A Challenge to My Readers:

Observe Eurasians in real life.

Observe their behavior; observe their reactions to being called Asians.

Also observe their reaction to saying “of course your dad is white.”

Also observe the numerous amount of single, gay, or just plain forever alone Eurasians out there.

Until the age of 22-23, this is doable; the constant lies fed to them by their parents that race doesn’t matter is enough to bide their time, until early adulthood, where they can still hold onto the hope that they can achieve true equality in the dating world, and in the real world.

But most of all I challenge you to really observe the ones you know and consider it in light of what I am writing on this website.

Remember: pain can be subdued with enough psychotherapy of comforting talk; but biological reality? Can that really be subdued, ever?

Again, I ask any Eurasian person or even a white person reading this blog: why are Asian women so adamant about finding white men? What is the issue here?

41 thoughts on “A Challenge to My Readers:

    • You’re White husband sees you as “Superior” for one of several reasons (probably more):
      If you look at most White men you will see that they find Asian women as an alternative to two types of White women (that are growing in numbers) that White men avoid like the plague. First are bitchy aggressive feminists, white men hate these white women more than the KKK hates black people. Second are White women who date black men this triggers their inferiorty complex. So compared to angry, manly white women, a growing number of white men are gravitating to quiet, shy and feminine asian women. You are his back up plan in leiu of White women.


      • My husband has always preferred a woman a little placid, diplomat, feminine. He avoids women who are hysterical, who complains all the time.
        But he has a strong character, he is not shy.


  1. The challenge is yours just as it is for every other person on this planet – never mind what color.
    Just a hint for you, it starts with getting over yourself and your self loathing.


    • I’m not self loathing. I’m self loving.

      I have nothing for hate for the people who worship whiteness, and that starts at home. That starts in my own home.

      That starts with every fucking couple out there that chose to define ME by buying into the structure that rewards whiteness.

      Making videos is one thing. Positivity is another thing. I prefer to burn the whole fucking thing to the ground, one by one, couple by couple.


      • Only 26, so full of hatred and think you know all there is to know in this world?

        The white man who thinks he is superior doesn’t have to mean anything to you, he is creating his reality and you’re buying into it. No wonder your so oppressed, as they say there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.


  2. You think that what you see is the real world, but its just your version of it and its ugly and full of hatred so that naturally is all you are perpetuating with this site.
    None of it is true, except for those that believe it.

    I am a white passing man, I don’t see myself as superior and I certainly don’t see anyone else as below me whatever their ethnicity.


    • Now we’re talking semantics; your word against mine. The only difference is I have actual scientific date to back up what I’m saying. You have the “white word of mouth;” which unless you’re willing to relinquish your white face, you are undeserving of the title of being objective.


      • Every one of us has faced prejudice, there’s nothing special or unique about you.
        I am white passing, from white trash stock finishing school at 15 and lived in Asia for 24 years. I face deeply racist attitudes on a daily basis. So what, the way I look at it, it says more about them than it does me.
        You have had a privileged start to life, drop the attitude, get over yourself and take advantage of everything that you have going for you.
        You aren’t you biological make up.


      • I also strongly suspect you’re not hapa or that you’re AMWF hapa because of your refusal to acknowledge these points.


      • I don’t refuse any of your points, I just refuse for them to define anyone as you are hell bent on doing. You’ve found yourself an axe to grind and be unhappy with the world about.
        But I take up your challenge and say it doesn’t make you special or different to anyone else, including the most privileged among us, its called being human, welcome to the club!

        The perfect lives you judge others to have is for the most part BS. If you look closely you can see all the insecurities of the apparently most successful people in the world. What ever their color, everyone is fighting a battle of acceptance in this world.


      • You don’t understand. The point of this blog started out as a suicide note. At that point when I began it I recognized that being Asian was a cardinal sin. A flaw; there was zero I could do to negate this feeling when so many Asian women think the same. I wanted to do good in this world starting out but eventually I just learned that doing good doesn’t matter. It. Does. Not. Matter.

        You know what matters? Race matters.

        I would much rather never have been born than born under the circumstances that I was. I actually have to care for my 32 virgin brother who is essentially s child now in his mind, destroyed by his mother and father, and essentially guaranteed to die alone and unemployed.

        The absolute worst thing about being Eurasian, despite being good looking or educated or funny or charming, all of which I am describe as in real life, is that ultimately we all get lumped in with other Asians; women make no distinction between good looking Asians and good looking Eurasians, and reject them in part.

        But most importantly is that I have no community. I’ve never felt at home anywhere. My father’s poverty had us moving from house to house; my friends rejected me for being white, my other friends treat me like shit for being Asian, I can’t trust my father since he has zero practical life experience in this regard, my mother, if she were alive, would be untrustworthy too, for abandoning her own culture and men who look like me. My Chinese family is composed of brutally greedy status climbers and my white family is both incredibly small and incredibly old and decrepit.

