Hapa Coping Mechanisms

Despite Asian women clearly favoring white men and disfavoring Asian men, such that the vast, vast majority of Hapas have white fathers, Hapas still go to no ends to fabricate coping mechanisms. Individual cases are exceptions, while general patterns can be indicative of something much more subversive, especially when the general behavioral pattern of Asian women is unique to their race.

Said Hapas will go to the ends of the earth shouting that their parents “just fell in love” even though there is all evidence in the world pointing to the fact that Asian women basically favor white genes; even Asian women reading this are terrible wary of answering this question despite them knowing it is true.

I understand why Hapas do this. Their mothers have complete control over their thought patterns. They would never seek to view their mothers as being people driven by something so baseline as race; how could they? This would imply that their mothers were racists. 

Despite them actually being racists. My mother is dead. The memory I have of her is one of racism and insanity, and it is her inability to mold my thought patterns that made me question the issue of being Eurasian objectively.

The imprinted fear of attacking ones own mother goes hand in hand with a culture that is rightly deathly afraid of misogyny, and this, I feel, is part of the reason why it’s so taboo to criticize ones own mother, yet because I actually suffered abuse and racism from her I am more willing to do so; whereas a Hapa whose mother was in fact a white-fetishist yet unwilling to reveal this to her child (no woman in her right mind would ever do this) would be less susceptible to suspicion. Moreover, the cultural deference offered towards women wherein they are seen as infallible lends itself from our Christian past, wherein the Virgin Mary was seen as the perpetual example of indelible female morality. But which is more sexist? Declaring women incapable of wrong, or capable of wrong?

The tremendous amount of Asian women who “only date White men” exists, out there on the street. Whoever says that these women do not exist is lying. Whoever says that these women do not change their opinions after childbirth to preserve the sanity of her male child, is lying.

So obviously a Hapa, despite being Asian or not, will go to any ends to prove to himself that he has equal if not the same value as a white male, even if this entails lying to himself repeatedly.

Tell me, what parents would actually tell their own children that Asian men were physically inferior?

I would say that this is very clever of WM/AW couples, if representative of anything. I would also say this is very un-clever of Hapas, who can’t rationalize their own awareness of the existence of these couples, and his fear of pinning his parents as something they actually were, as recognizing ones parents – as recognizing ones own lover – is a daunting if not impossible task to undertake in a world where we feel alone in a sea of flawed, amoral people.

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