So I’m Just Making This Up? Newsflash White Men and Asian Women Couples: The Date Indicates that Eurasians are FUCKED UP

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If your mother savagely hated Asian men or just didn’t find them attractive, and your own father gives no shits about the welfare of non-white men, or Asian men, what will happen to a son, especially one raised between two cultures and primarily outside of any culture that would accept him? ESPECIALLY an Asian looking son who knows both his own mother and father hated or disregarded Asian men?

Answer the question! It makes no logical sense.

Illicit Drug Use

1.The total multiracial population (AAPI and non-AAPI) uses illicit substances at very high rates:

    • Sixty percent (60%) have used an illicit substance in their life. This is the second highest of any racialgroup, just below the 61% for American Indians / Alaskan Natives (NSDUH, 2003).
    • The multiracial population has the highest rate of lifetime use of any racial group for marijuana(55%), cocaine (21.7%), crack cocaine (6.7%), heroin (3.6%), LSD (14.1%), PCP (4%), ecstasy (8%),

      and several other less frequently used drugs (NSDUH, 2003).

    • Multiracial youth are more likely than other youth to take part in deliberate self-harm and to have suicidal thoughts (Samaritans, 2003)
    • Multiracial Asian American adolescents are twice as likely as mono-racial Asian American adolescents to drink. They are three times as likely to get drunk on a regular basis (Udry, 2003).
    • During the last year, almost 50% of all multiracial Vietnamese-American adolescents (grades 7-12) got drunk, compared to only 12.9% of mono-racial Vietnamese-Americans (Price, 2002).
    • Only 83% of total male multiracial youth (AAPI and non-AAPI) say their parents would strongly disapprove of them drinking one or more alcoholic beverages per day, a lower rate than any other racial group (NSDUH, 2003).
    • Among total multiracial men (AAPI and non-AAPI), lifetime DUI rates (22.5%) and twelve month DUI arrest rates (5%) are higher than rates for men of any other racial group (Caetano, 2005).

17 thoughts on “So I’m Just Making This Up? Newsflash White Men and Asian Women Couples: The Date Indicates that Eurasians are FUCKED UP

  1. I hate my father, my brother who live in France, but I don’t see them any more since 2000. They are violent, paranoia, they often hear voices, they hate asian women, they are sadic, they love porn films with violence.
    My father wanted to make love with me, he told me. I am lucky, I have never been raped.
    My brother heard voices, he said my mother I wanted to make love with him, but I don’t like my father, I don’t like him.

    But I love my grandfather, my uncles, my cousins, etc… but they live in Viet Nam. All my asian women prefer asian men (they live in Viet Nam).


    • Let me ask you something. You live in Europe, in France. Europe is undergoing turmoil. The time will come when you and your family will be judged for race and treated accordingly. Your children will find that Asia remains one of the last safe places on earth. Your daughters will be accepted… But a Eurasian son? Asians view you as a traitor. Nothing else.

      The world doesn’t operate on principles of love. It operates on principles of survival. Now tell me… How will any Eurasian deprived of identity and race survive the coming turmoil?


      • There are many people in Europe who are neither white nor muslim(btw you can be both), e.g. Black Christians, Jews etc.

        If you play your cards right you can become very powerful in the coming chaos. Check out my site for interesting religious views. A Romanian had an e-mail exchange with me about this, and Robert Stark considered interviewing me. Trust God. Hell is eternal.


  2. How can I explain to asian men that asian women don’t hate them. Those who hate them are not feminist. They have been influenced by white men to want them to show they hate asian men, but it is not the truth.

    Asian women don’t care about asian men/white men/black men/latino men… who prefer others women than asian women. We are not jealous.

    There are a lot of eurasians who are both accepted by the Whites and the Asians :
    Hideo Muraoka
    Piolo Pascual
    Will Yun Lee
    Daniel Henney
    Won Bin
    Russel Wong
    Enrique Iglesias (half Filipino), Karruech Tran (half Vietnamese), Keanu Reeves (half Chinese from Hawaii), Kristin Kreuk (half Chinese), Mylène Jampanoï (half Chinese), Anne-Solenne Hatte (half Vietnamese), Casandra Brown (half korean), Cindy Kurleto (half Filipina), Daniel Cloud Campos (half Filipino), Michelle Branch (half Filipina), Nina Brosh (half Chinese), Christina Chang (half Chinese), China Chow (half Chinese), Sonia Couling (half Thai), Lee Ann d’Alexandry (half Chinese), Emm Gryner (half Chinese), Hoku Ho (half Chinese), Sandrine Holt (half Chinese), Kelly Hu (half Chinese), Loan Mas (half Vietnamese), Jennifer Tilly (half Chinese), Sanoe Lake (half Chinese), Shannon Lee (half Chinese), Brandon Lee (half Chinese), Olivia Lufkin (half Japanese), Jane March (half Vietnamese), Vanessa Minnillo (half Filipina), Maile Misajon (half Filipina), Karen Mok, Megan Young (half Filipina), Nat Myria Benedetti (half Thai), Alina Nakashima (half Japanese), Donita Rose (half Filipina), Lina Teoh (half Chinese), Rosemary Vanderbroucke (half Chinese), Alexa Young (half Chinese)


    • LMAO the majority of these people have Asian fathers or are women!

      Are you dense or are you completely missing the point?

      Many Asian women ONLY believe white men are worthy of them – what does that tell the son? Tell me honestly, what message does that send the son?

      No matter what you try to convince me with it simply does not ever, EVER, EVER change the complete, undeniable fact that my very own mother, the person I should have trusted more than anyone in the world, valued whiteness… how the FUCK am I ever supposed to overcome that?

