The half Asian reality summed up here, and why this new demographic of Half Asians with White fathers / Asian mothers is going to be very, very dangerous. I’m warning you from personal experience.

Society doesn’t care that your son is half white. Asian women don’t care that your son is half white. All they want is white men. Half Asian sons are not white men. Half Asian males are severely lacking from society despite being among the most numerous mixed-race groups because they are born out of racism, not despite it.

Most of the time Asian women marry white men because they don’t like Asian men and have a physical / social preference for white men, and only white men. Asian women also dislike being associated with the Asian “gilded Ghetto” monolith, and want to feel “included” into the majority culture – so they marry white men at rates unmatched by any other ethnic group. Asian women oftentimes feel a jealousy towards White (or non Asian) women for their status and appearance, whereby Asian women will date any White male that they can find – meaning that they subject themselves to violence, and oftentimes some of the most repugnant, bottom of the barrel white men, who rely heavily on Asian women’s self hatred to form a relationship.

Essentially what this means is that because Asian women are heavily isolated by society due to their unique bone structure, white men that are unappealing towards non-Asian women will “fetishize” Asian women as an “easy” race to get as long as you are white (or non-Asian).

In other words:

Being Asian is so bad that literally the worst, most repugnant, most unwanted and undesirable white man is a better pick, no matter how racist, how disgusting and how creepy he is; and this message is sent to Half-Asian children, that either look very, very Asian, or spent their entire lives trying to hide it because of their horrific upbringing where we are raised by racist white men who hate white women, Asian men, and people of color – that being Asian is bad.

All half-Asian behavior of those raised by White fathers and Asian mothers up until this point is that Asian is bad, White is good; that’s why you had Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger and a slew of half-Asians that were violent all in the name of proving to their mother and father – two violent, cruel, rejected people who were together simply because of their hatred of others – that they are just as good as the real thing.

The men who seek out Asian women are generally maladjusted, racist, or mentally-ill men who see Asian women’s easiness as being a sign of their “traditionalism.” White men who view White women as “traitorous” and “slutty” because they do not want weird, maladjusted white men, and instead want cool, well adjusted white, or non-white men based on personality, will fetishize Asian women as “family oriented, and chaste.”

That is why there are so many conservative, racist, vile, anti-feminist men who only target Asian women. These same men hate Asians (especially Asian men, who they feel are easy targets for their own insecurity), yet raise Asian-looking sons, or worse, sons who come close to whiteness, but don’t yet fit in, with a white dad who encourages racism and hostility in his male child – or worse, doesn’t even care.

We are literally raised by two people – a privileged white male, and nature’s true ruthless pragmatist – an Asian Tiger Mom, who simply. Do. Not. Care.

There is no other race on earth that has this ingrained hatred of Asianness and their own men. Literally none.

Half Asian men resemble Asian men, 80-90% of the time. 

What happebn


In fact the majority of people don’t like Asian men.

Why would a male, that looks Asian, that is born into a society where almost every single Asian woman he sees is with a white man – be proud to be Asian? It makes no sense at all; especially when he is mocked by society, mocked by WMAF couples he sees, and consistently made to feel isolated and shamed by men of all races for his heritage – which is uniformly seen as inferior by society at large.

Admit it: your wife / girlfriend is with you because she does not like Asian men. She is only attracted to tall white men.

They will say it’s because of behavior / feminism, but Asian male behavior (jealousy) is because Asian women don’t like the way Asian men look. Ask any Asian woman married to a white man and she’ll just say:

“I’m just not attracted to them.”

Asian women don’t like Asian men for the same reason MOST white women don’t like Asian men. They are Asian.

A half Asian son realizes this. He realizes that he is Asian too. It doesn’t matter how good looking he is, how talented, how intelligent – he will endure a lifetime of hearing “of course your mother is the Asian one,” and being perpetually second class in non-Asian society. He will endure jokes, endure racism, discrimination from society, see hundreds thousands of Asian women a year paired up with white men, face discrimination in dating, in work – and…

…his own parents will oftentimes be extremely racist against Asian men as well – yet he looks like an Asian guy. 

Keep in mind, that Asian women are so world famous for hating their own men – that the men who like Asian women and want to be seen with one in public, are almost uniformly terrible people: racists, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, MRAs, MGTOWS, autists, abusive people – like my father.

In fact – it could be said, that unbeknownst to most whites, Asian women can be so extremely racist agains Asian males and pro-white and so “famously easy” for White men – that they tend to attract the worst white males, given that many White men use Asian women as a re-affirmation of the superiority of Whiteness, after being rejected by White women; ergo, Asian women, who feel unattractive, will tolerate low-status White men on the basis that these men are White, henceforth creating a hostile environment towards Eurasians and Asians. 

Half Asians are subjected to a racist society that is literally augmented by the racism of white men; and white men deliberately target Asian women to reaffirm a “sexual power,” that comes at the expense of their own sons; hence Elliot Rodgers’ self hatred, as well as the anxiety and racism found in the majority of Half-Asian men.

Meaning, that, because most white and non-Asian women prefer white and non-Asian men, the only men who go for Asian women are the ones who cannot get non-Asian women. This leads to sons that are at high risk; growing up in broken homes, with bottom of the barrel fathers, and yet oftentimes we look very Asian and are subjected to intense racism as well as dysfunctional homes. The stories of Half Asians growing up in single parents homes, with racist, unattractive white fathers are too many to number.

