Why Politics Mean Nothing to a Eurasian

Why do Asian women love white men? Is it because Asian men are unattractive? Is it because Asian men are patriarchal assholes?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter; the outcome is the same. A Eurasian male. Having children and giving them a good life goes well beyond being able to have mutual attraction and having sex; and even if the mutual attraction is structured as such because of biological or political reasons, the fact remains that the child is still stuck with the outcome of being an Eurasian male (and more often than not, an ASIAN LOOKING MALE) born to a man and woman who cared little for the issues of Asian men. 

There is no amount of taunting, coping, word-weaving, politicizing, or double speak that changes a simple biological fact.

The son of a plaid shirt wearing, bearded vegan and an Asian female hippie, and the son of an American GI and a Vietnamese prostitute, and the son of Mormon and a Korean adoptee, and the son of a sexpat and a Shanghainese gold digger have absolutely nothing in common politically other than the fact that we all have mothers who for some reason or another disfavored Asian men in favor of white men, yet we are not white. (On top of all of us probably being born by C-section).

  • The typical argument of Asian women is: “I don’t date Asian men because they are patriarchal, controlling and / or boring.”

A Eurasian is still regarded as an Asian man by society. Bitterness is usually the result of being treated in a certain way despite ones ability to object to or defy his labelling; i.e., Asian men probably grow bitter as a result of being automatically discarded as genetically unfit for dating / marriage / reproduction.

An Asian woman’s refusal to see Asian men as individuals is offensive to a Eurasian as the Eurasian himself is an individual and will find himself facing the same prejudice regardless of his individual character. 

I.e., an Asian woman will date white men because they are universally more attractive yet claim that it is because of the negative attitude of Asian men that cultivates their preference. It is convenient that claims of “negative attitude” exist also in tandem with the universal belief that Asian men are the least attractive.

  • Eurasians are in the same boat as /r/AsianMasculinity or try-hard Asian men.

The unconscious bias that the reader has already leveled on Asian men (those attempting to subvert associations of Asian-Maleness with non-masculinity), a bias that he has well before he has children or before he even reads this, has already been leveled on a Eurasian man, despite his mother’s attempt at creating a more masculine son, via the “Sexy Son Hypothesis.” I.e, white men and Asian women find the denigration of Asian men humorous or even erotic until they have children, where after they attempt to install the belief that personality can overcome ones genetic pitfalls.

Despite white men and Asian women formulating relationships to the chagrin of Asian men, who they immediately dismiss as being bitter or jealous, the biological fact remains consistent across all political spectrums and walks of life: we are all Eurasian men born to white fathers, the vast majority of time.

  • Eurasians are representative of the mixed Utopian future.

Yet somehow we all got here with interracial relationships following such particular and predictable patterns.

Again, two Eurasians may have absolutely nothing in common with each other. One may, in fact, look totally Asian, while another may look totally white (the latter of which would have little issue dating, myself included, but whose parental relationship was destroyed by its perverse nature). One may have a totally racist father who savagely hated Asian men yet married an Asian woman, while one may have a meek Christian church-goer and an Asian wife who may or may not have admitted to herself that the quality of white man she could marry was higher than the quality of Asian man she could get.

The common ground is universal. We Eurasians are left without a family that had any normative instruction for raising or providing a decent explanation for a Eurasian son as to why Asian men are routinely faced with racism and denigration, even from Asian women.

We are then left to ourselves to figure it out, and it becomes clear that it is an incredibly complex issue that can only be surmised as being the result of biological reality that makes Asian men repulsive as a whole.

Politics are just empty talk to cover up a much worse reality, and even looking to major universities where Asian women hold tenure as Professors of Ethnic Studies, yet all bear Western last names, to realize that being Eurasian isn’t special.

It’s merely the natural result of evolution, and a horrible one at that.

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