About the Content of this Site

I try to achieve an “absolute” truth about the reality of the world. Many people are unable to conceptualize it since they are largely influenced in their pattern of thought by their parents; hence, since my parents have been largely absent for the majority of my life my observations and critiques come from one of realism and out of necessity in survival. They are also influenced in their patterns to avoid stress and pain, because that is human, no, animal nature; largely because my entire life has been pain I think that I am actually drawn to it and feel a comfort in it.

To this date no one has come on this website and offered any other argument other than “you are whiny;” and the others just rely on, “this is true, but why dwell on it.”

dwell on it because I want to know. 

I don’t believe in coincidence and WMAW is not one. If it’s indicative of something much worse about the reality of human nature I want to know and this information could essentially make or break both me and the reader.

18 thoughts on “About the Content of this Site

  1. Mate look… I have traveled … I have been to a lot of places, everything you say is 100% on point !! if others do not see that F@@K them! you know this.

    I have never read anything like your blog from an Asian / half Asian person, you’re real !!!

    I have never met an Asian that understood race and life, manhood like you, you put down in a very easy way anyone can understand, anyway mate I like your work..

    You know the game, so now ….. it’s just what you going to do ?! how are you going to play THIS bro …..(I will keep reading your site its so real)

    If I was you I would go for the white girl that’s crazy about…… Asia type!! you know that type….


    You got to do something…..

    Bro pick, up that white girl haha

    I don’t date white women but you can bro !!!!! and she will look up to you !!! in China I met this White she loves Asian man and black ONLY no white guys, she knows what most white men are about.

    I love you site, keep it up !1 say the absolute truth as you do !!! real people know…. your say all facts!!

    I have only met one have half white and Asian guy in London I give him a job he was 18, he was real LIKE YOU!! his dad was Asian and mum white he had some demons around race etc (we all do)he told me a lot and asked me a lot of questions he was a good kid, he was real and open !!! ……. his dad is a strong… man he took them back to Japan, last thing I was told…… anyway you and him are real !!!

    In all the time I have had been around Asians / half Asians you SIR have, said it like it is.!!!!

    The TRUTH!!!!!!

    PS: don’t even waste time on the Asian women that say your site is a lie, I have dated Asian women all my life in England and China and they full of it haha!!, one thing I know deeply Asian women do look down on Asian guys and others(99% maybe 1% open mind) but the point is its bad the things I have seen happen to Asian guy by Asian women in the name of WHITENESS.


      • That’s not the point. The point is that Asian women repeatedly prove that Asian men are inferior by their actions and I am reminded of this constantly when I leave the house. What pride do I get in being Eurasian?


      • KIM reading your comments and posts on the web , made me forget how to write etc, your comments are so so stupid ! your white husband has to love you, cos your so dumb!! Asian women that are dumb like you are easy to pull !! your fun for a time but I would not marry your type of dumb ! one to three nights of fun ! hahah look KIM grow up !!


    • If you cannot understand why a Eurasian would have poor self esteem when Asian women would pick the ugliest white man over a decent Asian man, then you’ve got severe problems and you don’t deserve to be a mother to Eurasian sons.


      • My husband is not ugly. He is very handsome.
        But anyway, I didn’t chose him just because he is handsome. But we are like 2 twins. We have the same mindset when we talk about all (religion : we are atheist, politic : we are like 2 drops, we are like the same individual).


  2. Oh KIM I love your type ! you just don’t get the game !! I love you !! do you have a sister ?? haha oh.. I need to pick up another Asian women you girls are fun !!! …… time for work !!


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