So half Asians not only look Asian, but come from extremely hateful homes, involving a depressed, mentally ill Asian mother, and a racist, inept White father who relied heavily on Asian stereotypes as a way to maintain a relationship.

Along with the millions of Asian women around him disliking Asian men, his own mother does too. Every single Eurasian person with eyes looks around him and sees how Asian women act around white men, fawning, complimenting – and Asian mothers expect us to not notice. Can we please just drop the charade and admit this is true?

How are half Asians supposed to somehow not notice that Asian women openly favor white men, that these couples are extremely narcissistic and have insanely eugenicist beliefs about their own children, and yet develop emotionally healthy?

If he looks Asian, then, well. Welcome to a life of bullying, confusion, resentment, depression, rejection from both sides, and perpetual low self esteem seeing Asian women like his mother paired up millions of times over with white men – yet he looks Asian. 

He will be asked to take pride in the fact that his, and all his friends’ fathers are white, and asked to deal with the stereotypes of White men / Asian women and unable to distinguish between good and bad couplings. He will try to take pride in looking Asian but realizes that nobody, not his friends, not women, not his own mother, wants anything to do with an Asian male. He will be born into an anti-Asian society, look Asian, and recognize that even his own mother valued white men over him. It is the ultimate betrayal. 

Asian women and white men will promise up and down that their sons are superior – largely because they have to make sure that their children truly believe they are superior in order to cover up for one of the most unbalanced interracial pairings – yet whites still view half-Asians as inferior.

I’m sorry. Please, please, please stop lying about this.



“But half Asian babies are cute.”

And half Asian babies become Asian men when they grow up. In fact most Asian women can’t tell the difference between a fully grown Asian male and a half Asian male. Sometimes half Asian men grow up to look Latino or Middle Eastern or in some cases Central Asian – which makes Asian women hate the children of other Asian women, for simply not being white.

“Half Asian men are hot.”

They’re not all hot, and people won’t care that they’re half. Besides, you believed white men hottest. You turned down hot Asian men for white men, so why would anyone want a hot half Asian man?

I know hot half Asian men.”

Nope. You know men who pass as white. When you figure out how to guarantee your son is 6’3″, let me know. And after all, you wanted a white man, not a half Asian man. Either that, or you know the son of an Asian male and a white woman.

I know Asian men with white girlfriends.”

You know one or two, while you know five times as many Asian women with white boyfriends.

It’s a yes or no question. Does your loved one hate Asian men? Yes, or no.

Will you son be Asian? Yes or no. Simple question.

Just yes, or no.

88 thoughts on “The half Asian reality summed up here, and why this new demographic of Half Asians with White fathers / Asian mothers is going to be very, very dangerous. I’m warning you from personal experience.

    • I’m black, but i have been aware of this shit with asians my whole life. i have been with a few asian females and i did nto like how they mostly(not all) seemed to trahgs asian men. i would never reporduce with such a whore, because even blasian people have asian eyes. the self hate would be real, i could never let my kid be brought up by a woman who hates their phenotype.

      currently i am dating a blonde whit woman. we were dining in a restaurant and the asian female server comes up to her and says that she “loves her skin”. we found it very disturbing, but most of all we found her obsession strange because she remembered my girlfriend even though we hadn’t eaten there in 4 months. i’ve always been aware of the shameful worship of whiteness that plagues most asian women,


  1. Hi EurasianWriter,

    Very interesting blog. You definitely are a very high IQ/EQ person with good dose of introspection. I do hope you get past your quarter-life crisis and living the next 75 years of your life with happiness and optimism.

    As an Asian American (born in China), I don’t have any opinion on your take of the psychological stress of being a HAPA. However, I would like to draw your attention to the book the “Hypomanic Edge”. If you are on the road of self-discovery, you might want to read this book. I think you’ll discover that perhaps what you are dealing with is not necessary 100% attributed to IR marriage. I think that both of your parents probably suffered from mental disorders. And by luck, you made have inherited just the right amount of creativity and craziness to be Great. It’s something to look forward to for the next 75 years.

    Good luck!



    • Wtf dude. That book is just another cop out reasoning as to “white people are superior”. Your way of thinking is no better than other overseas asians. You haven’t the experience of growing up in a country where asian men are automatically treated with contempt.


  2. Great blog. How does one go about getting in contact with you? I’d love to pick your brain a little and I very rarely get to talk about such things openly in my own social circles.


  3. Hapas are gorgeous. Male or female. In reality, women are attracted to wealth, talent, and power. For generations the white male dominated because their race came first, so by default for decades that race attracted people due to their success.. but now society has developed, progressed, and changed. If you go to elite parts of the country such as Boston filled with Harvard grads or the Silicon Valley filled with the most intelligent wealthy people ..those men are actually full Asian and they’re getting the bombshell attractive trophy wives of all races. It truly has nothing to do with the race at success and wealth.

    Good luck you were more beautiful than you know.


  4. Would kick all 32 teeth out if I ever ran into you but you would define it as my own self hate so I’d probably just give you a hug

    20 year old hapa male


    • The case of AMWW is so different from WMAW that it might as well be a different race entirely.

      I’ve explained it before but let me voice it here. In fact I shouldn’t have to explain it: even take away the issue of looking Asian (which most Hapas do), just look at how fucked up WMAW couples are. Based on fetishes, white supremacy, hatred of Asian looks, and the fact that there are sooooo many of us. Does that seem like it has any positive outcomes?

