Stop Listing Philipino Hapas as “Successful Eurasians”

For whatever reason it looks like whenever there’s a successful Hapa listed, 9/10 times his mother is Philipino.

I was trying to think why, and I honestly do think that this is because the women in the Philippines are so poor that out marriage is there only option to survival, not hatred.

It’s totally different from guys with mothers who actively look at avoid Asian men totally and spend their youth chasing white men and demeaning Asian men. This seems to be the Chinese / Korean and maybe Japanese category.

4 thoughts on “Stop Listing Philipino Hapas as “Successful Eurasians”

  1. I know some Eurasians want to be treated as white men/women,
    some Eurasians want to be treated as Eurasians,
    and some Eurasians want to be treated as Asians.
    It depends on their look, their education.

    If some want to be treated as white men/women, of course, we don’t have to compare them to the others Asians, etc…


  2. The Philippines also tends to be a more “melting pot” race mixed group, culturally as well.

    They aren’t a “pure” asian culture.

    Essentially it’s like listing a successful relationship between a white male and a eurasian female in the “WMAF” categories for children.

    Or maybe; they simply aren’t tiger moms.


  3. No, I’m from the Philippines and I can tell you women there are the same as anywhere else in whitewashed Asia. Yes, the poverty-survival thing exists, but due to the Spanish colonization shit, a large number of Pinoys idolize mestizos and you can see fellow (might I add ‘and only attractive’) hapas dominating showbiz.

    If you want to really evaluate WHY it is that Filipino hapas appear to be more ‘successful’, well it’s frankly because Philippines is a much more Westernized Asian country then say, China or Taiwan. Especially Taiwan and Japan, they also have the idolizing hafu shit (hafu is what the Japs call hapas), but they’re more closed off in a way because the emphasis is on Mandarin and Japanese as the mode of communication versus a mixture of 70% Tagalog and 30% English here.

    Btw I’m female and hapa. A byproduct of WMAF, and I ENTIRELY agree with what I’ve read so far. Kudos for having the guts to speak the truth that people have realized but are denying from themselves, and for substantiating what fellow hapas like myself have always felt, but couldn’t put into words.


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