The Last Post on This Blog and My Final Words on White Men and Asian Women, and their Half Asian Children

This website will hopefully last for the next few decades. I leave it for whites, blacks, Hapas, and aware-Asians to realize exactly what kind of people are raising Hapas. I intend for it to ultimately be the number one search result for “half Asian issues.”

So far, criticism towards me has been: I’m crazy, I’m misogynistic and my problem isn’t my race, but my attitude.

I am the product of my parents; racist, vile people who got together on the principle of race. I was never destined to be a lovey-dovey person. I am exactly what comes out of an Asian woman who is dense enough to stereotype all Asian men the same way (they’re all violent, they’re all undesirable). Her genes are mine. And now this website will persist in exposing what happens when they reproduce.

I leave you with this quote:

And its the Hapa sons who face it head on. We’ve seen both side. The white men laughingly mocking how Asian men are less than men. And the Asian women who powerfully reinforce it by repeatedly stating that all they want in a man, is that he not be Asian. The fact that these 2 deviants are raising Half Asian sons, is a great tragedy. It is only getting worse.

It’s absolutely terrifying considering who is raising Half Asian sons. Not all, many are loving couples, but there are enough to have brought into the world a new massive demographic that will come of age in the next two decades.

  • If you knew any, you’d realize Asian women who only date White men are vicious people who make it well known to the world that they think Asian men are inferior. White men are well known for their hatred of Asian men, since even the lowest, shortest, bald eat white guy still outranks the best Asian guy in his mind.
  • What is happening is that half Asian sons are being born to people who are openly admitting that Asian men are inferior. If you think this won’t damage a child permanently, think again.
  • Ask any Asian woman with a white male what she thinks of Asian men and you will be terrified to realize she is raising an Asian looking son. Go ahead, I challenge you to do it. 
  • The white men who get with these women are bottom of the barrel white men (short, bald, ugly, or autistic) who use Asian female psychopathy to their advantage (my dad being an autistic loser who used my mother’s status climbing to his benefit in getting married, only to see her become gradually more and more insane). They know  that these women turn down Asian men, yet they too raise Asian looking sons and make a mockery of Asian men. It’s not wonder Hapas as a whole are so screwed up.
  • The parents are parents of hatred, not of love. Hatred for white women, hatred of Asian men, hatred of Asian culture; biculturalism was an afterthought.
  • Being Hapa was just a myth, a slogan, made up by Asian women to give a name to the things they were creating with their hatred.

I leave you with this quote from another Hapa:

Its 2 things.

  1. All other races of women have a strong preference for their own race. Asian women are the ONLY women not to, and so they stick out on this. They are unique. People keep trying to say they are not so different from other minority women. But the outmarriage stats speak for themselves. Asians are special, in a bad way.
  2. If one Asian woman had a preference for white men, it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything. Like if an Indian woman had a fetish for Native American men. The problem is that its because so widespread, to the point that in some areas over half of Asian women outmarry, that its impossible not to see it as against Asian men.

Asian women in WMAF as a collective population, have made clear that Asian men are the least attractive race of males. But then the sons born of this marriage, are still considered Asian males. You know this is true, since you yourself are a 100% Asian-looking Hapa woman. Being an Asian-looking man, born out of a relationship that is anti-Asian male, is extremely traumatic. And thats what much of the suffering on **** is about.

No one has ever said AFs should be required to date AM. But all the Hapa angst you see on this subreddit, is the result of AFs making their choices so ruthlessly, without considering the consequences for the mental health of their own offspring.

This is just going to be a major case of “I told you so.” This has no precedent demographically ever. 

6 thoughts on “The Last Post on This Blog and My Final Words on White Men and Asian Women, and their Half Asian Children

  1. As a black man with two white friends dating Asian girls, I think I see what you mean. The Asian girls my friends are dating both dyed their hair bleach blonde and one wears crazy colored contacts,but is what it is man. This is the Caucasian mans world they are apex predators , even my sister has only dated white men but now she says she only likes Asian men , ironically she was dating a happa male too but he looked completely white. He told me his grandmother was Korean. You’re an iv league success man, got yourself some hot chicks.


    • Uh, it’s a big deal when you consider there are millions upon millions of children from these relationships. It’s a demographic time bomb.


  2. You might know me from your sub Hapa. This is kenjiamwfs1 and has a learning disability. Please excuse my grammar. I remember last weeks or so you said ” Don”t tell us to move on” I do agree with that no matter what. In the Midwest there are many wmaf couple than amwf. There was like 12-20 wmaf to 3 amwf couple. I really like to talk about this issue in the Asian American Community because it is very important to us. I’m a huge fan of you and a idol to me. At the mall I saw this Asian looking son with his white father, I start to feel bad for the son because he will get the same treatment as a Asian male. For me I do have Asian father and a white mother but they separated long time ago. Me and my brother are amwf Hapas that look 100% Asian. I do get same treatment as Asian guy everyday which is dumb but my dad overcame society norm and got a white woman!! Side story I ask a question to my mom ” why you date my dad ?” She said ” I love him for who he is” She told me about other people telling her ” why are you with him, why don’t you date a white guy?” I’m proud of my dad and mom no matter what. My mom passes away couple year ago. I still miss her everyday. ET thank for making blog for the Hapa people


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