      The WMAW pairing is largely based on the belief that Asian features on a male are largely undesirable and worthless within Western society. Wherein an Asian woman chooses a white man yet creates a child with Asian features – she in fact reinforces the concept of white supremacy. So in my experience I had a difficult time dealing with my dark hair color, even the side profile of my face, or even things like my cheekbones. I wouldn’t look at pictures of myself or even allow pictures of myself to be taken. For years I would fall into a deep dark depression for a day or two after seeing a photo of myself that looked “Asian.” After all, I believed I was white.

      Like the case of Obama, when a non-white man is able to marry a white woman, it is proof that a non-white male is able to surmount external racist pressure and be “accepted” into white mainstream society. It sounds fucked up but it’s true.

      I.e., Barack Obama Sr., was proof to his son that a black man could indeed survive in White America – and raising him one – even find love. A half Asian son to a white dad is just proof that we shouldn’t even bother, since we’re not white men.

      Add to this the issue of Asian women tiger momming, their general behavior which borders on extreme superficiality, their constant comments about your Western features, the general confusion of growing up actually within proximity of a white man “dominating” an Asian woman – it really screws you up on a psychological, Freudian level… think about how minor a thing such as foot fetishes are developed through early contact with feet, or how elements of personality and sexuality are formed through childhood experiences. Is not eighteen years being subjected to a colonized, highly racialized relationship enough to fuck your brain up, permanently? Think about it.

      Tons of half Asians with Asian mothers just wind up burning out early. None of it makes any sense – we get hostility from both Asians and from whites, a lot of us are just like fuck it. What’s the point.


  5. cheer up hapa boy. at least you’re not a full asian male like myself. we have it worst! think of racism but from your own female counterpart which is 100x worst. i’ve heard all the excuses from my female asian “friends” why they date only whites. the real reason is that they hate my asian ass


  6. I am full Asian. From Hong Kong.Both parents from Mainland China. It is true, the Economic , Military and Political domination of Western / White Civilization is the underlying cause of Racism against Asians and Blacks. You can see all the Racism of whites show their true colors online as China develops Economically and Militarily, perhaps enough to Challenge even the U.S.

    Asians just need to bide our time. We are progressing while the rest of them get further into debt, and destroy themselves socially.


    • What do you mean when you refer to “whites” and their beleifs? I saw long ago that China will soon be richer and more powerful than the USA and I don’t have a problem with that. I worry about an over powerful China because a unipower world is dangerous. Bush showed that during the brief (thankfully) period of USA post Berlin Wall dominance. As such, I hope India continues to catch up and predict that today’s Western nations will become minior players in the world.


  7. This is a very thought provoking blog. There are definitely some things that resonate with my own observations, but my own experience might be able to give you some new insight on WMAF relationship dynamics.

    I’m a white American guy who has been dating primarily Chinese women for the past 20 years. I speak Chinese reasonably fluently and live in Asia. Having been friends and served as wingman to a number of local girls, I also share your opinion that the Asian women’s attraction to white men is largely based on looks. Women in general are very reluctant to admit how much looks factor into mate selection, but my feeling is that it’s quite high, and this goes for women of any race. I’d also wager that most are reluctant to admit it.

    One particular incident that stood out to me was when I was at a bar with a cute girl who previously had a black boyfriend. She enthusiastically pointed out a local Chinese guy that she wanted to get to know, and so I helped her chat him up. The guy was quite tall and handsome, and by my assessment, out of her league. While I was able to get them to exchange contact information, I’m pretty sure she got shot down.

    Observing which guys these girls pick also makes me realize just how hypergamous women really are.


    • Hapa children are just an afterthought to white men trying to bust an easy nut.

      Sad but true. Try to keep that in mind when considering why there are so few successful Eurasians despite us numbering so many.


      • I’m going to be a bit controversial here, but It’s not an attempt to be offensive. When local guys are tall and good looking or rich, most of them will be looking to bust a nut like any white guy here. With all the pressure on men to be good in bed, I think it’s a mistake to make a moral condemnation.

        Also, there is some wonky stuff with dating market dynamics between WMAF couples. A lot of locals commented about how western guys always seem to date plain or unattractive Asian women. As I stay here longer, I tend to kind of agree with that view and have noticed that my own sense of aesthetics in Asian faces have changed over the years. I’ve seen a number of mismatches and can only imagine the goofy looking kids that might result from such a pairing. On the other hand, there are a number of mixed kids who look amazing, but it’s always a crap shoot..

        Continuing with market dynamics, it’s my opinion that local guys will always get the best girls. Westerners do have many options, but it’s usually lots of girls in the sub 6 range, even if he’s a 7 or 8. But if you’re a western guy who likes petite girls, then a 6 here is probably still better than an 8 back home.

        I’m consistently reminding my wing girls that no matter who they choose to date, that good looking, rich, and charming are all luxury items. And that the guy they can get today might not be the same guy they can keep happy 10-15 years from now. The more lenient she can be in terms of those traits, the more she will gain in long term stability.


      • I think that actually makes being hapa even more painful. Especially if you like Chinese women. Many gorgeous Chinese women don’t want you, and if they want a white guy they’ll go for the real thing. If white women want an Asian guy, which most don’t… Same thing. Compound that with white women’s sixth sense about WMAW hapas. There’s a joke on the hapasphere that while women boycott WMAW sons because of the stigma. Who knows if it’s true. It’s hit or miss. I’ve been relatively ok while my totally Asian looking brother is 33 and a virgin. But that’s probably the least of our problems.


