Everything said on this website is true; One of your own children is spilling all the beans on WM/AW couples.

To white male / Asian female lurkers: I don’t have to appeal to you. I have to appeal to the billions of people who were on the fence about you, but now will recognize you for the horrid people that you really are.


  • Your value as a Eurasian is how white you look.
  • White fathers believe that just showing up, wearing an aikido uniform, making friends with your sensei doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be Asian.
  • White male obsession with Asian culture is actually an obsession with Asian women.
  • White men saying they’re good fathers isn’t enough in raising a child when your relationship is loaded to hell with century-old implications of power and race imbalance.
  • You’re an idiot if you think that children don’t pick up on mommy / daddy being a different race and a million other couples having the same appearance.
  • White male obsession with Asian women is 9 out of 10 times an obsession with the only women that feel would tolerate you for their faults. Physical or social.
  • Relationships between white men / Asian women is directly rooted in the race of the man and the hope for whiter babies (my mother dyed her hair, wore colored contacts, took a white last name).
  • Asian women practice open racism where white men have much higher value than the average Asian man; they then have the nerve to tell half-Asian children to be proud to be Asian.
  • Half Asian sons are being raised by women who deliberately support the idea that whiteness is superior. Don’t believe me? Go ask one.
  • White men directly enable and manipulate self-hatred and white-worship to get laid and try to raise their sons as “substitute white people” (my father did this).
  • Asian women marry out of a desire to rebel against their culture, or because white men are taller / more sexually attractive, yet try to claim the Hapa identity as theirs. They spent decades trying to define Eurasians as being “beautiful / intelligent / talented” as a cover for their open racism.
  • The Hapa identity is a fabrication used to justify the idea that white blood makes Asians better. Hapas are not beautiful – white blood makes us more beautiful.
  • The preference for White men is not rooted in Asian male behavior, but overarching desire for whiter children, and white men. Asian male anger / bitterness (the natural result of being discarded) is then used to further excuse preference for white men, creating a perpetual cycle.
  • Ask any Asian woman, behind closed doors, why she likes white men, and she will admit that “Asian men are not attractive;” yet their sons will be Asian men.
  • Eurasians will always be reminded of how White men are better than Asian men, across the board, simply by leaving the house; my individual experiences, multiply it by millions – to understand that half-Asians are being born into a climate that Asian women created, one that hates the Asian male appearance.
  • Saying “no Asians” is open racism that no half-Asian son, in his right mind, if he knew his mother said this same thing, could ever love her.
  • The “Hapa” myth of Eurasian beauty only rings true for a small percentage of men, the others who just look Asian.
  • A large number of Hapas pass successfully as white and don’t need to think about these things, which ideally was the ultimate objective of their parents, to be raised as “replacement white children.”
  • Eurasian children will suffer if they look even vaguely Asian, and will be constantly reminded of their low social worth by other Asian woman / white male couples that are not their parents.
  • Asian women will lie to their teeth in order to prevent the truth getting out – that white men are just more sexually attractive.
  • They will lie to their own children and tell us that being Asian is a good thing when it is not a good thing to look anything like an Asian male.
  • Asian women are extremely privileged in White society and only after they have Asian looking kids do they try to prepare us for racism by teaching us about our heritage.
  • White men use Asian women for easy sex when White women fail to match their expectations of behavior, i.e., too slutty, sleeping with black men.
  • White men believe Asian women carry more “white values” than white women themselves.

19 thoughts on “Everything said on this website is true; One of your own children is spilling all the beans on WM/AW couples.

  1. There can be a lot of truth to what people are saying, but also a nefarious motive that the person isn’t even aware of. That nefarious motive will trump truth every time FOR ME.

    I’ve been hooked on your blog ever since becoming aware of it, and even though I recognize all that you’re saying, I still have to wonder about a few thing; taking issues with it overall. Not because I believe you’re exaggerating, quite the contrary, but because something else is driving you.

    I do not take issues with the feelings you have with Asian women, in particular, because I am not an Asian woman, and quite frankly, I could care less what’s being said about them. As a black woman, this does remind me of what’s said about us. How we’re traitors, the white man’s lieutenants and all around scourge of the earth. The ATTACKS.

    I don’t care about these so-called truths as much as I care about what I truly interpret is happening. You will call it a deflection, but it’s my own truth. It just comes across as misogyny, emasculation, bullying, and more importantly, LOSERS of a RACE war whining. Showcasing the LOSS with every cry about how “your” women are “compromised”.

