The Asian Gender War and Why Eurasians are still Screwed

Asian men obviously get angry at Asian women dating out. Understandable since Asian men have little recourse in the modern world in terms of dating.

Obviously it has come up more than one that I’m possibly full Asian.

I respond with:

A) First of all, people who are racist enough to make distinctions, don’t bother between halves and full. For the longest time I literally thought I was white (I posted on Stormfront for Christ’s sake) but was told repeatedly to my face, “you’re an Asian,” “you look kind of Asian,” “you have a very Asian vibe going on, do you wear glasses,” “I don’t really like Asian guys,” “I only like white guys,” etc., despite me literally being identified as white by less discerning people. So I’m expected to just be happy being half Asian and having a mother who thought Asian men were ugly / unworthy, etc.

B) Often times, people who are racist (and yes, having racial preferences is racist) make shitty parents; so this doesn’t change the reality that many Eurasians are born with open racists, fetishists, and complete disconnect from both sides. How the HELL could this possibly be denied in the sake of claiming that I’m full Asian? Does it change this fundamental point that being Eurasian deprives one of a healthy community and healthy self esteem?

C) Eurasians are literally supposed to sit there and believe claims of patriarchy, oppressiveness, essentially incited to believe that ALL Asian men are bad, while ALL white men are good, while Asian men are also curiously, coincidentally labeled as the least attractive men physically. Not to mention that it’s usually the worst kind of white guy who goes for Asian women.

D) In what world does it make sense for a Eurasian person to only take pride in one half of himself? In what world does it make sense for a Eurasian to take less pride in his Asian side because Asian men are routinely viewed as inferior? Most Eurasians’ problem is that they only take pride in their white side because they know that Asian men are undesirable and try to distance themselves; websites like this pop up when we fail and instead try to make sense of it. 

People are literally expecting Eurasian people to take pride in the fact that white men are better. That is LITERALLY what they’re asking – prove to me that it’s not. That’s why this website is apolitical, because at the end of the day, the shit doesn’t make any fucking sense *at all.*

4 thoughts on “The Asian Gender War and Why Eurasians are still Screwed

  1. Just came across your blog and I am disturbed by your general characterization of all White Male Asian Female relationships. I have definitely seen what you are talking about with some White Male Asian Female couples, but talk about stereotyping! You are doing the exact thing you claim others do to you. I am married to a Japanese woman (and we were both bilingual before we met). I sure as hell did not marry her because she was some stereotypical subservient person, and she sure as hell did not marry me because I am white or for materialistic reasons. She was a successful executive before we met and I am a professor. I was dating a German woman and she had only dated Japanese guys. She would have never even considered dating a foreigner and I spent a lot of time in Japan on business and had no interest in dating someone from there. Yet, we met by accident and fell in love. She didn’t reject “all Asian men” as you suggest all Asian women in these relationships do. In fact, my not being Japanese worked against me. I did not want to be with her because “she worshiped my whiteness” as you suggest, but rather because she is smart, tough, and funny. Additionally, I don’t know what Ivy league school you went to, but on my campus I see many Asian and Eurasian men dating white and Asian women. In fact, until I read your blog I had never stopped to think about it. Maybe what you point out is more common in some Asian countries, but please stop stereotyping all Asian women dating White men and all Eurasian men. Every Asian country is different and within every country are millions of individuals with different ideas. It seems you are allowing your personal experiences to vastly generalize and stereotype. With that said, I share your disdain for people who objectify men or women because they are Asian, White, Eurasian, etc… rather than looking at the individual.


    • You may find yourself the exception but are being disingenuous in suggesting these couples don’t exist; and when they do? Is this some noble thing?


    • Frank, what you just wrote was a total lie. You’re just putting out propaganda. You’re not telling the whole truth. A word of advice, people aren’t stupid!


      • Yeah, actually people are stupid. Which is essentially why nobody is willing to face the uncomfortable truths about society. People don’t realize that people will lie to themselves, to their partners and to their children in order to justify their own choices… But having grown up in a cradle of everything wrong with human beings I’m not so naive as to believe everyones’ behavior is merely coincidental.


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