      • I follow your blog with a sort of sadness because you seem like great person who doesn’t like himself very much. I am a gay white male. I have always thought that Hapa men are very attractive, although I’ve never dated any. Have you ever heard the expression “all pretty people look alike”… It’s sorta true…Like generic newscasters. The best looking people are those who are both attractive and interesting looking, and many hapas fit that description. Certainly not all of them do, but quite a few are very attractive and interesting, at least to most Westerners…in my opinion. Yes, I’m sure there is baggage with being mixed race, but try and find anyone, of any race or combination without a storage locker full of emotional luggage. Most important is how interesting, and enjoyable you are to be around. The special something that enchants and draws others in to us. Looks can be somewhat fleeting, but dull and dismal are usually forever.


      • What do you mean when you refer to “whites” and their beleifs? I saw long ago that China will soon be richer and more powerful than the USA and I don’t have a problem with that. I worry about an over powerful China because a unipower world is dangerous. Bush showed that during the brief (thankfully) period of USA post Berlin Wall dominance. As such, I hope India continues to catch up and predict that today’s Western nations will become minior players in the world.


  8. I found your blog very interesting, though a bit narrow minded.
    I’m a white male from Denmark, my wifes parents emigrated from Vietnam to Holland during the vietnam war, and my wife was born in holland, so to me naturally, when people ask me where my wife is from, I say Holland.
    My wife grew up in a kind of asian neighborhood, and all of her female friends that are of a same age as her are in asian-asian relationships.

    When I read this:
    “Along with the millions of Asian women around him disliking Asian men, his own mother does too.

    If he looks Asian, then, well. Welcome to a life of bullying, confusion, resentment, depression, rejection from both sides, and perpetual low self esteem seeing Asian women like his mother paired up millions of times over with white men – yet he looks Asian. He will be asked to take pride in the fact that his, and all his friends’ fathers are white. He will be born into an anti-Asian society, look Asian, and recognize that even his own mother valued white men over him.

    I’m sorry. Please, please, please stop lying about this.”

    Reading this, I just can’t fathom where you were born and grew up to end up in a group of caucasians and asians to have such resentment for themselves and each other…

    I am born in denmark, both my parents are danish and so are my family going back many generations, I have dark hair and my eyes have asian features, my wife loved that my eyes looked “soft and caring” and all of her asian friends have asked me if I am from korea or china… (and no, I’m not adopted).
    My wife has become a part of my family as if she were the neighbor girl everyone wanted me to marry.

    I had low self esteem because I was a runt when I grew up, and I thought my looks were what would attract the girls and I weren’t ripped or any good with talking to people
    Girl: Hi how are you?
    Me: good!
    Girl:want to dance?
    Me: Not really! (because I didn’t know how to dance )

    In this day and age, nobody gives a crap what mix you are, and if they do, it’s because they are superficial people… As long as you are are yourself, show respect and behave like a good person, it doesn’t matter what your heritage is…


    • This is Europe, not America. And even in Europe it depends on the country. People still do care, otherwise the imbalance of AW dating vs AM dating wouldn’t be so huge.


  9. lmao I’m an East Asian female and I have to say, white men are just not attractive to me. What is there to like? Their protruding foreheads and noses? While the range of hair colors and eye colors is quite funny, I’m sticking with POC, thanks.


    • Interesting comment as I am a fellow East Asian female. I assume it is from how you grew up or how you were taught? Although I have nothing against White people, there is no compelling singled out attraction to them. Many White males my Asian girl friends have fawned over are even to certain points ugly to me. In any case races are of social construction not biologically proven so I don’t like to pick and choose according to race. I lean more towards what faces and personalities I like.


    • That’s fine . Nobody can be made to find someone attractive . I find east Asians attractive. Whites can also be attractive but I meet more east Asians that I find attractive.
      However, many presume that what I find attractive is based on white superiority, stereotypes or inability to get a white partner. I don’t think whites are superior, and I don’t care whether a person of East asian appearance was raised in central China or Ohio by white adopting parents. If I like them, I like them. And where I live it is harder to meet east Asians than whites. There is plenty more whites to date.


  10. Hey,

    I’m a Chinese-American, mid-20’s female. I wanted to start off saying that beautiful people are beautiful regardless. And related to this post: my boyfriend in high school was Filipino and white, and one of my most serious relationships in college was with a guy who was Korean and white. They were super attractive to me and to other girls, but look nothing alike and weren’t stereotypical hapa (whatever that is.) Most of the guys I’ve dated have been Asian, as is the case with all of my Asian female friends, but what we have in common is Americanness more than anything. Growing up near San Francisco, I was lucky to live in places with 30%+ East and South Asian minorities who also grew up in the US, so I got to see jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, gangsters, assholes, soccer moms, and good people who looked like me, and who looked like you.

    I know a lot of minorities don’t get that privilege. I hear stories of kids being the only Asian, black, or Latino person in their school, and I can’t imagine the loneliness of that first time you realize your friends don’t see you like you see them, or hearing that first racist joke when you’re a kid and being the only one dealing with it. We don’t get that many depictions of Asians who aren’t foreign on TV or in the movies, so a lot of people hold a lot of outdated ideas about who we are based on what we look like.

    The cities are better. But I moved to the East Coast recently and realized people started to stare at me curiously, and all of a sudden I felt self-conscious and ashamed, and that’s how I ended up on your blog, looking for answers to that feeling.