    Again, not a deflection and not me trying to “call names” because “truth” is being “exposed” as “women tend to do” <————all stuff women have been accused of.

    Let me reiterate something you clearly already know, and have stated,. In this game of life, there is something call WINNERS and LOSERS. Winners happen to be the white men. They happen to create a system based upon HUMAN nature that is then translated into CONQUERING and MANIPULATION. Women, and everyone else, gravitate to WINNERS. It's not a woman's fault that the MEN who fight wars(psychically, psychologically and emotionally) didn't win. When a nation of men are outsmarted, EVERY warrior knows that nation is then TAKEN over. White is right is what is promoted by white people AND indigenous men(when they wish to advertise and promote the LIGHTEST of women to indigenous women). You all let these images become pervasive. Let the propaganda machine invade your homes. Try to promote and marry the lightest within your group and then get mad at the women(who are natural followers) who then turn around and want better lives socially and for their children.

    If what Asian woman are doing is completely natural to CONQUERED women, then it IS misogyny and sour grapes from not being the winners aka CONQUERS that is driving you. Not this so-called truth.

    You either win or your lose. Winners enjoy the spoils of war. Losers are subjugated/oppressed/relegated. Losers can't then turn around and act like they have a right to take anyone to task for the RESULTS(key word) of them losing(ie a conquered nation which involves women who are awarded to the winners).

    Do black males and Asian men think that white men are vicious and conquer for FUN? No, They do so because this(the results you speak of) are what NATURALLY happens. They know either they're going to conquer you or you're going to conquer them. They don't want their white children or women under Asian and black thumb so they do what they have to do(hence bitching when blacks or Jews seemingly want to come after their way of life or their women…even while going after everyone else's women). They know sex is a crucial part of warfare.

    Women didn't lose the race war. We're unfortunately caught up in the dickfight you all engage in and so do whatever we can to secure some of your procured wealth/status.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.


    • If you’re looking for truth, then only you know it. You’re wrong about me being misogynistic. In fact I think women are far superior to men in their capacity for autonomous decisions and their ability to conceal this fact. All true power belongs to women. There is a real truth to all things, my dear, and that becomes evident over time, regardless of any personal opinions or politicized decisions. And stop hoisting “misogynist” tags on me in one breath, trying to moralize the situation in another, and then admit that life is warfare. I know it’s warfare, baby, and what I’m doing is my own form of warfare. We live in an amoral world – you admitted it. So stop trying to moralize me.

      You know it boils down to sexuality. Every woman dreams of having a son with massive sex appeal. And that’s what this is, really. I think I am a sexually appealing man, as I’ve mentioned several times. I admit I am a privileged man, because of my looks and background, and this is part of the reason I have the courage to go rogue, because it will be ten times more painful coming out of my mouth. I’m out to fucking WRECK the Hapa myth, to take it away from the WMAW cartel and delegitimize their attempts to paint it as being progressive when it ain’t.

      Let’s be honest here. It’s looks. If every man on the planet was a 10/10 and every woman on the planet was similarly, there wouldn’t be these issues of hate and racial animosity. We’d all just be happy fucking each other.

      If you don’t believe me, meet up with me and talk in person.

      I’m far from a misogynist. I’m a misanthrope. I won the genetic lottery in many ways but despise how I got here. I was thrust into biculturalism and lied to about it being a moral decision (i.e., Hapas are the master race bullshit). I see right through it. Please.


      • I don’t throw the word misogynist around lightly nor as a shaming tactic. I do so because you realize people’s natural inclinations then take them to task for it. In this case, “people” happen to be WOMEN. You speak on white males, but in passing, and really only to get to a larger point(the hateful/dishonest/treacherous Asian woman).

        Every warrior knows. Every student of warfare knows. Every student of human nature/psychology knows THAT women NATURALLY seek ALPHA males. Conquered people seek ALPHA males and SUBMIT to conquerers. Hence the MOTIVATION to CONQUER in the FIRST place. Again, you think people wage war(and die) for FUN? Or do they do so in order to get certain RESULTS?

        Now understanding warfare and what happens to ALL, the fact that you think you can take Asian WOMEN to task for doing what is NATURALLY done is why I labeled you a woman hater. If you know women love alpha males. Women submit to conquers and what happens after a war is fought won/loss, and you UNDERSTAND this is just human nature, then why hate the WOMEN who didn’t lose the war? They aren’t responsible for BIOLOGY(ie wanting alpha men/hypergamy/better “winning” genetics) They didn’t LOSE the war.

