Asian Women have Every Reason to Suppress the Half Asian Whistleblowers

I’m back. This website is far too valuable to just give up.

I predict that in the future Asian women are desperately going to try to suppress any and all websites that pertain to half Asian issues…. despite mine existing as one of the most visible and me being proven to be the son of an Asian woman and a white man.

The methods they will use are this:

  • “I dated an Asian man once.”
  • “Asian women don’t belong to anyone.”
  • “We just fell in love.”
  • “We never saw race.”

How many times will this scenario happen?

An Asian woman will go through life chasing white men, a white lifestyle, badmouthing Asian men, and then once her children are born, and are in her arms, will say “I will kill anyone who says such horrible things to my son.”

To be born from an Asian woman who had a white fetish is the greatest humiliation on earth. While her life was easy, being easily integrated into Western society, as the sidepiece for white men, easily ducking overt racism and easily finding love, her son will face discrimination at every turn, be treated as a sexual non-entity, and be overcome with the overt racism that his own mother and father practiced within the home.

I say this with utmost, utmost sincerity: if you cannot see the irony of raising a child of color under the principal that his father must be, and only be white – and under the belief that white men, indeed are superior to Asian men: Abort your son. I’m begging you.

I’ve shown my face and been proven to be Eurasian. I am tall, good looking, educated, and I still would not wish the utter horror of being born Eurasian on anyone. This monumental burden of carrying the fact that your entire life was predicated on the very inability of Asian men to be seen as human beings. And I could go out, and pretend to be happy, to use my white privilege to my example, but I don’t, and I recognize my mother exactly for what she is:

A woman who betrayed herself in order to ingratiate herself to the West; and then had the AUDACITY to tell me to be proud to be Chinese, to be one of millions of Eurasians born exclusively to white fathers, in the hopes that we would become some kind of “master race.”

How is a master race of Eurasians, some more Asian looking than others, ever supposed to amount to anything when our own birth represented the victory of whiteness over Asianness? We expect to turn our backs on our Asian side and say, “yes, of course our fathers were white,” and live happy lives as a result? We’re supposed to just play second fiddle to white men, the perpetual reminder of how being Asian is a curse that will expel one from society? To endure racism, as an Asian man, knowing very well that our very own mothers contributed to it?

And so many people will say, oh, EurasianWriter must be a bitter full Asian man. No one could ever possibly believe this. But how could I not? The title of this website is “longing for death.” Originally it was planned as suicide so that I could demonstrate the real damage that Asian women were doing to their own sons… but now it remains as a perpetual thorn in their side.


5 thoughts on “Asian Women have Every Reason to Suppress the Half Asian Whistleblowers

  1. What do you think about
    – white women + asian men ?
    – eurasian women + asian men ?
    – asian women + asian men ?
    – white women + eurasian men ?
    – eurasian women + eurasian men ?
    – asian women + eurasian men ?


  2. “A woman who betrayed herself in order to ingratiate herself to the West”

    Like anyone who isn’t white and has utilized any of the various advantages of the West. I already explained to you why this is normal and why this isn’t a bad thing.

    You keep whining about how whites won over Asians; you may as well be whining about lions feasting on gazelles. Either come to terms with reality or continue to fight against that which cannot be defeated: the Western locomotive and the creation of the Overman.

    Still playing that “white privilege” card, too. I guess your perspective of history is still too low to see why this is wrong, too.

    I had hope for you, man. For some reason, I still do. Perhaps it’s because you can see through a good portion of liberalist nonsense, but you keep hitting the same pitfalls in your thinking.


    • Here’s one for you. Some asshole in Sweden said it to me to try to encourage me: “only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

      What the fuck do you think I am? The good guy in the movies?


      • No, you are the anti-hero half-blood prince who was wed of a devil and a peasant. Your pick as to who’s which, you know them better than I do.


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