    I hope you don’t dismiss the comments here saying that some people really, actually don’t hold hate for others because of their appearance. The majority of normal people really dislike the fact that they hurt others based on unintentional racism/sexism/homophobia etc. They might have racist assumptions, but a lot of people are more than willing to meet you halfway if you point it out to them. The small fraction people who won’t are jerks, and what they think is more a reflection of them than it is of you.

    I wanted to comment because you sound like you’re in pain, and it might be related to the trauma you suffered as a child. Why do I say that? The phrase “sadistic mother” jumped out at me, not to mention your description of your parents’ marriage. I’m 3 years into therapy because of a sadistic mother who chased me with a butcher knife (once, but cool story) and tore me down psychologically for 18 years. You don’t have the same story as me, but the essence is the same: having parents who failed at the task.

    The bad news is that they’re fuckers who let out their pain by hurting kids (or ignored that their kids were being hurt) and pretended it was parenting. The good news is that you are an adult and no longer under their power. And I promise, the world is much nicer than the twisted little universes our families made.

    The dynamic of your mother and father soundsd extremely unhealthy, and it actually causes a type of PTSD being raised in an abusive home. It doesn’t have to be physical or sexual abuse; in fact, the underlying dynamic is always psychological domination. The abuse you absorbed had a lot of racial undertones, and this may have led to difficulties with your identity as a physically biracial person.

    My comment’s getting long, but I wanted to leave you some resources if you want to look into this more. Here are topic search terms:

    – Narcissistic families
    – Complex PTSD
    – Trauma therapy
    – Borderline personality disorder
    – Adult survivors of child abuse
    – Reddit: /r/raisedbynarcissists

    A good book to start out with is “Complex PTSD” by Pete Walker. I know these subjects aren’t race-related, but think of them as human-related, yeah?

    Also, there are a lot of great counselors at there that can make a huuuuge difference in your life. A lot of them take insurance or charge by a sliding scale. I hope you consider looking into finding a therapist, because you don’t deserve the legacy of a shitty childhood (through no fault of your own) affect you into adulthood.


    • BTW the issues of narcissistic parents is very well related to being mixed Asian.

      Let’s be real here, “white only” Asian women are not good people. They are extreme narcissists, social climbers, and malevolent people. And the men who marry them? Even more racist, conniving, manipulative and destructive.

      It’s not the best of both worlds – it’s the worst of both worlds.


  11. Check this out; a white woman who loves Asian guys:

    My mother’s an Asian woman who married a white guy. She dated lots of Asian men before she married my dad. She said she always had it in her mind to marry a non-Asian because she wanted to break away from her conservative/restrictive culture; not because she didn’t find Asian guys attractive. She just wanted out of that lifestyle. Growing up in the west, the Asian cultural thing might not apply to you, but I would say that makes you more attractive. I think some people like Eurasians because they can have an Asian-looking guy without all the Asian stuff, or a white-looking guy who still knows and respects Asian culture. We’re flexible.


  12. Btw the picture is of Mike Sayre, the typical trophy American husband of a Chinese Singaporean blogger Xiaxue. She herself has admitted countless times that she prefers Westerners because Asian men are weak, gutless, have a lack of confidence … You get the drift.

    Personally, as a Singaporean born from a mixed race relationship (Chinese-Indian) I would say that the concept of mixed race marriage wouldn’t be wrong in itself; the problematic one is when you bring in old time colonization, culture of domination and servitude, power dynamics etc – which WMAF relationships often point to. I’ve known a few hapas and they were all products of WMAF marriages. One common point I’ve observed is that they all lived in landed houses (in SG land is expensive so most families live in flats/ private apartments for the slightly richer ones) and the Chinese mom doesn’t work/ calls herself a designer of some sort. So you can see that those women evidently married to quit their jobs (if they ever had one in the first place), get a rich ang-moh (that’s what we call whites here) and enjoy life.

    I’ve nothing against people who want to live out their fetishes, but perhaps their selfish little hearts didn’t care to understand how their offspring might struggle with self-identity and fitting into society.


  13. @Guest

    You talk like Eurasians are some sort of cute key rings of the season to pick when bored, asian-looking guy without all the asian “stuff”?? White looking guy who respects asian culture?? What if the white looking guy doesn’t respect his asian culture? What if the asian looking guy has all the asian stuff? Born and raised in Japan or Korea or China? WTH! They’re individuals.

    Many AW want to supposedly break free from conservative culture, but the problem is, almost all of them choose to date and marry ultra conservative men who want them for very conservative reasons. So it’s all a lie. Of all the “old” WMAW couples I’ve seen (of our parents generation), only two seemed genuinely happy. All the other ones were obviously toxic. The women were always – ALWAYS – humiliated in some way. It could be blatant verbal abuse, or the man simply cracking jokes at her heritage and motherland. This is why this is no “secret”, it shows, we all see it. Non-asian and non-white people included.