        I’ve read your postings..while you admit to being somewhat privileged, you’re obviously still not as privileged as you wanted to be. You even admitted to getting turned down for being Asian. So you’ve had some wins(when you turned into an asshole) but some losses too. Your “privilege” seems to be over full Asian males and no one else. That’s barely privilege .


      • You’re pushing the lawlessness of war, yet also pushing moralized terms like misogyny? So men demonstrating physical strength isn’t misogyny but criticizing women who willfully bring war babies into the world is?

        I get what you’re saying. I’m half playing devil’s advocate. But in the rules of war there really is no moral ground here.

        I’m not here to make a moral grandstand. I’m here to largely turn Hapas against their parents, warn society of the dangers that Hapas pose, and expose this overt racism being passed off as progressive so that non-Asian passersby know how to deal with couples like this, whatever these passersby’s politics are (i.e., white feminists, Black Lives Matters, white supremacists, etc) and moreso to challenge the current Asian American elite who by now are aware of the fact that I and this sentiment exist.

        I am playing the game, baby. Just do a google search for anything half-Asian and you’ll wind up here, sooner or later.


    • How Conqueror (White Men/Dads) and Losers (Asian looking Eurasian Males/Sons who are considered and treated like Asian Males by white society) can have normal loving relationship?
      How can Asian looking Eurasian sons be proud of their Asian mothers who betrayed men who looked like them?
      How can Asian looking Eurasian sons from white dads be proud when they are product of emasculation, racism, RACE WAR (as mentioned by you above) rather than love and respect?


  2. My two cents

    I have been reading the above comments and WOW “brownwomanwarrior” put it down in regards to war / winners enjoy the spoils of war etc however “now-a-days” women do not class themselves as “spoils” the comments from “brownwomanwarrior” are very real….. however there is this implication that women are not so intelligent.

    I will unpack that…. ok yes we all get it every one wants to be with the one who looks and acts like a winner and not the loser that is one form of intelligences, and decision making.

    There are many ways of looking at what and who is a winner and who is a loser,

    we have Interpersonal Intelligence,Spiritual intelligence,Intra-personal Intelligence and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence.

    Therefor if I was a women and I used all the above named intelligence I would be marrying,dating men and having babies with any race of man that was on my level…. and did not see me as “spoils” (cos the conquerers mindset is we beat you black and asian men so we get your women as SPOILS right!!!)

    So conquered women with limited intelligence seek ALPHA males and non ALPHAs from the conquerers groups and SUBMIT.

    However I understand we live in a world where people run on limited intelligence.


    • How Conqueror (White Men/Dads) and Losers (Asian looking Eurasian Males/Sons who are considered and treated like Asian Males by white society) can have normal loving relationship?
      How can Asian looking Eurasian sons be proud of their Asian mothers who betrayed men who looked like them?
      How can Asian looking Eurasian sons from white dads be proud when they are product of emasculation, racism, RACE WAR (as mentioned above) rather than love and respect?


      • Ok… My Two Cents

        Asian looking Eurasian sons just need to get away from Asian women, as its very clear that Asian women want white men (I have lived and worked in Asia and the west I deeply understand Asian women want white men )

        I would say there is still hope for a normal loving relationship and to be respected,

        Just go for Black and White women.

        White women are obtainable for Asian looking Eurasian man, I would add most white women (around 70%) have reached a higher level of evolution.in regards to think about relationships.

        White women understand the world from many points of view, I have also found out that white women not all but around 70% can deeply love an Asian man , Black man and find the best in him.

        White women will leave they family everything if they find a good man.

        White women understand men on a deeper level.(not all around 70% do get it i think)

        Asian women do not understand the world , just go out there talk to any Asian women you will find, she does not understand the world or men or herself (99% of Asian women just do not get it …. it being “LIFE” on a deeper level I have lived in Asia and the west i have seen it all)

        Look Asian women 99% just understand white man = life upgrade (which is not a fact)

        I would say Asian looking Eurasian man that are at the stage of getting married/dating should go for

        1 Black women (Around 40 % of Black women understand men and the world and if you can find a good black women your life will be great )

        2 White women (Around 70% of White women get the world and men and can see the best in you I have seen it…..my good friend has a white mother and Asian father …… his mother is open to talk with me as black guy when I go over to my friends family home, his mother is very open with me she has never look down on me, my friend is more alpha male than me and I am a black guy he tells me I am too nice anyway..

        3.Asian women I would say 1 % get the world understand men, some Asian women can be open like my ex and love all men but its very low in numbers, that will see you as a man and raise you kids to feel great ! most Asian women deeply hate themselves.

