The Truth about being a “Beautiful Half-Asian Hapa Baby”

Some random observations:

  • When you have a son, your privilege as a blue-eyed white male is thrown out the door.

Whereas, if your partner were constantly complimenting your blue eyes, your son will not be able to leverage his blue eyes in order to secure a mate. He will instead have to rely on different factors, and since the number of women, including Asian women, who openly favor Asian men, is much lower, this will be damaging to his emotional well-being. For every Asian woman who deliberately rejected Asian men, so forth will your Eurasian son be rejected. My clash with my monumental ego and narcissism, years back, where I was literally obsessed with my looks, sent me into a rage when I was rejected by a white woman for being Asian (I’ve mentioned this many times before).

  • On “beautiful Hapa babies.”

This is by and large a lie. All babies are universally cute, but this does not translate to being an attractive male. A desire for a beautiful baby is essentially on par with having a pet; hence you see many divorced Asian women (divorced largely because of their insane behavior, like my mother’s, wherein the child is part of a fantasy) using their children as status symbols. My mother constantly showed me off to her siblings and mentioned my tall nose and deep eyes whereas ostracizing my father, but again, this does not translate to necessary success in the future; it is borderline narcissism wherein the love for the child is not love per se, but love as long as [qualifications] exist.

If you do a youtube search for “half asian babies” you will find a number bragging about how their children have blue eyes; despite this being impossible, the idea that such white worship is prevalent is extremely, extremely troublesome.

My case was unusual. My mother seemed to like my brother more than me despite him being black haired, black eyed. She Tiger Mommed him more than me, but less cruelly; I began to think that it was because I was either born via C-section or because I didn’t look like her, or even some kind of resentment towards me. My memory doesn’t go back that far so I can’t figure out the reason for this yet.

On “beauty;” In fact, any person who will want to make the distinction (i.e., a person who doesn’t like Asians) will not differentiate between full Asian and half, even if you don’t look Asian. Go on any website discussing white looking Eurasians like Adam Smith or Cary Fukunaga, and the comments are there.

  • I’ve come across many Hapas who complained of feeling embarrassed while walking with their parents. I have experienced this too, but moreso, more when walking with my father (as my mother is dead).

Regardless of their intentions, (and I know my parents’ were bad), the assumptions made that my father was an Asiaphile, a loser, or couldn’t get a white woman are there. In my case, they were true, but I don’t think most people bother to differentiate when it’s so common. Obviously, there will be exceptions to this rule, particularly among less intelligent Hapas, like my brother. 

  • It’s frankly impossible for a Eurasian to not notice the interracial imbalance unless they come from entirely white states.

I think many Eurasians that you meet on the street, especially the tall, good looking ones, tend to favor White women (if they can) out of a subconscious rejection of the “white-fever” and “yellow-fever” they are associated with by extension, in any major American city. Another thing could be their rejection of their Asian side, as it is obvious to them that looking Asian is frankly a death sentence. Part of me thinks that Eurasian women do this too, mostly out of a repugnance for their own mothers… if you go read some of the comments on this blog, there are a ton of Eurasian girls complaining about emotional abuse from their mothers.


11 thoughts on “The Truth about being a “Beautiful Half-Asian Hapa Baby”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your mother a Cantonese with roots going back to Hong Kong? Hong Kong used to be a British “colony” at one time as you know.

    From your experience, are Hong Kong Chinese more prone to being “white-washed” than other Chinese?


    • I have some experience here, yes I am a black guy however my ex is a Chinese from Hong Kong.

      Are HK Chinese more prone to being “white-washed” than other Chinese

      Yes and No from my experience of dating a HK girl for 3 yea’s and living in HK,. it’s not that black and white I would say 90% are prone to being “white-washed” but that’s the low-class people when I saw low-class I mean no real education in regards to the world. (if you live in HK alot are poor and have no real education)

      Now my ex had been to university outside of Asia and lived overseas most her life, and she was a Christian. I had to ask her out like ten times before she said yes, she was looking at my personality and character as a young man not my skin colour.

      Now in China where people have far less education and access to the world 99% are “white-washed” So in order to fully answer your question I would like to put this forward, it’s poor and uneducated people with no spiritual pathway black or Asian that are prone to being, “white washed”


  2. My parents are fucked up because my white father literally obtained his wife via human trafficking because he was a 60+ year old creep who wanted a young wife. My mother was 19 when I was born and my father was in his early 60s. My mother hated him with all her heart and her hatred of him, in spite of her best efforts to spare me, wound up spilling into her interactions with me much of the time. I hated having my parents both show up to open house at school because I knew everyone was staring at my geriatric father and my tragically young, beautiful Asian mother. Rather than make me hate Asian culture, the circumstances of my upbringing with my mother and her suicide attempts and my father and his sexual abuse of me and my sisters has only made me feel a great distaste for whites. The racism of the white side of my family has made it impossible to have a relationship with anyone in my father’s family, as they are open about the fact they think my siblings and I were mistakes, a waste of their gross inbred southern USA genes. Living in a town where something like 99% of the population was white with no other asians and just a few odd blacks and latinos, my mother, my siblings and I were all treated like shit. My hatred is not for asians but for whites, especially disgusting white men that prey upon young asian girls to satisfy their sick desires, and especially the sort of white women who left my mother in tears so often. My father is a pedophile and my mother is a basketcase because she was sold to an sexually enslaved by a white guy for nearly 10 years. My mother’s dislike of me has nothing to do with me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t have a relationship with either of my parents. The few white-mom asian-dad friends I have are all well-adjusted. Everything about this blog is accurate as hell.


  3. Simon… ❤ This is entire blog and feed… So powerful and raw. The majority of people have no idea of what you have been through. Thank you for sharing openly and honestly.


  4. I’m a half white half asian male, but I really can’t relate to anything thing you guys are talking about… maybe cause my mom is white and my dad is asian… maybe because I live in Asia? I get treated the same way my mom does like a foreigner.


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