  14. No, I really DO know hot half-Asian men who look Asian. Joji miller. His Japanese momma blessed him with her genes. god bless the ezo. v___v


  15. That’s always not easy for people of different races to build their relationship, but everything’s possible it there’re true feelings between them. I’ve recently found the girl I was looking for my whole life at this dating site:


  16. Hi, Asian American female here. I agree with the few posts I’ve read and the general idea of your blog: exposing the problems with WMAF couples, the type of people they tend to be, and how negatively their offspring are raised or seen in society — aka the next, confused gen. Personally, I tend to have a more positive outlook to the struggles that hapas and WMAF face. There are WMAF couples that mutually like one another and respect one another, but you’re right that there aren’t very many — imo and experiences. I think it deeply links to America as the very complicated (racially speaking) country that it is. America’s roots are muddy and we’re all told to call it a “melting pot”, yet we blatantly have racism exist here today. Other “optimists”, as they like to call themselves I suppose, like to ignore the racial problems we face here and simply sweep it all under the rug as if it does not exist. White people naturally dominate America as I recall from history they migrated here from Europe and many were kicked out of Great Britain or seeking new land away from the monarchy. I like to joke that America was started up by White hooligans looking for a new place to stay. Then came the non-White people through trade, construction, etc. After all other non-White races are called “minorities” in America. The attraction to White males as an Asian female is the glorification of them in American media. You are exposed to billboards, ads, music videos (all media) at a very young age and what do you see? White male(s) or female(s). This even happens on a global scale as advertisements and big businesses spread the Eurocentric views. Examples: Coca Cola, McDonald’s… Then comes the even more complicated idea of Love. Who to Love? What to Love? What were we taught growing up on Love? It depends on the parents at this point and if your parents were unstable growing up then so will be your viewpoint on Love. I’ve met many Asian American females who have voiced their opinion to this debate to me when I asked why they would prefer a White male over an Asian male. The answers were usual: “They’re taller and more masculine” “Cushy lifestyle I can be an at home mom” “Privileges” “I want cute half babies” etc. Then I specifically remember one female friend telling me they felt pressured to liking White males and it naturally became so. When speaking about ourselves as Asian females, she began complaining about how pale I was compared to her and how her mother told her she looked as brown and ugly as a Chinese rice farmer. She wished “to make her life easier as an Asian” that the spotlight or glorification of races should be focused on East Asia, not White people. There is such an egotistical Eurocentric viewpoint in America that cannot be avoided growing up here or even living here. I’ve met many, many half Asian half White or White males who wouldn’t even acknowledge me as they were seeking a White female to keep their White heritage. They acted as if I did not know American culture or if I was an alien who didn’t grow up here and ate the same foods and lived the same life just like them. My face felt like a mask and that was all they would care to see. The half Asian half White or White males who did acknowledge me either have deep-rooted fetishes on Asian women as submissive and housewives from wherever their disgusting sources are which surprisingly a lot was from anime. It is the most disappointing when half Asian half White or full Asian males are brainwashed into having this White mentality. I’ve met Asian males who viewed me as that Asian female stereotype fetish even when I am in no means the stereotypical asian with the small facial features, petite or stick thin — They all treated me as if I was a different race from them entirely just as White males have done. I’ve met many Asian male friends whose types were “Blonde, blue eyed, big boobed”. If we choose our partners consciously and subconsciously for the sake of a single race’s domination because we simply think they are “better” — That is the problem we need to fix. That is the problem we need to show. I think your blog gives light to that fact and I wanted to reiterate it through my thoughts in a comment. It’s sad that we live in a world where different races oppose each other to this magnitude. Many offspring and future gen lives are royally screwed up because of this and I can sympathize with your and all the other hapas who were born into a weird situation. America… Where cultures mix, but do not get along. I hope my insights help you or anyone else and I am curious on your thoughts to my post.


    • Yeah, we live in a fucked up racist society where whites dominate the world. Asians are thrown under the bus and are prohibited from seeking grievances. Hopefully, this will all change in the future as China gets more powerful economically and militarily. Asians will start to have a voice and whites will start to be Asian peoples’ bitch. The day will come, the day will come, oh the day will come. I hope my Asian children will reap the benefits of this.


  17. I have read most of your blog today, even though I should have been doing other things and even though the content repeats itself a lot…I just could not stop myself from devouring your posts. I am so sorry for you, your brother and all the other trophy children born of deeply inconsiderate parents. I am not Asian nor hapa, just a Southern European woman who’s a little younger than you an d who got across this site by chance (I was looking for picture of volga tatars out of curiosity because I am studying the history of Eastern Slavic languages…off topic). I have been wary of the dynamics between asian women and white men for a while, I definitely did get the feeling that it was often a purely fetishistic combo on both sides, having seen a lot of Asian woman worship by white nerds/nazi/conservative types for essentially being their ideal doormat (although many times things don’t end up this way in the end huh?) and replacement white woman – as well as white worship by many Asian women, the white man as a gateway to whiteness and the white woman ideally replaced by themselves, the new ‘white’ women after the real white woman became damaged goods by way of fornicating with the big bad negro (a confession: I’m not saying this as a white woman in a sense, as I don’t feel comfortable being lumped in the category of white when the real ‘whites’ (nordic) see me as kind of foreign and with disdain because of my woppy ways and features. I don’t feel much connection to the term, especially when my sister looks Indian, I prefer ‘Caucasian’ with all its flaws because it naturally includes the swarthies from the PIGS and most of the middle east and India. But anyway…).
    Even though I don’t know you and have never seen you…I wish you all the best, because you deserve it. I don’t think your primal wounds will ever disappear but I hope they will stop bleeding and fade as scars. I wish you all the maternal love you couldn’t really receive, and being loved by your wife and friends to see you are WORTHY of having been born, even if your start wasn’t the best. But especially I want to emphasize how the USA’s one-drop rule on race is false, immoral and one of the reasons you are in so much pain (and yeah, I know you know but let me repeat): you should have never been forced to choose between white and Asian, one or the other, because, wheter you look like it or not, you are both and neither. People will see you as one or the other in the USA but that’s a convenient semplification. In Eurasia proper entire States have stable and historical ‘hapa’ populations, born not from a fetishistic contract between an asian woman and a white man but oftentimes from conquest and rape of indo-european (usually slavic) women by Central Asian men…not much better I think, and yet they live. Also note how for centuries in Europe the Asian stereotype was not that of the meek ‘feminine’ (rather asexual) flower boy but Gengis Khan…terrifying in a rather male way. It was European men that, when confronted, looked like “flower boys”…
    Also, even if it’s only a n=1 case study, personally as a white(ish) woman I would be open to dating an Asian male, as long as we were compatible. It’s not something I have an innate disgust about, seeing that one of my childhood crushes was Jackie Chan. But I would be innately more worried if I had biracial children, simply because they face harsher conditions by society; for me though, the most important thing is wheter I loved the father! The rest follows later.
    Though I would be insincere in omitting that, given that my family has plenty of weirdos, the second most important criterion for me is for the guy to be mentally sane. I too like you had a similar breakdown over another issue entirely, and to tell the truth I am still questioning if I should ever have children because of the possibility of them having a horrible fate that I have narrowly escaped for now (being in an institute for life). What I experienced is very similar (minus the nudity and public shaming) to what Krit McClear did in his manic episode, because of a very stressful situation (I hope all the best for his recovery, being known by the world in that state….don’t make me think about it).
    Sorry if my post was long and disjointed or insensitive…I am so shaken by your story that I can’t have much of a coherent thought for long. I can only wish the best for you and your brother and pray for you. But concretely know that I won’t be able to forget your story which I think is a sign you have won over your parents. Best wishes and love, Didie