        Everyone has problems, I agree. And the point of this blog isn’t to find pity.

        It’s to literally beg people, on my knees, to consider who it is they love, WHY they love them, if their love is genuine, if the woman’s love is genuine for them (the biggest issue here; women lie, a lot), and if the cards are not all in place, don’t have kids. The world doesn’t need more broken people. It needs a lot less.

        Look at Eurasians. We supposedly had so much potential but so many of us are so devastated emotionally and spiritually that some of us are actually acting like monsters. These aren’t the magical fucking Eurasian master race kids anymore. They’re savages. And why? What happened?


  3. Thank you for your honest sharing.

    What matters isn’t race, what matters is what you believe matters and if that’s race, then it matters. But only to you and or others who have made that decision, until they or you change your mind that something else matters.
    That’s how it is to be human, we even go to war or send our kids to war and sacrifice our lives for something we believe matters but we rarely have the presence of mind to see that its just belief and we decided to believe in it till it killed us.

    Your ideas and beliefs aren’t “you”, they’re just beliefs and they come and go as you decide. Rather than kill yourself, why not kill your belief?


    • “What matters isn’t race.”

      But it does matter.

      What we tell ourselves and what the world does, is two different things.

      We can’t expect to idly sit by and just let the world be the world.

      I’m trying to actually change that.


    • Don’t lie race matters in life !!! where I lived in China I saw white men with no college / uni getting jobs over Asians and others, in London I have a white mate he just passed the BSc with a very low mark !! he is on 30k I have an Asian mate he got top marks but is on 24k and he has an MSC!!! its real …….race matters in life !!! he can’t kill his belief cos there 100% right !! he should not kill himself but FIGHT back !! and say it like it is !!! the Eurasian Writer can show you people …with this blog and maybe a book in time to come mmmm


  4. “so many of us are so devastated emotionally and spiritually that some of us are actually acting like monsters”

    In recognizing this in yourself, you have two choices, either to be a victim of your circumstances or to heal and cultivate yourself. Your parents set the bar pretty low, now as an adult why should that determine your life?


    • “In recognizing this in yourself, you have two choices, either to be a victim of your circumstances or to heal and cultivate yourself.”

      My purpose in life is to expose these issues and help other Eurasians who are suffering. And it’s working. As you can see at the beginning of this website it was mostly just emotional talk but thanks to the response I’ve been getting I’ve been delving deeper into the issues, and actually uncovering more and more skeletons each day. You’d be surprised the shit we’re all digging up.

      The founder of Hapas.com, for example, is a MTF transvestite. I would say this is an isolated case but it mirrors exactly the sexual value of male Eurasians to the extent that this is happening at an unusually pronounced rate in our demographic. I was going to make a post on that soon.

      Very few things in life are coincidental. I firmly believe in the butterfly effect and how nature dictates things in ways we can’t understand yet.


      • I believe in what you say, but you have to be strong like the half africans half whites. They also suffer from racism. But they prefer to fight to live, they don’t care about the others. And in that sense, they win, and those who hate them lose.


    • I don’t have white friends (women), but I am not sad. I don’t need them, they won’t make me more integrated into french society.

      I know all children need their parents’ love, especially the sons, because boys are sensitive, whereas girls are stronger.
      Even if you hate asian women like me, I wish I could console you like a little boy who needs his mother.


      • Terrorism in Paris. The white dream is over. Will whiteness be able to protect you? As I said, now is the Asian century and where will your children fit in all that during the chaos?


  5. KIM be safe over there!(I did ask you to come to London) “The white dream is over” this is real !! on the tv etc… here you got White people going crazy in England lolol saying “Asians etc need to go ” KIM I hope you see the hate white people have for others !!! I hope you can see what white men are about !!! ….. Anyway I am out of the EU this is all crazy…. time to travel … soon this terrorism BS has nothing to do with a guy like me …. Kim come with me, you will be safe with me, and I can help open your mind! Your white husband can’t help you now, that dream is OVER haha lolol.all jokes aside be,safe kim.


  6. My God the things people are saying on London radio…. this race thing is real and all the people saying that it does not matter are crazy !! we need to talk about race more in the right way !! we need more guys like Eurasian Writer in these times !!


      • You’re a terrible human being. Does he know this? You ADMIT that you only care about color, imagine if you had a half Asian son. Jesus Christ. You really are as bad as I thought you were. I’m sorry. Don’t have a son.


      • No, I don’t care about color, since I told you I would not mind to marry a Native American, an Eurasian, a White man…

        I was sad I didn’t have a son, but now I don’t mind. I won’t make another baby, because I will be very sick.


      • Kim I know your a white male ! you hate this blog so much!! your a white male or a very stupid Asian girl !! just go on with your WHITE life i think your a sick person ! leave him to write !!


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