No amount of coping or lies changes the reality of being Eurasian

Asian women marry men simply because they are white and because Asian men are not good enough.

The son himself will be Asian. This is an undeniable fact.

  • “My wife isn’t like that.” Yes, she is.
  • “I’ll raise my sons to be different.” You will try, and then they will inevitably be blockaded by biology, the same thing that drove your own wife away from Asian men.
  • “You need to embrace self improvement.” Did you? Your wife selected you for your race – you had no need for self improvement.

I’ve said it so many times, but nothing you can do, no amount of coping, no amount of lies can change biology.

3 thoughts on “No amount of coping or lies changes the reality of being Eurasian

  1. Who ever comes up with that Asian women marry white men.your married to a white man did you marry him because he is white?do you hate Asian men? Did you ever hear of love I have been married to my wife over 43 years still in love


    • No, I don’t hate asian men. I just hate my father, my brother who were violent, parano, cantankerous… I don’t see them again since 2000.
      But I love my grandfather, my uncles…

      Yes, I am married since 2006. This is our first marriage. I live in France, I think most white french are gentlemen.

      My husband knew I never wants a white woman. He had just one white girlfriend, and then he had 4 asian girlfriends. He prefer half asian children and asian women.

      He is my soulmate. We are like twins.


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