The ULTIMATE Collection of Links on the Reality of WM/AW Couples: READ BEFORE COMMENTING


Being biracial is an incredibly complex issue, especially considering when the majority of biracial people tend to fall along similar lines of parentage. It is oxymoronic for any bi-racial group to develop a healthy identity when it is saturated with latent implications of racial-gendered superiority and inferiority.

(In layman’s terms, do you really expect millions of Hapas, born overwhelmingly to parents who thought Asian men unattractive – let’s be honest, that’s what’s going on, and surrounded by Asian women who hate Asian men, are going to be normal?)

Hypothesis: The frequency of the relationships between White males and Asian women (as opposed to the infrequency of the relationship between Asian men and White women) is primarily based on the uniform higher status, higher economic standing or biological desirability of white men…


…the intentional or unintentional universal undesirability or lower status of Asian males – explaining the monumentally unbalanced interracial dating ratios. Eurasian sons, in particularly, are largely considered Asian men and fail to benefit from the social and sexual freedom (i.e., not being stereotyped as misogynist and / or asexual) their fathers had, unless they are extremely lucky, and live with the baggage of a peculiar kind of pairing that is weighed with heavy sociological implications.

Regardless of any politicized or non-politicized belief, politically correct or not, the fact remains from both empirical evidence provided by Eurasians (not by white men or Asian women), and data aggregated by /r/Hapas, that Eurasians are still constantly reminded that they are of less value than white men, even by women who will someday become future mothers to Asian looking Eurasian sons and even by the men who themselves are the fathers to Asian looking Eurasian sons.

This website is apolitical. There is no right, no left here, no red-pill, no blue-pill and no agenda other than discussing the very blatant bias, and even outright hatefulness, that women, even Asian women, and men, even White men in relationships with Asian women, display towards Asian men, and the effect it has on the well being of the Eurasian looking children, who are left asking: Why? Who are we? Why are we?

If Asian women prefer white men, for whatever reason – Eurasian men are left with nothing but: A) Myths about the beauty of Eurasians which only applies a fraction of the time, and B) Having to accept that their phenotype is universally unwanted, as expressed by key members of his own family, and C) Having to accept a secondary role in an unspoken racial hierarchy that is clearly evident to anyone who looks vaguely Asian, and D) Having to accept two people who harbored overt, latent, or even non-vocalized racist views as parents, and E) Reassurance from their parents that “they were not like that,” “colorblind,” when in fact society consistently reminds us that color matters, and lastly F) A false narrative written by non-Hapas.

First and foremost, External Websites:


Evidence of the very real hatred of Asian Men / preference for whiteness as displayed by Asian Women, that logically, directly attacks the well being and self esteem of male children from these relationship.

Evidence of the very real hatred of Asian men displayed by White Men in relationships with Asian women / Various Racist White Men Raising Eurasian Children.

On the fetishization / imbalance / stereotyping / anti-social behavior that occurs within the White Male / Asian woman relationships

On the high value of Asian women in Western society and the low value of Asian men in Western society, and how little concern is given to the plight of the children when both parties are immune to blatant discriminations.

How Asian Women Will Systematically Discriminate Against Asian Men, Until They Have Half Asian Sons and Try to Renege on Their Hatred

Data on self destructive and mental states of Eurasian people / Complications involving WMAW Pregnancies

Antisocial Hapas in the News

On the reality of looking Asian as a Eurasian male; Proof that White Looking Hapas Have Privilege

On the Subject of Eurasian Women and Their Sexualization / Fetishization by White Men

Various Hapas / Eurasians speaking the truth about WMAW relationships and being a Eurasian

Articles by Hapas with Asian fathers, as opposed to those with Asian mothers

Examples of posts from Hapas from Asian fathers and White Mothers Either Explaining the Differences or Condemning Hapas

Various Opinion Posts

White Women On /r/Hapas Expressing Concern for Half Asian Children, and Subsequent Discussion

Asian Women On /r/Hapas Expressing Concern for Half Asian Children, and Subsequent Discussion

Nothing here yet.

Anecdotal evidence of the actual feminization of Hapa sons (What started as an in-joke apparently seems to be occurring in real life, given the low value and sexual confusion of Eurasian men).


Examples of Fake Hapas / Trolls / White Men Posing as Asian women to Undermine /r/Hapas and Various Attempts to Stifle Any Criticism of WMAW By Eurasians


4 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Collection of Links on the Reality of WM/AW Couples: READ BEFORE COMMENTING

  1. I am Asian and want to understand the mindset of the white race. You, a Eurasian with a white father, tell me what you know about the white race.

    Do you think whites instinctively are more prone to racial/racist ideology than other races? Their form of racism seems to possess a malevolent streak. If so, why is this you think?

    I can’t help but believe that the true religion of whites is not Christianity, but RACE. Race is religion to them. How this came about I am still trying to figure out. Maybe it’s part of their DNA…


    • You want an in-depth answer? Give me time to think. I was well entrenched in white nationalism for a long time and familiar with their thinking. I was an undercover white person.

      Short answer is that they cannot rationalize the existence of individuals outside of the white race. The non white individual does not exist, he’s only a stereotype.


  2. “Short answer is that they cannot rationalize the existence of individuals outside of the white race. The non white individual does not exist, he’s only a stereotype.”

    Very apt summation of a white person’s view of other races. Whites tend to categorize non-whites with sweeping attributes which are usually not positive. If they believe non-whites possess positive traits, these traits somehow directly/indirectly provide benefit to whites or pose no threat to their hierarchy. I liken it to a scientist classifying animals but whites don’t realize that humans =/= animals. Humans are much more complex and malleable than that.

    From my personal experience, it is rather difficult to relate or “click” with whites. I don’t have a problem understanding blacks, hispanics, etc.; I think they’re pretty “down to earth.” But with whites, there’s something unusual, different or strange about their way of thinking even if one may not notice it at first. I just can’t put a finger on it. Altogether I find them “exotic” (ironically here I seem to be making generalizations about them which I accuse them of doing.) As a half-white, I hope you don’t take offense to what I’m saying; I’m just being honest with my thoughts.


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