        Asian women are for white man I have come to understand this over the years.(99% of them are born for white men ) and the kids will suffer due to this fact. (i deeply believe 1% of Asian women can love but even then its still hard for them)

        Look… I would say Eurasian males that look more Asian (or not ) should go for Black or White women you got more luck in finding love and a open minded women from the White and Black group.

        Good Black and White women are obtainable just forget ASIAN WOMEN ! and make a happy life!

        That’s my two cents


  3. “Eurasian writer” is nothing more than a self-hating jew. The jews are very adept at sowing doubt and creating divisions between other races and cultures. It is a well known fact that Asians and Whites have been sharing genetics for thousands of years. Certain populations of Scandinavia have 1000 year old Asian and Native American genes. Recent studies conclude that Whites and Asians share a common ancestor. Therefore, the whole phenomenon of mutual Caucasian and Asian relationships are not as recent or out of the ordinary as one is lead to be believe. God Bless, it will continue strongly into the future.
    As for you, jew, what the Germans did in World War 2, will be nothing compared to what we are going to exact upon you and your kind. Have a nice day, svart rotte.


    • Wow, from your reaction, I’d say Eurasian Writer hit quite a few nerves. By the way, are you related to ihateasianmen? Maybe her husband or one of her masters? You sound just like her. You know something, its not the Jews that are adept at sowing doubt and creating divisions between other races and cultures, but its christians that do it. I do hope that whatever pain and agony a christian (those that proselytize, that are neo-nazis )inflicted on a Jew will be returned tenfold to them and that one day they will experience at the hands of the Muslims what Jews have experienced for the last two thousand years ever since this mind control was created to draw Romans into it.


  4. By the way, since I know you’ll probably attack me or name call me, and since I know that no matter what I’ll say you won’t be open or receptive to my words, I will not answer to anything you post to me, so please do not waste your time answering me. And if you’re such a proponent of Asian and Caucasian race mixing, I’m sure you have no issues if a white girl rejects white men and solely goes out with Asian men, am I right?


    • Hi Svetlana, I just got back from New Years events. I think I’ve actually realized something about Chinese culture on the whole. I posted it, just copy and pasted from Reddit pretty much.

      Hope you had a great New Years.


  5. I am just commenting here, as I’m overwhelmed with empathy for you and how you feel. I am a caucasian young woman, with european grandparents and I’m in love with a Chinese young man. To be honest, there is a strong tradition of Eugenic-like dating practices in my family’s european culture- for that I have to thank my blue eyes, my statuesque figure & my once blonde, now bronde hair. But all of that never mattered to me, I’ve found my soul mate. I would take him in whatever colour he came in. My parents focused on external features in dating, my mother fell in love with her 6’2 blue-eyed Englishman akin to a handsome viking resemblance. I think I learnt about ‘genes’ before ‘jeans’. Lust is not enough to sustain a meaningful relationship. You might wonder on earth I am reading your website, what compelled me- I am trying to gain an understanding and grapple with these issues. Our relationship is becoming quite serious, we’re both introverted and quiet and mean a great deal to one another. He initiates conversations about children all of the time, there’s nothing that means more to me than becoming a mother one day. Every decision I’ve made in life has been for their future, this blog has me worried about what that would look like.

    I love him for his mind, his wit, his endearing behaviour and for being the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He is incredibly encouraging, supportive, my best friend, a loyal confidant, an optimistic bright light in my life.

    We do not hate our own race, nor do we fetishize one another’s. Asian men can be handsome just as all men can be handsome, but regardless of how aesthetically pleasing a person is, if they are not of good character, love cannot be evoked.

    One thing I would like to point out is that I think, love always wins. Superficiality inevitably looses. And the environment is important for childhood development. If I do have half-asian children one day, I hope to raise them in a city like Vancouver. I’m sure there’s a significant amount of bias in my perspective, but it does feel like one of the most accepting and integrated of places.

    My parents also fought like cats and dogs, and race played no part in their relationship. 7 years into it, they also had a sexless, resentment-filled, criticism-laden relationship. I have long forgiven them, I think the best path to healing is consider that ‘parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time’ . It’s also important to accept varying capacities; if someone does not have the capacity for emotional intelligence, or the experience of being loved as a child- they stand little chance of giving the best emotional climate to their children. My parents, for instance, though sporting high IQ- did not do very well in the way of EQ. In life we inherit wounds, but in order to end the cycles of wounds and hurt- we must learn, we must grow, and we must become better people than the generation before us. So our children have a better chance 🙂

    I hope this helps, in some small way. Take good care.


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