Another Psychotic Eurasian Breakdown from 2012

For a group of supposedly well-rounded, intelligent Eurasians, what causes this kind of breakdown?

The Chinese mom of Eurasian murderer Thomasdinh “Dinh” Bowman says she blames herself for his crimes. His white father, Thom Bowman said “We will carry this burden with us the rest of our lives.”

Again, I expect to hear the usual: “not all Eurasians are serial killers.” Of course not. But healthy relationships produce healthy people. The White male / Asian female coupling is promoted as being healthy and progressive – but in actuality, what is progressive about a woman outright refusing to consider Asian men as partners and overvaluing whiteness to the point that she MUST have a white man, or bust?

Eurasians have long been held up as being the pinnacle of beauty, intelligence, and talent, but who exactly has fabricated this generalization? The answer: Asian women, seeking to justify their overwhelming preference for white men, and looking to self-define their inevitable offspring as being better as a result; both better than full Asians (which they seek escape from), and better than full whites, which they want to believe as a mechanism to rationalize their sense of inferiority (to whiteness), and superiority (i.e., that she was able to “take a white man from a white woman.”

There are tall, good looking Eurasians out there, yes. There are successful Eurasians too. There are “good” WM/AW couples too. But the bar is set incredibly low. For all of them that are tall, handsome, and get halo-effected from their height alone, there are twice as many who don’t benefit from this. There are twice as many with racist parents raising them.

But ultimately, what we have is: two people who (generally) are together for repugnant reasons (the man for easy sex and the feeling of being worshipped for his race and rewarded for being a white male; the woman for the benefit of hypergamy, or marrying into a race she feels as being superior), producing a child who looks fully or very or even a little bit Asian, who is stuck between worlds and reminded constantly of his low social worth by Asian women, including his own mother (a fact he tries strenuously to ignore or excuse).

My comments on this news story:

What is causing talented young Eurasians to kill?

Could it possible be the result of being told from birth that they are inferior to white men, even by their own parents?

How is this not true? How is it possible for a woman who firmly believes Asian men are unsuitable for marriage, to have a son who looks Asian? Someone come here, right now, and explain to me in a logical, sensible way, how this is possible.


My brother actually had a mental breakdown at age 29 too. He snapped at his day job stocking shelves and the police were called out of fear that he was getting violent. Even my uncle told me that he looked at my brother as the kind of the guy who would do a school shooting… and my brother is 100% unaware of anything Hapa related and loves my mom dearly.

I’m aware other races do this. But for a so called group of practically mythologized Eurasians, this is insane… and these are the ones we know about.


This seems like another case of pent up rage / confusion that manifests in ones 20’s causing one to snap suddenly and unpredictably. I don’t know if there’s a term for this; is it “amok?”

When he described his actions in the police report he said that he was like in a haze when he pulled the trigger and didn’t recognize what he was doing… he could be lying but this sounds like a psychotic breakdown. Again, similar to Matthew De Grood that went seemingly from a normal young man to a mass murderer within a span of three weeks.

What the hell is going on?

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