The Ultimate Truth About Hapas

An Asian woman who hates Asian men will have a half-Asian son who is born, and from childhood, will recognize the implied inferiority of Asian blood.

Everything else is just a matter of how well society (and their parents, who already failed) equips these young men to function within said society. 

I barely escaped. My brother did not escape. My brother does not identify as Asian, has never complained of racism, loves his mother dearly, and still suffers from debilitating mental illness. Anything from here on out is something that needs to be wholly leveled at Asian women for creating a racial pyramid scheme. 

“To use another analogy WMAF is like a pyramid scheme. 1st they demonize Asian men, and use it as an excuse to WMAF and make WMAF Sons. Then when their oppression leads WMAF sons into madness; they exploit it to justify hating on Asian men more, and hence WMAFing more.”

Since a massive fallout from this demographic nuclear bomb is inevitable, I would kindly like to ask my readers in advance to not blame the Hapas.

We are the real victims here. Need I remind you of the sadism my own mother was capable of, threatening to slice her wrists in front of me as a child?

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Truth About Hapas

    • I know. I actually defended you today. There was a woman named Esther Ku who made some horrible tweets about half Asian men, you can see it on the Reddit.

      I’m sorry if I hurt you eventually with this blog. But what I’m trying to do is force introspection on people, and I am shooting through the good to get to the bad. I can’t not do it though.


  1. Your forgot to mention that it’s not so much they don’t like Asian men, but these Asian women don’t like themselves. That’s why the Asian mothers of hapas always tend to be ugly because they were ashamed of their features and wanted a white partner to help them “escape” from their Asianness.


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