of white guy who goes for Asian women.

D) In what world does it make sense for a Eurasian person to only take pride in one half of himself? In what world does it make sense for a Eurasian to take less pride in his Asian side because Asian men are routinely viewed as inferior? Most Eurasians’ problem is that they only take pride in their white side because they know that Asian men are undesirable and try to distance themselves; websites like this pop up when we fail and instead try to make sense of it. 

People are literally expecting Eurasian people to take pride in the fact that white men are better. That is LITERALLY what they’re asking – prove to me that it’s not. That’s why this website is apolitical, because at the end of the day, the shit doesn’t make any fucking sense *at all.*

Why Politics Mean Nothing to a Eurasian

Why do Asian women love white men? Is it because Asian men are unattractive? Is it because Asian men are patriarchal assholes?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter; the outcome is the same. A Eurasian male. Having children and giving them a good life goes well beyond being able to have mutual attraction and having sex; and even if the mutual attraction is structured as such because of biological or political reasons, the fact remains that the child is still stuck with the outcome of being an Eurasian male (and more often than not, an ASIAN LOOKING MALE) born to a man and woman who cared little for the issues of Asian men. 

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Some words of advice to white men and Asian woman couples. From a Eurasian son.

Life is different for people depending on your race. The things you adore might no longer be available to you were you not the race you were.
The fact is that if you are white, even unremarkable, you still are able to achieve things that an ordinary man of another race can never in a lifetime. It’s offensive to some but undeniable.

When you have a son, you are relinquishing all of this. He will be unable to achieve the things that came naturally to you unless he is top tier; and even top tier Asian men are disfavored, well, for you.

This is just a fact of life. Some people are able to manage, while others act out in ways that seem strange to you, as we are doing.

But unless you are willing to put yourself in the shoes of an Asian man I strongly suggest not having children.

The agony of realizing through ones own parents that racial hierarchies exist is very thorough, very debilitating, and very vicious.

Down voting, denial, insults and claims that “my son will be fine” changes nothing about this fact. It remains consistent across all political spectrums and all walks of life.

I’m starting to think that the only way to actually achieve any notice is to end my life; and this seems ultimately inevitable it’s better to write my reasons why now, so that I do not need to compile them later. 

Even one death, someone who has accomplished much as a writer and artist and tried my best to be a good person, would be enough, particularly with my family and educational background what it is. There is nothing that has eroded my spirit more than the idea that races have different values and I suggest all couples reexamine themselves before having children. 

Yes, I am actually ransoming off my life, to anonymous people I don’t know, for the simple price of admitting the truth. 

Stop Listing Philipino Hapas as “Successful Eurasians”

For whatever reason it looks like whenever there’s a successful Hapa listed, 9/10 times his mother is Philipino.

I was trying to think why, and I honestly do think that this is because the women in the Philippines are so poor that out marriage is there only option to survival, not hatred.

It’s totally different from guys with mothers who actively look at avoid Asian men totally and spend their youth chasing white men and demeaning Asian men. This seems to be the Chinese / Korean and maybe Japanese category.

To the White Males Telling Me It’s All in My Head

That I suffer from social dysfunction.

A heads up:

I am not socially dysfunctional. I was reasonably well adjusted up until the point that I was brutally treated for a reason that had to do with my race. I am not going to make more and more articles about these experiences as simple back search can revisit them.

Who the FUCK is a white person, who never had the experience of being rudely denied something that is fundamentally attainable for any white person (including my own father), to claim that a Eurasian male, the son of a White father and an Asian mother, who was denied more than once basic things: access to social groups, dates, employment, etc., that it’s all fundamentally in my head?

Social dysfunction, if anything, is developed after a series of negative results that severely limit ones self esteem.

By and large, white males, who benefit from a system that rewards them for whiteness – particularly among Asian women – to tell Asian and Eurasian men that they are in the wrong for pointing this out?

The only thing they’re doing is visibly encouraging me to keep on pushing this issue.

The bottom line is: the White male / Asian female relationship is based explicitly or not so explicitly on the superiority of the white male (in providing lifestyle, looks, sex, genes, whatever), and the Eurasian son is neither categorically able to provide these things to both his inherent cultures (Asian and white).

The Eurasian Perspective on the Taiwanese Abuse video

Imagine if there was something you knew, but that the rest of the world refused to acknowledge, how frustrated would you feel?

