Daniel Holtzclaw and the Mixed Race / Half-Asian Lie

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of rape, sentenced to 265 years in prison.

Not all Eurasians are messed up people.

But all of the argument seem to fall on deaf ears; mixed race people can, and will be troubled, especially when longstanding beliefs about the sexual potency of certain groups versus the negligible, invisible value of others. I.e., white men are more attractive than Asian men, generally.

Now tell me, in what world, in what single point in space or time, is it possible for a woman who – even though she won’t admit it to anyone but herself – is incapable of seeing beyond the race of a partner, incapable of being with a man of a certain race – to have a son who looks like said race?

In simple terms: What happens when Asian women seek integration into White culture, only sleep with white men, and yet create half Asian sons?

Even after years of telling him – no, no, it isn’t true, I didn’t marry your father because he was white; will he finally just be unable to deal with the reality of how he is treated as a man, and what he sees on the street, versus the outright lies his mother and father tell him?

Even if 90% (and I doubt it’s that high) of Eurasians had no issues, that still leaves thousands who have issues – and look what they’ve done.

Look what a group of dedicated Hapas have done to the landscape of the discussion in a single year! By using logic they have singlehandedly dominated the conversation to being merely a click away from the truth.

Mr. Holtzclaw is a prime example of a Eurasian; identified as white even while raping black women; savagely hating black women and exercising his desire to express his sexual power over them since his racist white father, and slavish Asian mother had removed any sense of masculinity from him, thus his bodybuilding obsession, and his closeted need to exercise control; i.e., through policing and rape. The similarities with Elliot Rodger are staggering.

People seem to underestimate the difficult of navigating life as a mixed-race person. Many mixed race people have girlfriends, have seemingly normal lives but struggle terribly with the mental strain of millions of tiny jabs at themselves, such that they never really settle into a whole. Look at how crazy this website was when I first started out. I call this the “Hapa Psychosis.” I do believe it’s a real thing; it’s hard to pinpoint, but it comes with a higher IQ, and a mixed background and cultural confusion. Maybe this is really what Daniel was suffering from. We’ve seen it before – so will we see it again?

12 thoughts on “Daniel Holtzclaw and the Mixed Race / Half-Asian Lie

  1. Wow, this is crazy. I did notice the similarities between Elliot Rogers and Daniel Holtzclaw. Obviously they are both Eurasian. They both seemed to have an obsession with race and power. I read comments from Rogers after he died and he was obsessed with white people, particularly blonde white women and having one for himself. Holtzclaw raped black women yet had the type of white bleach blonde girlfriend that Elliot Rogers killed over because he could not get.

    I’ve been following the Holtclaw rape case since it came to light last year and read what I could get my hands on. But I noticed it wasn’t covered much at all, so I just sort of snooped around online, found his IG handle, which was @dholtzclaw44. His account was set to private so I just typed in his handle on Google & looked under the Google “images” tab to see pics associated with his account. Mainly bodybuilding pics from other IG users that Holtzclaw had “liked” on IG. It all gave me some insight into his mind. Yes, I guess I stalked him a little. But so what? He stalked black women…and now he was being stalked by a black woman & didn’t know it. So, I got the courage to “friend” him on IG. This was during the summer around June or July ’15 while he was under house arrest. He accepted my request within minutes. Daniel Holtzclaw is VERY religious. He talked about GOD a LOT in his comments.And most of his posts were of either religious/spiritual quotes or inspirational, telling people they can do whatever they set their minds to do. About 25% of his IG were of himself lifting weights. That was it.

    I didn’t expect him to be extremely RELIGIOUS like that, so it surprised me, considering the double life he led. The blond girlfriend & preaching religion and spirituality to his friends during the day, and cruising the streets, raping black women at night in seedy neighborhoods. It’s just crazy.

    Thanks for this article. Stay sane.


  2. I’m a Black female sent to this site by a comment from what I can only assume is a Asian guy. His statement was beyond the standard thought of why men rape. His comment was that this guy’s mentality could have sent him to rape Black women that does involve a twisted desire and lust. I didn’t want to believe it but after reading through this site I believe he may be right..

    We replied several times and while his comments were so intelligent and logical I was still left not understanding this whole phenomenon. I have a Bachelors and Master in Business Administration. I attended law school, I clerked for a chief judge while in law school and worked trying cases in the DA’s office for years. I have even written eight novels, five of them published and I just couldn’t understand any of this. My first awareness of anything like this is just a few months ago. I watch news channels all the time including MSNBC

    The truth is I never concerned myself with any Asian issues. They just don’t interest me. My only worry has ever been my interaction with Whites. I taught college classes in Business and Accounting before I went back to Law School and taught several Asians mostly males. Needless to say the myth of the “smart” Asian is just that a myth… stereotype. And that’s about my only encounter with them. But as the prior poster stated, I found myself reading everything I could. Something about this is… twisted to the point that I just couldn’t and can’t understand it. And the more I read about it the more I’m just dumbfounded. It’s a rabbit-hole that is just too deep for my meager brain… Just too unbelievable. And yet it’s somehow real. At each twist and turn of this guy’s story, then others like him, then the WM/AF dynamic, then the racist ideology of self-hate and trying to understand the twisted logic of it all that’s above and beyond that of the “traditional” racist is just beyond my understanding. At a base level I believe I can comprehend the mind of a rapist, but this guy is different from that. I think I understand the mind of a racist, but he is different from that. I think I understand the mind of a WM that seeks out a Asian woman, but I can’t understand of mind of a Asian woman that rejects herself to marry a man like this in the process. I don’t understand the insanity of a intelligent mind of someone like this man and those with the same racial background that seems to turn into something unnatural, psychopathic.