      The only Hapas you see as successful in real life either look totally white or have managed to somehow “move on” from their pain…. the whole thing is bullshit and nihilistic and you know it.


    • You’ll never know the pain of loss, the loss of a parent, the loss of identity, the loss of trust. The loss of community. You’ll never know this.


      • My husband wanted to have a son, so did I.

        As I said, I wish I was 75 % Asian and 25 % European. I would be more beautiful.
        I don’t know how is to be an Eurasian. But I think my children are happy like others children.
        Everybody has a hereditary disease. But anyone wants to talk about his disease(s).
        I also have a hereditary disease, although I am not Eurasian.

        – How do you look like ? An Asian, a western man, an Eurasian ?
        – Don’t you have a community to support you ?
        – Don’t you have any asian friends nor european friends ?
        – Who do you want to marry ? An asian woman, a western woman ?
        – Who do you prefer to be ? An Asian man or a western man ?

        You are scholar, but if you have a problem with asian women, should I tell you to see a psy ? Not because you are mental ill, but sometimes, everybody needs to talk about his problems with a psy. Maybe you will be better.
        When my father told me he wanted to have sex with me, I was surprised, I thought I misunderstood him, but he repeated he wanted to do that with me.
        I complained to the police. There have been a trial, he was sentenced.
        Then a social worker told me to see a psychologist, but I never wanted to see a psy.
        In the end, my brother told my mother that I wanted to have sex with him. He said that to discredit me. He admires his father, but because of me my parents divorced.

        You and I have not the same opinion, but I am not against all asian men, nor eurasian men. Even if I hate my father and my brother.

        I saw a lot of asian men who were good, but I was not a good girl. So I lost all asian friends, not all because of me. Now I just have white friends who are the friends of my husband, all of them are men, it is not the same stuff.

        If I can help you, don’t hesitate to write me. I will answer you. I think talking can make you feel better.


  3. I don’t get what your point is,Kimberlite Tran the Eurasian Writer has the right to say what he thinks and feels! HE IS NOT CRAZY!! he is real !!!

    And he has some great points, that are deep FACTS !!

    Asian women pick white men for they’re whiteness you can’t say that’s wrong!!!!

    I lived in Asian and EU, I see it every day !!!!!

    The Asian women I know ask me to find them, WHITE MEN now I am back in London,

    to marry. The Asian women say just a white man please !!!

    Asian women “REWARDED WHITE PRIVILEGE” it is a FACT !!

    Eurasian Writer say’s “ ONLY believe white men are worthy of them”

    FACT Kim please just look deep in your mind or heart you know Eurasian Writer is 100% right!

    Kimberlite Tran you picked your man cos he was WHITE!! look deep in your heart don’t lie.

    The problem, in this case is Asian women do not want to openly say “ I value whiteness over everything”

    Eurasian Writer is not CRAZY he does not need to talk to someone about this !!

    What he is saying in reagrds to AW +WM is all FACTS !!

    Look I live in London I see it every day !! I have Asian friends we all know the Eurasian Writer is right, it’s not a big thing this so old news!

    Asian women “REWARDED WHITE PRIVILEGE” it’s a FACT !!

    Asian women pick white men just for being white it’s a FACT !!

    I have dated Asian women all my life every one of them has told me they will marry any white men here in England; if he has a good job better, but the whiteness is the key they feel to a new life a better life over all other Asians.

    Look kim the Asian women I have dated have told me if they can’t get a white man then they will go for the top Asain man, one of my EX talks to her now Asian husband like shit.

    She could not find any white guy to marry so now back with her ex in HK was getting old 27 for an Asian women to not marry, her husband Asian guy knows he is second pick, she still talks to all us guys in back in London lol its so wrong, alot of Asian guys know they are the second pick

    Look… Kimberlite Tran you need grow up, or go and get help or talk to someone your, crazy comments are out of this world !!!!

    Look come to London other Asian women will tell you to your face it’s all about just getting a white guy! To be become white !! in London we are real like New York no BS here!

    If you look white or are half white you go up in London you get jobs etc everyone knows this!!

    the world system KIM for marrage(jobs) under white PRIVILEGE

    White men

    Asian men

    Blacks men

    Asian women deeply REWARDED WHITE PRIVILEGE to move up! But in the end get nothing! Lol

    It’s a life FACT in the EU

    Kimberlite Tran don’t be dumb

    You’r with your man cos he is white !! and thats ok but dont make out it was love, its was his whiteness =power END

    To marry a white guy you did look down on or away from Asian men and Black men etc !!

    We all DO IN THE EU!!


  4. Sorry for the missed words etc in the above post, I was just so mad at Kimberlite Tran BS comments this is the EU white = power so women will go to the power its wrong, but this is life! you do what you need to, but please women like Kimberlite Tran don’t lie and don’t have SON’s END


    • The bottom line is: stop. lying.

      The end result is that as awful as people think I am, I’m a product of this kind of couple. And ultimately someone a lot worse than me will appear.


    • No, “Eurasian writer” is not crazy, he is very scholar… I am sad for him, for those who are sad : eurasians, asians, etc…

      Yes, I admit asian women prefer white men, then eurasian men.

      No, I don’t think white english men (in England) marry asian women, they marry east indian women, they are asian but not asians like me.


      • Oh Kim that’s a start you can say you prefer white men , why is that ?

        Kim your husband looks like a pussy !! come to England …..I will do you well !! lol i need to start work !!! talk soon !! I will take your sister if not you !! hahah


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