The Most Blatant, Obvious Fact That No One Wants to Even Come Close to Acknowledging

It’s the same empty rhetoric over and over. I’m imsane. I’m stupid. I’m insecure. I don’t get laid. I don’t lift weights. I whine too much.

So answer the fucking question:

If an Asian woman likes a white man because she feels he’s superior in ANY WAY to an Asian man, and a white man is with her knowing this, and even himself feeling superior over Asian men…

What happens to the son?

It’s such a simple question. It’s literally so fucking incredibly simple. 

No insults, just: Answer. The. Question.

Provide a suitable answer and I’ll take this site off the website, remove it from Google listings, and stop it from becoming the number one site devoted to Eurasian issues on the planet.


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