    I don’t understand that now I have to be concerned with not only racist Whites but now racist half Asians that think they are White and use violence against Blacks to prove to themselves they are White. This is the only way I can even guess at understand someone like this man. .

    I will continue to follow this website… maybe one day it will all click. But for now… it all goggles the mind.


    • Also, it’s not confusing… the actual message is quite simple. Whiteness is a commodity being bargained for. This baggage is then being hoisted onto Eurasians not by the thousands, but by the millions. Society erred monumentally in allowing this unspoken vilification of Asian-ness in favor of whiteness to pass undetected, and now we’re on the brink of this kind of demographic nightmare, where there are literally MILLIONS of Eurasians out there whose own mothers were white-supremacists. It was inevitable that someone like me came along and started pointing fingers.


      • I have to admit because of my willful ignorance I had no reason to even care. I never once thought Asians, especially Asian males had a problem with their women or their women had a problem with them. I admittedly brought into the White mindset that Asians are the model minority. They are “perfect” and why can’t the rest of us be like them. But personally, I just never applied any thought to it one way or the other. This caught me sleeping and I’m ashamed of it.

        The notion that an Asian could ever be a WHITE-supremacists is where I find my confusion lies. White-supremacists in this country would never accept Asians as part of their self perceived notion of superiority. If they marry one it’s a statement of dissatisfaction with White women not worshipping them as demi-gods and their need to dominate others as a testament to their own self-worth.

        I understand the history between Nazi ideology and the Asian correlation. German–Japanese relations established in 1860 with the first ambassadorial visit to Japan from Prussia and Japan modernized rapidly after the Meiji Restoration. Japan using German models through intense intellectual and cultural exchange. And of course the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s declamation of war on the United Stated based on it’s alliance with Japan. But that’s not all of the Asian countries and Japan has does some horrible things like the Nanking Massacre in China. But the White-supremacists here would never accept Asians as part of their supremacists thoughts. At least that’s what I thought.

        I know that Asians can be racist against Blacks and other minorities. In fact I would say it’s the norm and not the exception. But as with Asians and White’s their notion of supremacy is based on a separate not an inclusive one. Both Germany and Japan both thought one race of homogeneous beings were always superior to a heterogeneous society. My understanding that a pure Aryan nation would not include a mix (or mogul) with Asian but a separatist philosophy. Yet that’s the twisted logic isn’t it? Asian woman buying into White supremacy so much that they don’t realize they are giving themselves up to the brainwashing that Blacks and other races in this country have fought so hard to expel. They are being used to foster these White males lack of self-worth and selling themselves for what they believe is money, power and WHITE privilege. When in truth they are completely selling their souls away. What’s even more disturbing that for Black Americans the history of 200 years of living in such twisted thought makes perfect sense why Blacks have to struggle with internalizing such racist believes generation after generation. We have been under this for over several hundred years, “we have nothing, we are nothing and our women are ugly and our men are apes”. “We have no history or culture” and our own problems have a lot to do with fighting against this in a country where White is the only value worth considering.

        But this is not the same for Asians and it’s sure not the same for Asian women. Asian culture is easy to see, hear about, and experience. I understand why a White racist will marry an Asian woman I just don’t understand why an Asian woman would buy so deeply in it that it makes them seem mentally brainwashed and deeply deranged.

        So where does the self hate by Asian women come from? Asians males are not the weak, unattractive, poor, uncultured animals their own women believe. And yet what I’m now reading these mothers are creating sons who are becoming what they claim Asian men are… a self fulfilling prophecy of their own doing. They are turning their own children into the very thing they despise. And that’s the sadness thing of all.

        Sorry for the long post. I write so I have an excuse but I also thinking I’m starting to understand… as least I hope so for the sake of my own daughter and son.


      • Hi, I’m Amber. I work for myself cleaning houses and I have encountered 3 white male customers of mine who had been married to asian women who had left them and the kids. 2 out of 3 of the guys had been married more than once to asian women.


  3. Um you do realize that the Asian moms of Hapas are usually ugly right? the reason they self-hate in the first place is because they are ashamed of their own asian features and thus, they don’t want their kids to look ugly like them. Asian women who are attractive don’t have this issue as they are proud to be Asian, and in turn, prefer attractive Asian men over anyone else. This is one of the reasons why the best looking asian women always end up with their own race.


  4. How come half Japanese means white in the USA, like half black means white in the George Zimmerman trial? Wouldn’t that make Obama white if he’s half black? What do you mean high iQ? Only the USA has the stereotype that Asians are more intelligent. Probably because many concentrate on education than being dumbed down into admiring over hyped, talentless celebs like the Kardashians which the USA constantly force in people’s faces.


  5. Most Hapas identify as white. I remember hearing an actress say that when she was nominated for an NAACP award that she didn’t even know she was a person of color until she got the nomination. They are also more likely to list all parts of their nationality from French, German, Italian, Spanish, Native American, Scottish, etc.


    • No, Hapas will identify according to how they look. Your seeming gloating at the fact that most Hapas identify as white is part of the problem that destroys Hapas who look Asian and create children with problems with upward integration, like Elliot Rodger and Holtzclaw.


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