  18. Dont be so depressed, at least u r half white. Though there r tons of white trashes in Asia, more white-only women here so even white trashes r still short in supply then most of those women will choose half white guys. Just wanna let u know in my poor hometown even half-white r 100 times better than pure Asian. Pathetic yellow racists.


  19. Dear, please take care of yourself. It does matter to a lot of people whether you are happy or not. You will grow up, and much of these helpless hell will pass. I promise.

    Everyone has their own crap, just not telling you.

    Walk away, disclaim this part of your identity, choose not to be just the sum of parents’ rage and confusion. Disown them. You will live on finding new identities, although at first it feels impossible, but you will get on.

    I was one day trying to imagine how I want my kids to grow up and I thought, I wish they can serve any country, for the benefit of its people without being judged as treason against their race or nationality. Then I thought fuck it, why can’t I be that myself. Why wait for my kid to fulfill it.

    Forget about the past. Cut the connections. Start anew. You are good and pure as you believe you are.


  20. Lets be honest, white guys dating Asian girls showcases a weakness in Asian culture more than anything else; the weakness being the obsession with status and perception. Why do you think so many Korean girls in Korea get plastic surgery to look more western and these surgeries are almost always paid for by their parents? If two Asian parents in the US raise their daughter to value status above all else, of course their daughter is going to date the man most valued by mainstream culture. This is also why most Korean girls in Korea won’t date a foreigner, unlike Korean-American girls, despite all the preference for whiter features.

    You also point out that white mothers raise well-adjusted hapas and credit it with them having a cool Asian dad. This is definitely important, but don’t you think that the way your average white woman raises children is also a factor? They’re more likely to value things outside status and wealth, compared to Asian women. Also, the Asian male in AMWF couples is more likely to be very Americanized if he can get a white girl, as well.

    You blame white supremacy for fucked up WMAF hapas, but it seems like most of the problems stem from Asian girls not holding themselves to the same standards and values as white girls, both in the men they choose and the way they treat their children.


    • This is exactly what I’ve said, maybe I should make another post on it. For an Asian guy to get a BASIC white girl he has to be above and beyond most Asian guys, for a white guy to get an ABOVE AVERAGE ASIAN GIRL he has to be white, even far, far less attractive than most white men usually are. See the irony?


  21. White male here.

    I wanted to make two points:

    1. Asian women are obviously popular:

    I have to admit that I have a history of dating asian women. However I have often dated white women too. Over the years I have found myself rejecting white women over asian women. But I honestly unfortunately agree that asian women often berate asian guys. (I’m tall, blonde, quite good looking, and quite well off btw).

    2. I’m worried about getting married to an Asian woman and having a Half-Asian son:

    Now I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But I do worry about what my son might look like if he were half asian. but I have no concerns about a mixed daughter.

    Women do respond to dominance and resource signals but I’d worry about how he’d get on in life, if he’d be happy etc.

    I don’t know the answer but I think it might be to accept that hapa boys should be considered asian and brought up with asian role models that support their development. Being ashamed to be asian is a one way ticket to misery.

    I have to admit that it’s a daunting prospect to have a hapa son so I’m not sure I’ll ever do it.

    Final point, I’ve been that white guy who asked the hapa boy “was your mum asian?”

    I realise now how stupid and offensive it was, but it was born out of curiosity. Not malice.

    Final point, Asian cultlture has many charms/interests. It’s not all about sex.


  22. This is kind of shocking to read as a white woman who finds Asian men very attractive. I very rarely will find a white man attractive, and my current partner is Asian.

    While I did read somewhere or I found out from someone that Asian men are the least uhm, favourable. But is it really this bad in today’s society?

    Will a mother really favour a white man over her own child just because he’s Asian? Are Asian males really that often bullied?

    I don’t know. I’ve had quite a few Asian male friends. And well, they never had experiences like this. Maybe one or two were bullied, but so many other children from different races are bullied.

    Maybe the people I know were just exceptions. Sorry for those who had to go through this.


