Hapas / Half Asians Are the only Race Born With the Implicit Understanding that Race Matters

I’m leaving this picture (with enough detail to show that I don’t have full-Asian features) as proof of the direness of the situation. Ivy League educated, 6’0″ tall, from a prominent family, had many girlfriends, popular and well liked and described as “brilliant” at several points, etc., etc. The point of this website is now to expose Asian women, the white men who patronize them, their lies to their own children, their reasons for marrying, and the mental cost on the children. There is no way a Eurasian could possibly respect an Asian woman as mother if she had even the slightest inkling of racism against Asian men come out of her mouth at any point in her life, and even more so if she was like many others and demanded a white male.


What I mean is this:

There are going to be a tremendous, massive amount of Hapas / Eurasians born in the coming years; almost all of them with white fathers. The amount of baggage from this is going to be too much for these young people to handle. I don’t give two shits about the behavior of Asian men or other cultural reasons for this. The outcome remains uniform.

Asian women are deliberately saying that Asian men are not worthy, inferior, or generally sub-par in comparison to Asian, and even non-Asian men. There is no way that a generation of half-Asians is going to be able to generate a healthy identity as a result of this. A handful of “successful” Eurasians that you met in passing doesn’t indicate anything.

The majority of these Hapas will have had mothers that explicitly said “no Asians.” The rest will have Asian mothers who didn’t necessarily hate Asian men, but still decided that a white man was more suitable than an Asian man. Even more will have mentally-unstable mothers who decided irrationally that white men provided a fantasy for her, one that he was stupid or selfish enough to entertain. (Mine was a combination of all three, hence the broken marriage). I suspect this is mere biology at play, wherein the average white guy is a better choice than the average Asian male; I suspect this has something to do with primitivism and body hair, or something else. Probably has to do with integration and more-so to do with utter fantastical dreaming. If you’re not sure, just look at how Asian women talk behind closed doors about “blue eyes” and European features. I’ve heard it time and time again.

As most Eurasians will notice that all other Eurasians have white fathers, and will come in contact with Asian women who say “no Asians,” this is setting an incredibly dangerous precedent. The difference between “bad couples” and “good couples” is going to be incredibly difficult to differentiate between as Asian women are seen time, after time, after time and time again with white men.

My father was, and is a “respectful” Asiaphile and at one point a PhD candidate in East Asian Studies, who could speak two Asian languages and yet the agony of being biracial remains; the agony of having a mother who valued race above anything remains; the agony of having a bad person as a mother remains, the agony of being rejected from both sides remains; the agony of having to live with the embarrassment of saying that my mother is Asian and my father white, remains.

What’s happening is this:

  • Asian women are choosing handsome white men over ugly Asian men
  • Asian women are choosing ugly white men over handsome Asian men
  • Asian women are choosing handsome white men over handsome Asian men
  • Asian women are choosing bad white men over good Asian men
  • Asian women are choosing bad white men over bad Asian men
  • Asian women are choosing good white men over bad Asian men

As we have seen with Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger, the potential blowback from this is tremendous, as young Eurasian men are reminded constantly of their low value before they even set out the door. There is absolutely nothing that could convince a Eurasian with eyes in his head of his inherent value when this is so common.

I challenge anyone who reads this to provide me a reason why this is not fundamentally correct on a terrifying level.

Imagine the utter hell of being a Eurasian son but being literally surrounded by Asian women who literally worship white men, and even worse, seeing this within your own home. We live this every day. The ones who don’t look white enough to disregard any discussion of race.

Essentially, these couples are expecting Eurasians to take this baggage, and figure it out on their own, independently, without a single word of advice from two people completely opposed to their interests as Eurasian men.

I’m guessing you guys didn’t think that one through, did you.

Yeah, good luck. Seriously. You’re all going to need it. There are literally millions of us and all it would take would be another Renz, Holtzclaw, De Grood or Rodger before it becomes your problem. Or, you could read this website and reexamine your entire lives to prevent what is now inevitable.

Or you could pretend I’m not Eurasian, everything I said is a lie, and go back to whatever meaningless crap you do.