My wife’s commentary on the video

Imagine if Asian women had extremely low standards for white men, and extremely high for Asian men; imagine being a Eurasian son who has to live with this knowledge; in a way, all Eurasians are unified by the very fact that by all definitions it appears that Asian women vastly prefer white men, even the ones with the most pitiful qualifications, a privilege from which we cannot benefit.

This video is making its way around the internet. I am one of the few people standing up and saying that it is largely bullshit and that the Asian man’s vindication was not justified, but understandable at someone with my own frustrations at being Eurasian and constantly reminded at how white supremacy is valuable – especially from within my own household.

A lot of people are coming to the defense of this young man who for all intents and purposes looks like a victim. However, I would say that both parties are victims, in this case; the fat man’s being the result of his inadequacy in achieving the ideal expected of Asian women, and the white man, in being as naive as he is in believing that her love for him is somehow pure.

People are also acting in complete outrage without actually consider the implications of a man who is unequivocally unattractive yet was able to conveniently find his way into one of the most common interracial pairings on the planet, without anyone attempting to determine his character or the motivations behind his love for Taiwan. My father “loved” China and Japanese culture, and had studied East Asian studies for his masters degree and ultimately his passion developed out of his social inability and desire to be worshipped and valued. 

On closer inspection it appears to me (and my wife) that this man is VERY unfortunate in the looks department and as the Taiwanese man says… he would be unable to get a girlfriend back in the United States or any Western country. Moreover, unlike said white male, the Taiwanese man would be unable to travel to Britain and find a white woman to pair up with, on the basis that he is Asian.

I would astutely say that this is the case, which is why he was so absolutely offended by the confrontation. As he is at the bottom of the heap in terms of attractiveness while his girlfriend is at least a 6 or a 7 in terms of looks, I would definitely assert that being white, or at least a non-local, helped him, and / or that his girlfriend is mentally ill. I say this because while there being relatively few of them, enough women have come up to me or initiated contact with me on the assumption that I was white (at first), and some even disengaged after finding out that I was half Chinese; the fundamental clause was the whiteness of the party, or at very least, as my wife said, that he is different. 

Young love being young love he is setting himself up, and she is in all likelihood going to prove to be untrustworthy and once it dawns on her that he really is as ugly as he seems, she will start breaking down into her psychosis, which I saw my mother breaking into, some ten years after she got married and realized that being married to a white man didn’t mean castles and green fields, but tiny apartments and extremely odd behavior. Already the girl is demonstrating immensely bizarre behavior, which would necessitate that she was psychologically prone to mental illness and / or drawn to white men as a means to find refuge.

I speak, and other Eurasians speak, that and even my commenters have spoken about how Asian women who deliberately seek to date out often times display antisocial behavior, and idealize foreign culture and lifestyles as being superior – which itself is indicative of mental illness as most people know there is no promised land. In later stages in a relationship this oftentimes turns into nagging, passive aggressive behavior, and sex withholding from her white partner.

The reason I say this is that the originator of the video is extremely disingenuous. I myself am offended, as a good looking Eurasian, that an Asian woman would rather have a guy like that than a normal Asian man; and what astounds me is that there really is no basis for the relationship other than that he is white, or that he looks the way that he does. 

There are enough good looking Asian men out there, yet women are en masse rejecting good looking Asian men in favor of white men of various looks levels, indicating an immediately apparent overvaluation of whiteness.

There’s no basis for the relationship other than the whiteness of the partner, and any basis revolves primarily around the fact that he is white regardless of nuances that develop within the relationship; the reason for this might very well be because she is “artistic,” or attempting to “rebel from traditional Taiwanese society,” but from the inside out, when she has millions of Taiwanese men to choose from, and a host of good looking White men as well, that she settles for this male. And even when she ends up with a good looking White man, a large portion of the time it was his whiteness that gave him an extra advantage to get his food in the door, while other Asian men were unable to step in.

I have been on both sides of this, depending on how I was perceived.

A good example is when I met my wife; at the beginning she was totally disinterested in me because I was “foreign.” It was only after showing her that I was Chinese, that my family was one of the most prominent Chinese families in New York, that she began to like and trust me – the fundamental issue being that she saw that I was trustworthy and stable, something she associated with Chinese and Asian men. Looks were not the issue – she was willing to have a less than attractive Asian man, as do most sane Asian women, over a good looking white man, for the purpose of having a stable life.