    • Things have changed but AMWF was shamed in the past while WMAF was encouraged. Years ago I didn’t even think AMWF was possible.


  23. hey man,

    I was at a neo-nazi site and one of the dudes bragged about fucking non-white women. I always thought neo-nazi’s loved blond hair, blue eyes and big titties. It’s weird because it seems like these dudes really adopt their ideology not because they love whiteness but because they want to increase their sexual access to women and stop other men from mating.


    • Look at the list of white nationalists and neo nazis with Asian wives. Asian women are seen as “replacement white women” to combat feminism and anti-whiteness. I guarantee you the majority of white men who have Asian partners are in one form of another racist. The majority, as in 90%.


      • Eurasian Writer,

        I wrote about that exchange with the nazi here:

        Anyways, I’ve been reading through your blog. I’m also a halfbreed, just a different mixture. I have a white mother though, and in my personal experience, it’s not so great having a white mother. One of her brothers and one of my cousins would’ve joined the KKK if they weren’t Catholic. If anything, she picked a darker man because it was “rebellious” rather than love. My dads side of the family looks down upon me but luckily I won’t ever have to see them. Also, luckily, people don’t easily guess my race mixture easily.


      • I don’t think I would be considered hapa. I have skin that goes from “Italian” white in the winter time to much darker in summer and I can grow a very thick beard. In my late teens, everyone mentioned that I looked like I was a brother to a man who was a Sicilian Jew. As I browse through the blog I realize I have a very different set of problems than Eurasian Writer.


  24. Dear Eurasian Writer,

    I just wanted to share that I only recently found your blog and really commend your courage to speak up. I’m a Eurasian/Hapa/Hafu and an Ivy Leaguer much like yourself. When I had my own children it forced my hand as a new mother to deal with the issues and the pain that came with growing up Hapa. It takes a lot of bravery to speak honestly about what you’ve been through when there’s a whole tide of people denying their own feelings about this matter or worse the people who create Eurasians/Hapas or have nothing to do with the matter telling Eurasians/Hapas how to feel about a cultural identity they don’t share.

    I’ve spent my adult life in the States and overseas in Asia trying to find respite from the onslaught of contempt from people who are not mixed. With the media recently feeding into race issues, I’ve had a whole new set of uncomfortable experiences which has been interesting. I will offer that I cried when we went on a family vacation to Hawaii because for the first time, I was just me. Everyone is Eurasian and many third or fourth generation and it has caused my family to seriously consider relocating. At any rate, many of your life experiences mirror my own – you’re not alone. Thank you for contributing your truth to the conversation.

    p.s. Dear JetBlackFigure and those seeking to mix, be forewarned your relationship dynamics will change once you are married to an Asian woman. As a female, I’m most privy to the female perspective but know that the things Asian women, even American-raised ones, say in private is quite insidious. Especially those seeking to mix racially. Culturally in Asia the dynamic is to be coquettish until marriage and tyrannical thereafter. I’ve been personally disgusted by the things I’ve been told by Asian women on how they view/treat their husbands and children. Yes, even Asian husbands and children. Additionally, concerns about the appearance of your children belie that you should not be with any of these people you are dating. May you be so blessed someday – your offspring are just that and when you meet them you will love them, even if they’re born with autism or a crippling disability… or Eurasian. Looks aren’t everything.


    • I have never found her funny at all. She’s more of a dumb person who’s tries to be funny. She’s all crickets on my end. She’s only given a platform because she promotes white supremacy and hatred toward her race. This girl wouldn’t be laughing if she comes across a TRUE white supremacist who hates all races! #typicalasiangirlwhosasellout


      • Yeah, whatever you do, don’t support her internalized racist ass. If you do support her, you are supporting her racism, self-half, and her delusions making her think she is white. She’s as Asian as soy sauce and msg.


    • She is hot and stupid. I think I can brutally fuck the stupid out of her. I’d start with grabbing those pony tails washing her idiot mouth out with cock and cum! From there, I’d perform acts that are illegal in most of the USA.


  25. I guess Esther KuKu is preggo. Will she name her Asian looking child Elliot or Kelly?



    “When I have kids, they’re going to be really weird looking. Because they’re going to be half Asian and half regular. And people are always like ‘you don’t like Asian guys?’ and I’m like ‘no, I like regular people’. Because regular people have regular sized sausages.”

    Looks like she will not have a half regular child. He or she will be Asian looking, and society will treat him or her like a full Asian person.


  27. A friend of mine has married a Chinese girl. She is pregnant at the moment and has said she only wants a caucasian looking child and if the child doesn’t look caucasian she won’t have another. She says that’s why she married him. I knew when I met her she didn’t even like him she was just after his genes. White men are extremely stupid.


  28. IMO, Asian men with non-Asian wives are more liberal, antiracist, and open-minded than Asian women/White man relationships. They encourage their children to embrace both/many heritages, not assimilating to Whiteness or promoting racist toxicity as you and I have see it with the children of wm/aw marriages. It’s sad but true.



  29. Eurasian Tiger,

    Even back in the late 90s/early 2000s, one website did have the guts to question the inequality of Asian women/White men relationships. That website is called Color Q World. Here’s the link below:

    Here are the articles pertaining to the Asian woman/White man relationships and its impact:

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.



  30. I can’t believe you listed mentally handicapped people on the same list as neo nazis and incels. I know some people with asperger syndrome can be self righteous assholes sometimes but that’s really unfair to people who struggle with the disability of autism and can’t lead independent lives or even speak because of it.


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