16 thoughts on “Hapas / Half Asians Are the only Race Born With the Implicit Understanding that Race Matters

  1. I just came across this blog, it is very well put together, the posts are very informative. I would put forward that this post in regrades to “Asians Are the only Race Born With the Implicit Understanding that Race Matters” is spot on, I would also like to put forward the idea or fact that most Asian women understand power, who has it and who does not. Women want to be safe and feel safe so at the end of the day a white man would be the best pick, in this world as we know it.

    I do not have any problem with women Asian or Black running to white males, I have a problem with them having kids as from reading this blog I can see its one thing for a women to want to be safe be around power etc however to have kids from the view that white is right and the best thing to be, is flat out wrong.

    Asian women need to read this blog and think deeply before having mixed kids, as the kids are not White or Asian but a new group.


    • “I do not have any problem with women Asian or Black running to white males… I have a problem with them having kids”

      What is amazing about this statement in regard to Black women is the twist that Black women are “running to White males” at all. This statement could only have been true during 19th century in the Southern States as a result of Slavery, if you can call the systemic rape and sexual abuse of Black women “running to”. At that time having a White man’s baby was in many cases, purely a matter of not having a choice or in the case of placage, physical survival for themselves and the hope that these “mulatto” children would have a better life. This could have been a thought that continued into the 20th century. But most Black women as their children also discovered, this was a myth and these children had no real chance of having a better life. But the mentality of the Black mother whenever they possibly could, with her bi-racial child was love, acceptance, care and helping them accept their Blackness completely. Thus these children had no mental issues of accepting they were Black in the eyes of American society and in the mirror.

      But there was a thought in the Black community that these lighter skinned Blacks were better accepted by Whites and many mixed children discriminated against blacker skinned Blacks. But Whites viewed them all as inferior and their Black mother’s made sure they understood and accepted that dynamic. In fact most Black mothers of Bi-racial children still do. Black mothers have to help their fully Black children, especially the sons understand how to stay alive in a world that wants to murder them just because of their Blackness, including the police which has always been the case for almost 160 years. There were completely and totally White looking slaves working the fields of every slave plantation in the South and their mothers helped them accept their status as slaves. Prime example, Thom Jefferson’s White Slave children. He was at times, the most powerful White man in the country yet not one of them misunderstood they were Black and a slave.

      It was not until the 1960’s when Black males were legally able to marry White females that created the phenomenon of mixed raced children being confused. Why having a White mother and Black father created the same emotional problems as Eurasian children is beyond me. I can guess but that will make this reply much longer than I’m willing to take it. Nevertheless, these mixed race children became a group very confused, resentful, self-loathing in their own Black blood and in many cases dangerous mostly to other Blacks. They seem to have a need to prove they weren’t Black thus they developed a mentality similar to White racists, sometimes repeating the same racist statements. Once they were able to fully embrace their Blackness as with President Obama the need to justify their own existence in the world became non-existent and they are now able to function as well as to be expected in American Society. Will this lesson work for WF/AM children. I have no idea, and thus it remains to be seen.


      • Uh, yea. I rarely see black women with white men and if it does happen those white men tend to be very progressive rather than whatever it is with Asian women and white men.


      • The mixed babies coming from black fathers and white mothers. You are saying they can function. Remember how divisive Obama was, how supportive he was to Muslims which is a direct blow out to white Christians and basically will wipe out white people, everyone knows it , okay. A lot of the white women who are racist toward white men end up with black men. Their babies come out of mothers that hate on white men. Just saying.


  2. Just curious, what’s your opinion on Asian men White women couples? It seems you had a perturbed upbringing and you have my condolences, but you seem a bit jaded on the matter. From an idealistic viewpoint, I would think there are SOME “pure love” White male Asian female couples out there mixed in with the bad. However, I too have seen a number of Asian American women who flat out say they won’t date Asian men, which I too find ridiculously disturbing/insecure.


    • And as a result their children have no hope. You can’t raise secure children if neither of their parents are secure. Although “secure” is a major understatement.


