This is the Exact Message Being Sent to Half Asians and Hapas Around the World

Asian men are not worth marrying; in fact, only those people with Caucasian features are worth it.

Thus Hapas can look around and see thousands upon thousands upon hundreds of thousands of Asian women paired with white men. 

His parents will attempt to show him pictures of Asian celebrities to instill pride in him; yet it’s obvious that even they were not enough to turn the tide, and even not enough for his own mother and her sisters to relish in whiteness. 

I expect as this website grows I will hear more and more anger and attempts to silence me; I expect as more and more incidents occur involving half Asians that Asian men will be blamed, not the very mothers that adamantly refused to even recognize a basis principle that cannot be logically whittled down.

Asian women are not attracted to Asian men; fine. Yet their sons are born with such a tremendous weight on their shoulders that it is unreasonable to expect any sort of agreement with this.

And now that I, a Eurasian son, am speaking out, I plan to be attacked with every insult in the book. 

I cannot accept someone so evil as to harbor racial preferences to lay any kind of claim to my identity. So I and other Hapas are now forever seeking to disown these sick people from ever calling us their own.

I never had a racial preference in my life, and I take pride that this is a representation of my heart. And I curse the woman who birthed me, and have a massive distance between my father and I, as I cannot forgive an enabler.

7 thoughts on “This is the Exact Message Being Sent to Half Asians and Hapas Around the World

  1. Hi Longingfordeath,
    Stumbled upon your blog late at night; your analysis is quite impressive, but your obsession with the subject at hand is slightly disconcerting. The real reason, however, why I am commenting is I am confused as to what your message is. Are you stating that Asian women are to blame for the stigma against dating Asian males?


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