Some words of advice to white men and Asian woman couples. From a Eurasian son.

Life is different for people depending on your race. The things you adore might no longer be available to you were you not the race you were.
The fact is that if you are white, even unremarkable, you still are able to achieve things that an ordinary man of another race can never in a lifetime. It’s offensive to some but undeniable.

When you have a son, you are relinquishing all of this. He will be unable to achieve the things that came naturally to you unless he is top tier; and even top tier Asian men are disfavored, well, for you.

This is just a fact of life. Some people are able to manage, while others act out in ways that seem strange to you, as we are doing.

But unless you are willing to put yourself in the shoes of an Asian man I strongly suggest not having children.

The agony of realizing through ones own parents that racial hierarchies exist is very thorough, very debilitating, and very vicious.

Down voting, denial, insults and claims that “my son will be fine” changes nothing about this fact. It remains consistent across all political spectrums and all walks of life.

I’m starting to think that the only way to actually achieve any notice is to end my life; and this seems ultimately inevitable it’s better to write my reasons why now, so that I do not need to compile them later. 

Even one death, someone who has accomplished much as a writer and artist and tried my best to be a good person, would be enough, particularly with my family and educational background what it is. There is nothing that has eroded my spirit more than the idea that races have different values and I suggest all couples reexamine themselves before having children. 

Yes, I am actually ransoming off my life, to anonymous people I don’t know, for the simple price of admitting the truth. 

3 thoughts on “Some words of advice to white men and Asian woman couples. From a Eurasian son.

  1. Even if life can be harder for Eurasians, Asians, if you end your life, it means the others Whites, etc… would win, and you would lose.
    I think if you let the others win everything is sad.
    I also suffer from a little racism from the French, of course the French are not very racist, but
    – they prefer their white co workers
    – most of them prefer white women
    but I won’t let them to win all they want.
    After my last childbirth, I was so sick, I wanted to die. I still suffer from my hereditary genetic disease, but anyone can see my disease,
    I live for my children, for my husband, for my sisters, for my mother, for my family in Viet Nam. I live because I love them.

    If asian women like your mother let you bad souvenir, and if white men like your father let you bad moments, you can leave them like shit, you have to go with white women, eurasian women, they are beautiful, adorable.


  2. Dear you,

    I agree. I agree that many interracial relationships are born of hate, not love, and it boggles me how people can say and do the things they do without thinking of their future children.

    I agree. I have friends in WMAF relationships who say the things you say they say, who are angry with me when I suggest they probe themselves deeper, who I have distanced myself from because the things they say and do make me so uncomfortable I want nothing to do with them as people.

    I agree.

    And I am an Asian woman in a WMAF relationship.

    I can feel you shuddering, but wait. Please. Please don’t judge me yet. Let me say I’ve been hyperaware of these issues for many years, before my relationship even began. I am not against interracial relationships, but I wish people would examine themselves before entering one. I met my husband through friends, work, mutual interests in humanities and literature, and other Asian women actually criticized him because, although he is educated, intelligent, good-looking, hardworking, and has many Asian male friends who he admires and respects (a key to judging your man’s character – his friends), he is short and dark-haired and Jewish. They told me to find a tall one, since I myself am tall. They told me to find a WASP. They told me to find one with blue eyes so I could have blue-eyed babies. Apparently they don’t understand regressive and dominant genes.

    My husband and I talk about these issues, have always talked about these issues. Another key to a healthy interracial relationship, I think – being able to discuss these things. When we felt confident that we mutually respected each other and each other’s cultures, we decided to have kids. We knew very well our kid would be Asian, probably look more Asian, so first, we moved back to my hometown in Asia, to be surrounded by a loving, supportive network that includes many strong Asian men who will be role models for our child. Also, we agreed that our children would have my surname. This was something I felt very, very strongly about.

    And other WMAF couples criticize our choices. One told me she coudn’t believe I didn’t want to live in the West. Another told me I was emasculating my husband by not giving our kids his name, even though it was my husband’s decision too. I try to explain it’s more about cultural identity than feminism; that our son can be Jewish and accepted into the Reform Judaism community with any surname – and my husband’s surname isn’t even Jewish in the first place – but having a Chinese surname will help a lot with his feelings of acceptance and belonging in our local community here. But they still call me crazy.

    So here we are, living in Asia, with a son who carries my Chinese last name. A son who looks like me one day, and his father the next, and we don’t know who he will grow up to resemble more. A son who loves his daddy and grandpa and uncle and jabbers in multiple languages. We’re doing our best to ensure he doesn’t grow up to be like you, that he gets a different environment, and different role models. I know I can’t guarantee anything, but I hope the fact that I am aware of and acknowledge the possible problems will help prevent them.

    We feel lonely sometimes. I have no other Asian female friends in WMAF relationships who made these choices; I actually feel more kinship with AMWF couples, and have more friends in those relationships.

    Maybe you dislike me anyway, despite my efforts to have a healthy relationship and do right by my kid. I just wanted to share my story, to share that I exist. And to hope to the bottom of my heart you don’t hurt yourself.


    • Actions speak louder than words. And unfortunately the words AND actions of Asian women these days is enough to debilitate many Eurasian men.


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