My wife, as you can see in the above post, is mentally sane. Completely so, compared to a woman like my mother and those in my family who valued whiteness as a means to “success,” or “integration,” while ignoring the obvious detriments of overvaluing whiteness and having ones own non-white kids see it.

Why does this bother me? As a Eurasian, I am constantly reminded that Asian women would rather have bottom of the barrel white men, or even average white men, over top-tier or even average Asian men, and this to me is a constant reminder of my worth as a human being as the world sees me as an Asian man; the fact that even white women take note of the disparity on this website, indicates that there is something fundamentally unbalanced and wrong about it. This is one of the reasons why Eurasians are so prone to implosion, in the face of the constant reminder that even the worst of all white men are better partners than the best of all Asian men.

My father had severe emotional problems (unable to participate in class as a child, severely bullied, unable to face confrontation) so an Asian woman (who in turn’s only requirement was that the man was white), was his best option, as White women saw right through him.

Ultimately what happened was that two people got together on the basis of their inability to manage their own cultures and on the basis of severe emotional flaws that made them overvalue the perceived qualities of the other’s race, while ignoring the massive amount of flaws in their partners. And it doesn’t matter if this isn’t the case for all partners; the fact that the WM/AW pattern is so common means that Asian men failed to meet the expectation of their women in simply existing, the same way that a Eurasian is reminded constantly that white is better.

And ultimately what this means is that the child, an Asian looking child, is going to be perpetually reminded of his low social value, since because white men, even the worst ones, are supposedly better partner than Asian men, will destroy him completely from the get go. Combined with social isolation from both sides, racism directed towards him, mental illness and likely poor looks and physical health (in all likelihood much worse than the offender in the video), will make him a tremendous, violent threat to society, or drive him into bizarre or psychotic behavior (the founder of is a transvestite!)

The reason why the Taiwanese public had such an outcry at this is very well that any man who is familiar with the behavior of Chinese and by larger extension, Asian women, knows that mental illness is very prevalent and any woman who would willingly sleep with a man with such immense defects is herself mentally ill, at very best, she will value a white man, for his appearance and looks and excuse his behavior but the fact remains that the most undesirable psychological elements tend towards finding refuge in a male that she identifies as being able to grant her “freedom.”

If you can’t understand why an Asian woman choosing the bottom of the barrel white dudes, is offensive to Eurasian men, then there’s something objectively wrong with your brain. Not my brain. Yours.

Both of those men should have been single. But one of them wasn’t because he was white.

Get it through your head why this is offensive to a Eurasian male. It’s not rocket science.

But more importantly do remember that Eurasians are at special risk because they inherit all of their mothers’ mental illnesses, and none of the white privilege that comes with it. And even in the so called “healthy” WM/AW couples… we inherit none of the privilege.

About the Content of this Site

I try to achieve an “absolute” truth about the reality of the world. Many people are unable to conceptualize it since they are largely influenced in their pattern of thought by their parents; hence, since my parents have been largely absent for the majority of my life my observations and critiques come from one of realism and out of necessity in survival. They are also influenced in their patterns to avoid stress and pain, because that is human, no, animal nature; largely because my entire life has been pain I think that I am actually drawn to it and feel a comfort in it.

To this date no one has come on this website and offered any other argument other than “you are whiny;” and the others just rely on, “this is true, but why dwell on it.”

dwell on it because I want to know. 

I don’t believe in coincidence and WMAW is not one. If it’s indicative of something much worse about the reality of human nature I want to know and this information could essentially make or break both me and the reader.

A Challenge to My Readers:

Observe Eurasians in real life.

Observe their behavior; observe their reactions to being called Asians.

Also observe their reaction to saying “of course your dad is white.”

Also observe the numerous amount of single, gay, or just plain forever alone Eurasians out there.

Until the age of 22-23, this is doable; the constant lies fed to them by their parents that race doesn’t matter is enough to bide their time, until early adulthood, where they can still hold onto the hope that they can achieve true equality in the dating world, and in the real world.

But most of all I challenge you to really observe the ones you know and consider it in light of what I am writing on this website.

Remember: pain can be subdued with enough psychotherapy of comforting talk; but biological reality? Can that really be subdued, ever?

Again, I ask any Eurasian person or even a white person reading this blog: why are Asian women so adamant about finding white men? What is the issue here?