  3. Reply to Eurasian Writer – Actually not. Amazingly enough. The South Carolina cop that was video taped throwing a Black teen across the room in her High School was dating a Black woman for years according to the Police Chief. The White officer that was videotaped throwing a Black female teen to the ground in Texas was also “involved” and a Black woman. It’s likely where you live you’re not “exposed” to Black women/White men relationships but if you look a bit closer or even check out youtube, you’ll see them or inadvertently find them. Then there’s good ol’ Thom Jefferson that we know is factual who owned slaves but had a long running affair with his slave, never married again and fathered at least five children with her. I can’t tell you if these women stayed with these men after these public attacks on video, but it’s off topic so…


    • @Neverbeensoconfused
      The statement of officer having a black girlfriend became untrue. The media tries to confuse the mass on black girls being mistreated and wm cop walk away.
      You’re talking about BB&W youtube when BW/WM mingle.Understand this buddy. The interracial dating for BW/WM is minority vs BM/WW is majority.
      White women play their roles in slavery of raping, lying and lynching BM in this very day.
      Only reason you’re angry due to poor biracial children are fatherless like other side of coin for black children. I hate seeing these biracial are taught to hate and superior over BW. While biracial girl 70% would warn up looking share hue or african features.


  4. Uh what are you trying to prove here? That people should stick to their own race while procreating?

    Welcome to 2015. The world is global.

    I can’t wait until the day every single person is mixed with every race possible and the concept of race no longer exists. Sheesh. You sound like Hitler.


  5. Hey, I wanted to tell you that I feel for you and love you. I don’t know you but we share the same pain. I’m not hapa, but I am mixed. It is my belief that much of the hatred you speak of is aided by both sides in IR relations, as you have noted.

    While one’s parents may even be those sort of liberals that are “post racial” it’s impossible to inoculate the child from the ills of our society, even in those “perfect” settings. I come from such a union. Neither parent is fully white but both identify with a single race. Personally, for the last decade I’ve tried hard to ignore my mother’s side as I look so much like a typical male of my father’s race. I think I’ve damaged myself but I’m not sure I would have not done the same or worse if I fought/fight the good fight. After hearing others unknowingly disparage my mother’s race it became apparent that people can only see what their eyes tell them and you will be judged and dealt with accordingly.

    It’s not just hapas that can see the nonsense it’s most every person who isn’t white. It’s just that some make the choice not to and the sad lot that simply aren’t educated enough. It’s just people that are mixed have a special seat from which to view the show. You get to see people squirm when presented with the fact that you are indeed sensitive to a statement because you happen to be part of the target group being mentioned. The fallout is on both sides, some in this situation risk losing their status as white or acceptance from another race group others gain the label of pariah or freak. While the group tries to distance themselves from the realization that they are indeed racists.

    You learn in these moments how farcical it all is. You realize that had you been more Greek looking like your sibling you might not be friends with those people, not because you’ve changed but because their perception of you would. Yet some mixed people will not find out about these sentiments from a group of co-eds but rather from their aunts and uncles and other family members, in other words you will learn that your family hates you and your outsider parent much earlier than you can suss out that your parent may be self loathing. At some point the seat becomes a pommel horse and the mental gymnastics turn to anguish. And it all sucks because the clown show happens to be the order of the day.

    What of the daughter of a BM/WF pairing are they not in the very same shoes? There are tons of BW that feel the same way about BM as you do about AW; google, browse comment sections on any black site that mentions an IRR between a BM/WF. While the numbers won’t bear out the same comparison the vitriol reaches the same pitch as yours.

    I feel as if this lashing out is not constructive. The real enemy is not any one person. Question why your mother believed what she did. Question why it is your full asian to those who see as such. Question who has the power to implement these ideas as to infect our minds.

    – KC


  6. White woman with Asian husband. Sorry your upbringing caused you so much pain. Have you sought out help from a licensed therapist? Not all mixed race couples are terrible people. I know quite a few college educated interracial couples. White males/Asian females and other Asian male/white female. Some have children that are deeply loved. Others like myself don’t have kids, but I know my husband and I will love and support our child.


    • Debra, I’m aware there are healthy couples. There are some who are not. This website looks to explain them and to explore the deeper facets of racism in our global society.


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