The Tragedy of this Eurasian

I’m not looking for pity. I’m relatively “famous” now as the most outspoken Eurasian despite my refusal to show my face, but the only reason I do that is to prevent more heartache on my father, a man who is kept out of the abyss by a flimsy little thread called devout Christianity. To this day he still believes it was pure love from my mother.

Really, I’m not seeking pity. I’m sure there are a ton of Eurasians (re: gay, or really tall due to having robust moms) out there that are successful or have found some method of coping. If anything I want people to look at me and for once in their lives admit to themselves how brutal this world is.

But the real tragedy here is my lost potential; Ivy League educated, intelligent, tall, good looking, placed in accelerated programs since I was a child, called a genius by professionals, called by Rhodes scholars in my classes that I was the most brilliant student at our university, connected to one of the most prominent Asian families in New York, and it was only through careful introspection that I came to the conclusion that everything in my life was the result of evolution, sexual selection that valued a certain phenotype above all else. People will say; some women like Asian men. Some. And they are some exceptions. 

Anything I can do will only be seen as the result of me having a white father, no more, no less.

It’s no wonder that Eurasians wind up on drugs and living hedonistically for as long as they can; we are, to all extents, the most naturally “aware” of all races, who recognize both how lucky we are and how absolutely fucked up it has to be this way. There is literally not a Eurasian man on earth who will disagree with that statement. 

I was at the top of my class, among 20 students honored out of a class of 1,000; highly decorated as a student, well-liked, until that fateful day that I was told over and over that I was Asian, and then I looked at my own parents’ photographs and realized that even the one person who I should trust – also valued whiteness over Asianness. 

And how was I supposed to recover from that? How was Elliot Rodger ever supposed to recover from the fact that his own mother admitted to him that he was born accidentally during one of her trysts with a white man? 

It doesn’t matter that some people don’t think like this; but ones own parents?! And then he has to leave his house over and over and over and see Asian women literally throwing themselves at white men? What the FUCK does that mean about us?

People say he was autistic; people said that I was autistic, but I wasn’t. I was outspoken, loud, even a bully at one point and now I’m nothing but a massively wasted potential.

It’s strange that these so called “master race” Eurasians are using their abilities to not do good, but for antisocial purposes. 

And that’s what this blog is: it’s anti-social. It’s designed to instill in people the same doubt and fear that I have, knowing that I cannot look at my mother and father the same way again in light of what I know about race, knowing that I have no place to go where I would be accepted, knowing that anything I do will be viewed in light of my race. It’s essentially a lengthy suicide note that dictates exactly the thought process of someone who was ruined and wrecked by this sick world and that’s why I have people who aren’t even Eurasian telling me they like me.

And that’s what all life is. All life is a game, which most people refuse to acknowledge because of the utter fear of recognizing that to eat, someone must starve; it can’t possibly be like that, they’ll say. But it is like that – you just refuse to look past your four walls and see the people starving.

Literally I’m surrounded by good, decent, hardworking Asian men and I have to walk around knowing that no matter what they did, they would have been deemed inferior – so what the fuck am I?

It doesn’t matter what one’s parents tell one; parents lie to their kids. They tell them they’re amazing; but who wouldn’t?

I refuse to live a life where I have to “accept” the privilege of being half white, so that I can shit on other people, or at least ignore them, similarly to how Asian women and white men shit on and ignore other people; that’s not a life to me.

Because I am a good person. I’ve always been a good person.

I’m not the first person to observe this but I am one of the first Eurasians to actually pinpoint exactly what it feels like to be Eurasian… I am one of the first to vocalize the self doubt that every human being has deep down but refuses to acknowledge because they have an innate natural block on any suicidal tendencies. I don’t.

I do consider all Asian women and white men responsible for what happened to me. I really do; not only for the fact that my father was “ideal,” tall, handsome, 6’3″ and white, an athlete, and my mother somewhat attractive… but only because their refusal to acknowledge the truth and refusal to admit that it was only a matter of time before someone like me figured it out, one of their representative ‘master race’ Hapas…. it really is their fault. 

And before anyone says… you take responsibility for your own life. No. It’s not like that – you’re dictated your own worth by the general behavior of the populace. A bathroom cleaner has zero room for upward mobility, whereby the general behavior of Asian women in fact does reinforce the notion that Asian men are inferior to the extent that it can no longer be denied.